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MMORPG : Rebirth Of The Strongest Vampire God – Chapter 147: Hazriel’s Arrangement? Bahasa Indonesia

” So why am I here listening to this story today, old turtle? ” Max asked, looking Kremeth in the eye as the old turtle began stomping his feet on the ground lightly as he exchanged glances between Rhea and Max.

” In my life I’ve only ever made two promises.

One was to the dragon queen who lost her baby in the war, to whom I swore that if in the future a dragon queen ever came to the dragon’s paradise to lay her egg, that I Kremeth would protect that egg with my life.

So when the black dragon queen finally showed up in the dragon’s paradise and laid an egg, I was always there protecting her from the shadows…. ” Kremeth said as he looked at Rhea as Max finally realised that the person beside him was the dragon queen

” Yo-you’re the black dragon monarch, a tier 8 powerhouse? ” Max asked in shock as Rhea snorted, causing two flames to go up her nostril as she said ” The mortal now knows my secret, how delightful “.

Max’s jaw hung open as his brain crashed, realising that he was sharing the room with a genuine tier 8 powerhouse.

” I’m supposed to just believe that you have nothing but the best intentions in your heart don’t I? ” Rhea said, baring her teeth towards Kremeth who was unaffected and immediately swore a system contract in response to her scepticism.

” I Kremeth swear upon my soul with the universal queen as my witness that I have nothing but the best intentions towards the Dragon Monarch Rhea and her unborn child “. Kremeth said as a system contract was placed on his soul

Rhea was visibly taken aback by Kremeth’s decisiveness, but her mind was put at ease.

” Good, I’ll pardon you for your crimes for this help ” Rhea said as she threw Max a nastly glance before she laid back down on her egg, incubating it.

Kremeth completely ignored her after this as he turned his attention to Max and said ” The second promise I ever made was to the previous vampire king, Rumi, the one who was killed by Regus Aurelius for the throne.

Before Regus Aurelius took the throne every single vampire king knew that they were only the holders of the throne for the true vampire overlord, one of the primordial vampire race until he returned to power.

The modern vampire’s were loyal to their ancestry until a few thousand years ago and knew their place well, but Regus Aurelius chose to ignore the age old prophecy and tried to wipe the records of the primordial vampires declaring his progeny as supreme.

My second promise to Rumi was that if another primordial vampire ever strode into the dragon’s paradise, I would tutor him and mould his path towards becoming the next vampire king, but imagine my surprise when the two individuals I was waiting for tens of thousands of years came to the dungeon across a span of few days and the kid I was supposed to mentor, wore the badge of the Valkyries on his neck”.

Max was shocked by Kremeths words as he threw a glance on the green winged angel pendant on his neck, surprised to find out that it was a symbol of the Valkyrie race.

” Oh so you did not know?” Kremeth said as he judged from Max’s reaction that he had no idea about the pendant’s origin.

” The pendant on your neck is indestructible. It was the gift Odin gave to his daughter Hella when she won 10 galaxies for him.

It was an item that Odin fought hard to retrieve on the battlefield back then, and an Item that I never thought I would see again in my life.

Mind telling me how it ended up on your neck? Alongside a fragment of one of the strongest weapons in the universe on your arm? ” Kremeth asked as he stared deep into Max’s eyes trying to read his thoughts.

Max’s heart began beating out of his chest as he did not know if he could give the answers to the questions that Kremeth was asking.

Looking towards the heavens he wondered in his mind….. ‘ Is this all a part of your plan for me? Hazriel? ‘.


( Meanwhile Asmodeus )

” Why… Why, why, why, why? Light faction bastards! I’ll kill you all one day! ” Asmodeus cursed as he ran through the forests for his life.

The Red Hand group had the high ground advantage against his forces and the mercenaries were unusually fierce and motivated as they made sure to take down two of the enemy forces even at the cost of using suicidal moves.

Asmodeus’s perfect plan and his ambitions came crashing down on him, as he was forced to flee with his tail tucked between his legs as the team he led was obliterated by the Red Hand mercenaries.

Five men chased him as arrows whistled past his ears every ten seconds.

Asmodeus was faster than them, thanks to the superior demigod body he stole from Sebastian, however, he had to concentrate fully on his escape as a single missed step would, or trip would lead to him being impaled by five arrows at once.

” If you bastards don’t want the egg at least let someone else have it ” Asmodeus cursed as he was hit in the back with an arrow, however, while his HP dropped and his body felt stinging pain he knew he could not stop or slow down at all as he swallowed the pain and continued running.

Eventually, he managed to outrun his pursuers and throw them off his scent, however, his mission had already failed miserably.

Asmodeus knew that there was going to be no place for him in the dark faction hierarchy with him failing such an important mission, which is why through gritted teeth he decided to abandon his loyalty towards Lucifer and decided to go into business for himself this day onwards.


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