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MMORPG : Rebirth Of The Strongest Vampire God – Chapter 134: Dragon Egg Bahasa Indonesia

” D-d-d-d-d ” Sebastian tried to say it but his tongue kept stuttering

Max petted his head and tried to calm his friend down, but after 20 seconds of constant buffering Max decided to complete his sentence for him.

” Yes, Dragon Egg “.

“OOO lalala ” Sebastian said as he whistled in joy giving the other three members a mini heart attack as Max instantly used a scan to see if the idiot had attracted an aerial assault or not?

Apparently Ferials group had been successful in stealing a dragon’s egg somehow, however, unfortunately for them before they could properly heal and regroup they were discovered by Max’s group which took them out when they were at their weakest.

[ Green Dragon’s Egg ] ( ???? ) – A green dragon egg of unknown gender. Can be claimed as a pet.

” Why did they not bind it to someone? ” Anna asked, not understanding why they would not bind the egg instantly upon obtaining it if it could be bound.

” They probably wanted to sell it and distribute the loot evenly, that group did not have the close dynamic that we do.

Err green dragon eggs go for over 100 million gold coins at times, so it’s pretty valuable treasure, but we know who needs it the most ” Asiva said as she looked at Sebastian hugging and rubbing his beard against the dragon egg

” Everyone in favour? ” Max asked as all three of them raised their hands showing their approval.

” Alright, Sebastian, you can go on and bind it “. Max said with a smile

Sebastian was caught off-guard with this comment, he was not dumb he knew that dragon eggs were incredibly precious, so he did not actually expect the group to hand him one.

” Guys, I can’t, ” He said, sounding much more like his old self rather than the cartoon dwarf he had recently become.

” Of course you can, ” Anna said with a smile as Max and Asiva nodded in approval.

Sebastian was moved to tears he sliced a small nick on his thumb and dripped the blood over the dragon egg as his blood began to sizzle and a system notification asked him if he wished to bind the egg.

Sebastian clicked yes and the egg was immediately moved to his soul space where it was placed in the pet/mount spot.

” Thank you guys…. ” He said emotionally as a stream of tears went down his eyes. This dragon egg meant a lot more to him than outsiders could ever understand, as after losing his body, his ability to fight properly and his confidence, it was the only way he could see himself having some combat potential, which was by being a dragon master.

Asiva silently squeezed Max’s hand as she let out a rare smile, while Anna hugged both of them as she could not help but shed a tear.

Slowly but surely, the group felt more and more like a family to her rather than just friends and it was because of selfless moments like these when the group looked out for each other rather than aiming for selfish interests that they could trust each other to have their backs with their eyes closed.

” I promise, I’ll get one dragon egg for all of you. Even if we can’t get more from this dungeon, I’ll make the money required through hard work and pay you guys back for this favour ” Sebastian said emotionally

” Woah woah woah, easy there big guy, there are no favours here, also snot is literally hanging from your nose it’s disgusting ” Max said as Sebastian smudged it into his beard and said ” Hugs? “

The other three looked at his snotty beard and replied together ” No thank you … “

While the dragon egg was undoubtedly the main loot, the group also got some small and big items totalling about 500k gold coins and all in all it was not a bad haul at all.

” I wonder how they stole it? ” Anna said as the group continued on their journey.

For Anna who was scared of facing tier 3 creatures in the forest, she could not comprehend how one was actually successful in stealing an actual dragon egg.

While Max did not know the exact answer to this, he knew that if opportunity presented itself he would undoubtedly go for stealing a dragon egg himself, even if it was extremely risky to do so.


( Meanwhile Rudra )

Rudra smiled when he saw two tier 6 gods arrive with a fleet of 5 destroyer class ships and 17 frigates to save the merchant group he had taken hostile.

” So the idiots have taken the bait ” he said as he chilled on the cold exterior of the merchant ship, observing the enemy arrive at terminal speed.

” This is the border patrol of the thunder nation. You have been surrounded, surrender now and you will be guaranteed a fair trial.

Resist and you will be terminated “. A loud voice permeated through space as Rudra yawned in response.

” So the terminators are here! Yaay! ” He said, clapping his hands as the enemy tried to inspect Rudra’s identity but failed.

” I’m God Hereshier, the god of the Dumacan planet, surrender now my fellow lord, I will personally guarantee a light fine for your crime.

The thunder nation does not unnecessarily make enemies of god’s, I’m sure you must have had your reason to attack our ships, but we cannot let this transgression go.

Come back with us restrained and we will work out whatever problem you have.

If you need money or divine essence, it can always be supplied in return for service “. A voice said from inside a battleship and Rudra nodded in response.

The man seemed kind and Rudra almost felt regretful for he was about to kill him, but since the other party had shown him respect he decided to give him a chance.

” You are a kind man, turn back now with your ship and live. Come forward 100 metres more, you die “. Rudra said as he presented his ultimatum.

Hereshier felt uneasy, Rudra’s confidence was uncanny and from his demeanour he Hereshier knew that it was not a bluff.

” Turn around “. Hereshier said decisively as he decided to listen to his gut feeling.

” My lord? ” His men questioned, unsure if it was ethical for them to do so

” Turn! ” Hereshier said angrily as the soldiers obeyed.

Hereshier grit his teeth, he felt like a coward, however, the attack he saw in the next instance made him realise that it was the best decision he could have ever made in his life

As with just ONE SUPREMELY POWERFUL sword slash, the man on top of the merchant ship destroyed 4 destroyer class ships and 17 frigate class ships at once, while also critically injuring the god inside one of the destroyer class ships.

Hereshier heart jumped to his throat as he looked at the blonde haired guy smiling casually, looking in his direction as he wondered just what sort of beast had the thunder nation provoked and why?

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