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MMORPG : Rebirth Of The Strongest Vampire God – Chapter 127: I’m A God Bahasa Indonesia

( Rudra’s POV )

” You wish to stage a non-violent protest against me and you want me to wholeheartedly give you permission for it?” Rudra asked, bemused by the suggestion of the merchant in front of him.

” Yes your excellency, as you have bound me with a system contract before revealing to me the information about earth’s migration plan, I have no choice but to ask for you to release me from my contract so that I do not die protesting against you”. The merchant replied most earnestly

” Hahaha, how did you ever think I’ll allow it to happen? What leverage do you have over me for me to bend to your will?

This planet is no longer a democracy, when I decide to censor information it’s censored, end of discussion “. Rudra asked, mildly amused, mildly annoyed by the merchant.

” But then you will go down in the history books as a violent dictator my lord, sooner or later I will be freed from this contract. If you do not allow me free speech now, I will spread the message once we have shifted to radiance.

But one way or another, the people of earth will know, that they had no say in their own fates and that they were forced off earth by a dictator “. The merchant replied with arrogance

Swords were drawn and pointed towards the merchant instantly when he called Rudra a dictator, however Rudra calmed them all down with a raise of his hand.

Rudra was never going to lose a battle of words against a civilian, hence he only smiled calmly and asked ” Do you consider yourself to be a non-violent man my friend? “

The man replied proudly ” Yes, yes I do, I’ve never killed a human or animal “

Rudra nodded as he said ” Impressive, but just out of curiosity I want to ask you, if you wanted to could you kill me? “

The man stumbled for words, clearly at a loss as he said ” I don’t think anybody on earth can harm a hair on you sire “.

Rudra smiled as he said ” Exactly my friend, you’re not non-violent, you’re just weak.

With your tier 2 strength you are as weak as a bug and won’t even last a blink of an eye against me if I wanted you dead.

If there is anyone nonviolent on this planet, it’s me because if I truly decided that humanity is irredeemable there would not be a planet earth tomorrow morning.

So don’t go around lecturing me on morals and history books, because you’re simply not worthy of having such discussion with me.

I don’t get paid for this, I don’t get pleasure from this, running and protecting Earth is a hardship I bear so that all of you can live in peace.

However, don’t think of me as a hero of the people, merchant, I’m not a hero….. I’m A GOD and I command absolute obedience “.

The merchant was ghastly pale when he heard Rudra’s words, this was not how this discussion was supposed to go.

Throughout his life the merchant had seen many governmental regimes rise and fall and he understood the nature of leaders very well, however, he had clearly underestimated Rudra.

Rudra was not a president, not a leader, not even a hero, he was a GOD, humans were his subjects not his kind, not his people.


( Meanwhile Max )

Max just re-entered university grounds and was pleasantly surprised to see that Anna had just arrived there as well.

” Hiiii “. Anna said excitedly as she saw Max

” Haha, hey “. Max replied cheerfully to her enthusiasm

” I have some good news “. Anna said with a smile

” Oh? So Do I ” Max said

” Okay, let’s say it together “. Anna suggested as she counted down her fingers from 3..2…1

” I’m coming to dragon’s paradise ” Anna said

” I have levelled up to tier 2 ” Max said at the same time.

” Congratulations! ” Both said at the same time and started chuckling.

The two of them started walking towards the shuttle area together as there was a harmonious atmosphere between the two, however it was suddenly broken when Anna dropped a bombshell on Max

” By the way, I know exactly who you are behind that mask …. ” She said teasingly

Max looked at her like she was kidding and then said ” Oh yeah? “

Max did not believe that she actually knew his identity and took it casually, however, his heart jumped for a second when she called him out.

” You are Max Rajput, brother of Rudra Rajput, the god of humans “. Anna said as she showed her tongue to Max as if saying ‘ I caught your secret ‘

However, Max just stood rooted on the spot ashen pale as he wondered how his secret was exposed to Anna?

” You did a good job of hiding it, but but but, I don’t think you know who my sister is…. “. Anna said with pride

” Your sister? ” Max asked still too stunned by this sudden revelation

” Yes, my elder sister Princess Ruby, your sister in law, well sort of” Anna said casually as another bomb was dropped on Max

Of Course he knew who Ruby was, Princess Ruby was the first wife of his brother who was an NPC in the tutorial game ‘ Omega ‘ .

She was an elf just like Anna and now that he thought about it more, they did look extremely similar as Max felt silly that he had never noticed until now.

” Yes well, my sister has a treasure crystal ball that helps her keep an eye on anyone she wishes to spy on, and her being the romantic that she is, just uses it to spy on Rudra.

Well, when he was here at the tournament, apparently he was walking with a hand around your shoulder, that’s when my sister found out about your identity, and also realised that it was the same university that I went to!

So yes, when I visited back home recently in our usual gossip session we were talking about things and then voila! I discovered your secret “. Anna seemed super proud of her detective skills, however Max could not understand whether he should laugh or cry at this situation.

” Anna, I’ll die if my identity is leaked ever, there is a reason I put a mask on me ” Max said sounding nervous

” Ofcourse Max, chill, my lips are sealed, only me and my sister know and we won’t tell anyone, but but but, you will have to tell me everything.

How did you become a vampire when your brother is a human?

How did you meet Asiva?

Who all are after you?

Who is your secret crush?

What do you do with Asiva at night?

OOO, OOO, also you have to help me set up a date between your brother and my sister after the dungeon, your brother has forgotten about his promise to come for her, it’s UNACCEPTABLE let me tell you ….. ” Anna kept blabbering on and on as Max felt his heart sink inside his chest

If there was one thing Max had learnt being around Anna it was that the girl loved to gossip. Max suddenly felt that his well kept secret was no longer well kept at all.

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