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MMORPG : Rebirth Of The Strongest Vampire God – Chapter 117: Leaving Earth? Bahasa Indonesia

” So how did the fruit taste “. Max asked, laying on his bed in the dorm area.

” Sour “. Asiva replied from the other room

” Any news on when we will go to the Dragon’s Paradise? ” Max asked

” Should be 3 weeks till it opens “. Asiva replied curtly

It had been a while since the two had been talking aimlessly in the dorm, it was a slightly warm and awkward atmosphere as they tried to move the conversation forward but did not know what to say.

” Sebastian will be there too, no?” Max asked curiously

” How would I know?” Asiva replied with slight irritation

Max was silent after that, as his eyelids started to droop.

” I saw you staring at Ferial today ” Asiva said, sounding annoyed

” Hmm, yeah ” Max replied half asleep.

” Is she more beautiful than me? ” Asiva asked nervously, this question was very important to her.

” No ” Max replied honestly

” Why? ” Asiva asked, now peeking through the metal window between their rooms.

” Because my siv has the most beautiful eyes “. Max said as he brushed his fingers on her face lazily

” Imma sleep now, good night” he said sleepily as he covered himself in the blanket, not realising the torrent of emotions his few words just caused in Asiva’s heart.

‘ My siv huh? ‘ Asiva wondered as she blushed deeply.

If it were anyone else who said this, she would have broken his fingers, however, since it was Max, it felt like music to her ears.

Looking at him sleeping calmly, Asiva pouted as she muttered ‘ Idiot ‘ before closing the window and going to sleep herself.


( Meanwhile back on Earth )

Rudra sat on his throne-like chair as the council of Earth’s strongest warriors, politicians and influential merchants stood before him.

It could be said that 99% of powerful people who controlled the lives of billions were all present in the room in front of Rudra today, as the protector of Earth had called for a high level emergency meeting.

” I’m sure many of you are wondering as to why I have gathered you here today. Well, the answer is not a pleasant one unfortunately”. Rudra said as he stood up began pacing around the room.

Everyone was nervous because Rudra was nervous.

While everyone of them was powerful in their own right, in this room they would be dead by Rudra’s aura alone should he decide to suppress them.

” I do believe that our time on this planet might be coming to an end “. Rudra said without mincing his words as a gloomy atmosphere spread across the room.

” What do you mean lord protector? ” Asked Christian Grey, the representative of the Grey international group here in this meeting today.

” The reason why I made you all sign a binding contract here today as to not divulge the details of this meeting to anyone is because it will cause mayhem across Earth if this news is to be leaked”. Rudra said as he reminded everyone that the words he was to speak from now on were never to be discussed with an outsider.

” Earth is weak. We have increased our strength and over the past few months the number of tier4 warriors amongst our ranks have increased to 30 which is very good.

But it’s nothing compared to the wide universe.

Just a few days ago I visited the won knight home planet, ‘ Radiance ‘, and found nearly 20 million tier 4 warriors residing on that planet.

20 FUCKING MILLION tier 4 warriors “. Rudra said, as his voice reverberated throughout the hall.

Some people felt sweat dripping down their foreheads when they heard the number and some felt their blood run cold.

” There are 10 such great families in the universe and above them are the monarchies. We are small fish amongst small fish, and although this might sound narcissistic coming from my own mouth but the reality is that without me holding down the fort, Earth will be eaten raw by space pirates much less some big organisation”. Rudra said as he broke down the ground reality for everyone present in the room.

” Planets like Earth don’t have a good life, they are either run dry for resources or turned into slave worker planets by oppressors.

Till I’m alive, Earth will never face a problem but due to some recent developments, I may have to head out for a war soon.

The moment I leave Earth however, I doubt our planet is able to repel one single invasion, much less endless waves of them”. Rudra said, as everyone in the room felt a trickle of yellow liquid going down their pants.

” Fret not, We have been promised asylum and fertile lands on Radiance. We would be given a continent to live on and govern as per our own rules and beliefs.

The land area would roughly be 1.5 times of Earth’s total land area, with varying terrain.

The gravity will be about 1.6 times that of earth but the air quality is much cleaner and the food is richer in nutrients.

I’ve decided that we will slowly start shifting the planet’s population to radiance, roughly 3-4 months from now.

Cities are already under construction there and I will also send some of our blacksmiths there to overlook designs and cultural aspects.

Until then, stop all new infrastructure projects on earth and start preparing for war.

Those who play Sigma, promote policies that make them more self-sufficient as they start universal money, otherwise start salvaging whatever we need to take from this planet to Radiance.

Whatever books, monuments, artefacts we should take, start winding everything up slowly.

Roughly 100 days from now, we will start emptying Earth “.

Rudra had given his verdict as everyone bowed in respect of his decision.

Everyone realised that whatever Rudra was trying to achieve and decide was not easy. However, under the circumstances it was a much better choice to move to a safer planet like radiance than stay on Earth.

While the politicians were a little sad, the merchants were happy as they saw the potential in living on a planet with such a big population to utilise as a customer base, however, the most rattled class were undoubtedly the warriors who were going to go from being earth’s strongest, to one in 20 million tier 4 warriors of radiance.


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