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Mediterranean Hegemon of Ancient Greece – Chapter 87: Choice Bahasa Indonesia

The Lucanians retreated.

As the soldiers cheered, Philesius came to the camp’s main quarter to meet Davos, but he saw him absorbed drawing something on the ground with a wooden stick. Sometimes he will raised his head to think of something, and sometimes he will anxiously walked back and forth, unaware of the outside world.

Philesius called him a few times, but seeing that there is no response, he simply just stood aside and watch him. He then poke his head to see what Davos was drawing. On the ground is a rough and messy, and could barely be discerned topographic map around Thurii, the river Crati and its tributary, the river Coscile. The square at the intersection of the two rivers should represent the city of Thurii…but he doesn’t know what this thin line refer to. ‘This thin line that is connected to the river Cosceli, is it river Tiro? And what are the dots and circles around river Tiro represent?…’

Just as he was about to think harder, he suddenly heard Davos shouting something in a strange language. He looked up and saw his very excited expression and his face flushed red.

Did he just talk to Hades just now? Philesius thought of some of the rumors, which jolted his heart.

“Philesius, you just came in time. Go and tell all the captains, and squad leaders to come for a meeting.” Davos said suddenly, and the unquestionable firmness of his voice shocked Philesius.

After Philesius left, Davos took a deep look at the patterns on the ground, and once again said in a firm tone, “Whether we succeed or failed, I will bet it all here!”

He stretched out his foot and wiped away the patterns on the ground. He resolutely sat on the wooden chair in the middle of the main quarter. While waiting for his tense and excited mood to calm down, as he await for the arrival of his officers.

. . . . . . . . . . . . .

During the construction of the camp, Davos expanded his quarter to meet the needs for the war. However, when dozens of officers stood inside his quarter, the space inside is still very narrow, but no one cared about it. As they are more worried on where they will go once they lose this battle. Previously, they didn’t have the time to think about it due to them needing to fight, but now, every officers are worried and so their gaze are all fixed on Davos, and hope that their leader who led them out of trouble and constantly created miracles can show them their way.

“Brothers.” Said Davos, “We were defeated. And although the Lucanians have retreated, they will still come again tomorrow. The Lucanians had long wanted to occupy this fertile plain of Sybaris. For this reason, they launched two battles against Thurii and defeated them at great cost. As a result, Thurii suffered huge damage and hid inside their city, and the Lucanians will never give up on the plain of Sybaris! So what should we do?”

Davos looked around at everyone, but he did not want them to argue at this time due to the time being short, and continued, “Although I haven’t publicly said it, I’m afraid that all of you have already know, because you all have been working hard for it. Yes, Amendolara is my target! It’s the city that I chose for us in Magna Graecia! It’s our future home!!”

Most of the officers were calm and only a few were surprised.

“But if the Lucanians takes over the plain of Sybaris, then even if we capture Amendolara, it will then become the focus of their attack! Because our number is too small and the weakest, and they also bear a grudge against us! Even if we beat them back once more like we did today, as long as they are here, they will always be a great threat to us! So what should we do?” Asked Davos a second time.

“It goes without saying, it is to defeat them!” There was someone that shouted during this silence, and it is the voice of Matonis.

“You are right! In fact, the Lucanians are not as strong as what Thurii had said. As long as they scattered, we can defeat them!” Amintas also loudly said.

These two brave officers can charge fearlessly even when faced with enemy ten times their number.

But Kapus, Alexis, Philesius and the others obviously don’t agree with their ideas and are trying to refute them.

Davos laughed, “Well said, we must attack the Lucanian alliance, but it is not to attack the scattered ones, but to annihilate them in one fell swoop! Only in this way will we be able to settle down in Amendolara with a peace of mind, and to deter the obstruction of Thurii and other forces, so that we can freely plant wheat and graze animals on the land of Amendolara!”

Annihilating the Lucanian alliance?!! Everyone was stricken dumb with amazement.

“Leader, we only have 2000 soldiers. Even if we surround them, we won’t be able to do it. How could we annihilate the Lucanians that have tens of thousands of warriors?” Philesius’ words voiced the doubts of all officers that are present.

“It is not only us, but there are also Taranto’s reinforcement and the mercenaries of Drakos.”

“Even if you add them, it’s only 6000. While the Lucanians have more than twice the troops than us!” Said Kapus, while shaking his head.

“Are the reinforcement from Taranto and the other mercenaries even willing to attack the Lucanians?” Antonios ask the main problem.

“They don’t know yet, but I’m confident that I will be able to persuade them to agree!” Davos looked at everyone with confidence. Seeing that they were still full of doubts, he then added in a loud voice, “Brothers, remember this, ‘victory or defeat of a war is not determined by the number of soldiers, but depends on the quality of the soldiers, their level of morale and the quality of their weapons…and the most important thing is to work out a feasible and careful plan, to let us lead the enemy by the nose, restrain the enemy’s advantage, and give full strength to our advantage in order to get the final victory!”

Everyone are absorbed in their thoughts.

Amintas impatiently urge, “Leader Davos, tell us about your plan!”

“Asistes, go and get the map of Thurii.” Davos ordered.

Asistes immediately brought the map that had been carefully drawn on a parchment some days ago after their repeated reconnaisance.

Davos spread the map on the wooden table, and everyone gathered at once.

“Please look…this is the camp of the Lucanian, this is the river Tiro…” Pointing to the points and lines on the map, Davos then spoke slowly and in details to explain his plan.

Everyone carefully listened and pondered.

When Davos finished speaking, there was a silence.

Then, they began to quietly discussed in small groups.

Davos waited quietly for a moment and said, “Brothers, this plan, is it feasible?”

“Leader.” Alexis sincerely praised him, “I have never seen such a wonderful idea. This is simply an ingenious plan!”

“Alexis is right. According to this plan, not only will the advantage of the enemy due to their large number be remove, but will also allow us to easily exert our strength!”

“Our leader is really worthy of being our leader. Our great leader. The favored of Hades!”

. . . . . . . . . . . . .

For a moment, words of flattery is thrown.

Davos seriously said, “This is not the time for flattery, as this is a critical moment of our life and death! So let’s talk about your opinions. We need to gather our wisdom to overcome this difficulties and win!”

Everyone look at each other. Alexis coughed a few times, and his expression became serious, and first said, “Leader, according to your plan, the first thing we need to solve is how to lure our enemies…”

. . . . . . . . . . . . .

After their heated discussion, the battle plan was finally set, and the atmosphere in the main quarter became warm.

“Brothers, the war is about to begin! Go back and tell the soldiers, tell them what we have been concealing! This war is not for Thurii, nor for the officers, BUT FOR THEMSELVES, FOR THE LAND WE ALL DREAM OFF!! HADES WILL BLESS US!!!”

“WHOAAA!!!” Davos’ stirring words ignited everyone’s emotion. Even a person with a warm and watery nature like Philesius is now burning with the flame of hope at this moment…


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