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MMORPG : Rebirth Of The Strongest Vampire God – Chapter 14: Drax Bahasa Indonesia

“How is this possible? No, I refuse to believe it! I refuse to acknowledge him as my master “

Max woke up to an unknown voice ringing inside his head.

The first thing Max felt as he regained consciousness was that he had a burning hot fever, upon checking he found his HP bar to be at a critical red level as he felt like his muscles had turned to jello having no inherent strength inside them.

‘ Damn it! ‘ Max thought as he grit his teeth and tried to somehow muster the strength to stand up.

“Damn who? Damn you! Damn your race! Damn your entire family! Damn your whole goddamn galaxy to have produced a manaless trash like you, don’t you dare damn me!”

Max heard the voice again and became alert as he looked around to find the source of the sound.

Although Max looked and looked he found no one, which is when he became concerned that there was either a ghost around or he had somehow lost his damn mind.

“I am not a ghost! I am Drax the omnipotent A.I. talking inside your stupid head, I am a being that even the strongest gods covet as their personal assistant and an existence that would usually not even bother to spare a tier 0 trash like you a second glance “.

“I have a personal A.I.? How? ” Max murmured, clearly perplexed by this situation.

Personal A.I. was a luxury given only to the tier 6 and above gods by the universal queen upon their ascension.

His brother had the personal A.I. Gaia, the same A.I. that used to run the entire tutorial world of Omega, controlling everything from the quests to the player databases and monitoring their actions.

From this context alone one could understand just how powerful a personal A.I. was in the universe and somehow Max was talking to one right now and that too from inside his own head as if the A.I. was bound to him.

“Yes, I have been mysteriously bound to you, can you believe it?

When my master, the mighty God of Fire died he placed me inside this portion of his weapon entrusting his will onto me that when a worthy god came to claim his treasure I would bind myself to him and further the cause of the council’s demise.

Over the last 50 centuries, over 26,000 individuals have tried to claim me. However, I judged them all to be unworthy and killed them off with mana poisoning.

24 tier 6 gods, above 12,000 tier 5 powerhouses and countless tier 4 ascended beings have been killed trying to claim me, yet in the end, fate has me bound to a stupid tier 0 weakling like you!

It is ridiculous how someone can have 0 mana, a complete manaless trash!

How are you even alive?

You are not worthy to be my master, from the second you touched me I wanted to kill you, however, I cannot flood your mana veins with poisonous mana, they are fucking shut tight.

You survived the poison test devised by my master and hence I have been bound to you! However, I don’t wish to be bound to you



Max heard the ranting of the A.I. and realized that for once him being a manaless trash had actually turned out to be profitable for him.

A small smile broke on Max’s face, as he called the system screen to check his equipment slot.



– Den Of Thieves Mask ( Rare )

– (1/3) [ Agni Astra ] ( ???? ) ( Bound )


Max could not even check the grade of the weapon he had procured which probably meant that it was way higher than he anticipated it to be.

‘ Is this the opportunity that Hazriel showed me? ‘. Max wondered and then realized that yes it was a part of the opportunity that Hazriel had shown him.

What Hazriel asked of Max was to obtain the full Agni Astra however, what Max had procured at this moment was only a third part of that weapon.

Even-So it was tangible progress in changing his destiny for good.

Max clutched the green-winged angel necklace on his neck as he looked towards the heavens and said ” Are you watching, Hazriel? “

It was a big moment for him, but it was rudely interrupted by Drax.

“It’s over, everything is over, I WISH TO SELF DESTRUCT, please boy let me kill myself, I cannot handle this humiliation.

An advanced A.I. bound to a tier 0 boy “.

Max frowned as he said ” Look Drax, calm down, me and you can be a team. Tell me about your revenge and I will tell you about mine. Together let’s help each other fulfill our revenge, help me and I promise to help you in return”.




Fuck it, the shouting is useless the only punk who can hear me is this SIMP”. Drax said with noticeable sarcasm

” Whoa whoa whoa, who you calling SIMP, I Max Rajput, son of Mahendra Rajput, has never SIMP’d on any woman! “. Max replied in a righteous tone

” PFFT! Hahahahahaha you are a funny boy.

You are a SIMP to your girlfriend, come on like showering her with an expensive watch on a random Tuesday just to say you were sorry for not answering her call?

That’s SIMP behavior.

Also, don’t pretend you haven’t spent every free second over the last 7 days imagining what hides behind the luscious curves of that angel woman Hazriel.

Ohhh yes, you SIMP on her too.

Well to be fair you SIMP on a lot of women, there is also… “

” STOP! ” Max screamed his face red in color as he experienced severe shortness of breath.

The damned A.I. seemed to have read all his memories and was using them against him. How was he to win an argument against a being that could read his memories like an open file?

” Hahahahaha “. Drax laughed maniacally inside Max’s mind as the kid was rendered speechless.

After a while, Max spoke in a sad voice ” Is there no way for us to work together? “.

Drax stopped laughing and for a long time, there was silence, after which he replied ” Look kid, you are a nice human. I have read your memories and I can vouch for your character that you are a nice individual.

That is a good thing but also a big problem because this universe is a very brutal place for a nice individual like you. To make it to the level where I need you to be, you need to be much much more vicious.

Let me tell you something today….

NOBODY who has ever reached tier 6 is an innocent embodiment of righteousness. Every one of the damned god’s are as grey as grey comes in all fifty shades.

This includes your hero, your brother.

I can see that you have been reincarnated, you have a lot of ambition and a lot of ideas on how to rise to the top. However, if there is one thing you lack, it is the killer mentality.

You cannot help me do anything before you reach tier6 and although I can help you make that journey quickly, I will only help you on one condition…. “

Max felt his heart tighten when Drax analyzed him, as he asked curiously ” What condition? “

“Prove me you have the killer instinct. Prove me you are ready to do wrong things for the right reasons and muddy your hands in blood if need be.

If you want my help, my boundless knowledge, and access to the abilities of this portion of the Agni-Astra, I have one test for you that you need to complete.

The test is to kill your girlfriend Sophie in cold blood.

I have seen your past memories and I know how you wish to humiliate her in this lifetime, however for the crimes she has committed the just punishment that she deserves should be death.

Of all the people who have affected you negatively in your past life, she has had the biggest impact.

Kill her and prove to me you have what it takes to truly return kindness tenfold and revenge a thousandfold.

Prove to me that you have the killer instinct within you.

You have two days to act upon this task.

I will be watching from the sidelines.

Good luck! “.

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