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Mediterranean Hegemon of Ancient Greece – Chapter 85: Contradiction Bahasa Indonesia

The rocks of the enemies are all blocked by the round shield, and so they did not get harmed. The warriors are also glad that they found the right way. After another ten meters, they only have less than 50 meters until the gate of the camp.

But then, the four sentry towers behind the wall in the west of the mercenary camp began attacking them. The arrows that pours down from different angles made it not easy for them to block, and if they try to move the round shield to prevent the arrows from their sides, they would then get hit by the enemies’ rocks. As they have all gathered in the middle path, it allowed the archers and the slingers of the mercenary to just concentrate their firepower, due to that, the arrows and the rocks hit them from all direction like hail. In an instant, dozens of their people were killed, and the vanguard of Vergae were almost destroyed, which scared the rest of them and made them forget the experience of Pyxous as they fled. As a result, the traps of the mercenaries made new contributions, and in a short time, hundred of Vergae were killed.

No matter how much Cincinnag urged, Sedrum did not continue their offense.

The mercenaries were overjoyed to see the enemy flee in a panic, but when the enemy stopped attacking, they became dissatisfied once more. After all, fighting back against the enemy were mainly due to the traps and the peltast. They couldn’t even touch a single hair of the enemy, and so they started shouting and swearing at them due to their dissatisfaction.

Seeing this situation, Davos nodded to himself, ‘the soldiers morale is still there!’

He didn’t expect that the relentless and aggressive attack of the enemy would stop so quickly, even if there are trenches in front of the camp. If he thought about it more carefully, he would find that after the previous battle, the Lucanians have consumed a lot of their energy and stamina. It is only due to the stimulation of victory and revenge that allowed them to maintain the strong desire to fight. As a matter of fact, these tribes are not good at siege battle, and they will calm down after suffering setbacks in front of the fortified camp of the mercenary of Davos.

Davos analyzed the situation of the war and added this experience for future defensive operation. At the same time, he sent Asistes through the passage towards the camp of Drakos to learn about the situation of the war.

The information that he got back is also gratifying: due to the enthusiasm of the expeditionary soldiers in building their camp, Drakos, Adrien and Sesta had also led their soldiers to dig deeper trenches outside their camp and to reinforce their walls. Although they weren’t able to arrange complex and complicated traps (this requires certain technical ability and experience), it is still enough to make the pursuing enemy suffer. After all, Taranto’s reinforcement has also retreated into their camp, which helped the defeated mercenaries to recover their morale quickly.

The soldiers of Nerulum and Laus attacked for a while, but after suffering some casualties, they found that the defense of the mercenary is tight, and when they learned that they couldn’t beat them immediately, they naturally gave up their offense, and so they are obviously much smarter than the Pyxous who wanted revenge.

After they ensured their security, Davos’ attention is no longer focused on the gradually calmed battlefield. As he needed to calm down in order to think on what they should do next.

If they couldn’t do a decisive battle, then it will be very difficult for the Lucanians to capture the city of Thurii. Davos had visited it many times, and the six meter wide moat and the ten meter high wall are very difficult for the Lucanians who lack siege equipment and experience. Besides, they also don’t have any boat, so they can’t come and go freely on the river Crati.

The Lucanians will never set up an army just to win a battle. Their purpose should be to occupy the plain of Sybaris, build a camp, herd their cattle and sheep, and grow wheat on this flat and fertile land…

The Thurians lost a lot in these two battles. Obviously, they couldn’t fight back against the invasion of the Lucania for the time being. But they also have the plain on the south back of the river Crati, and so they could last for some time, while they accumulate their strength, recruit soldiers and fight back…

But this situation is not good for the mercenaries of Davos who are on the north bank of the river Crati. Their defeat on this battle have not only affected his next plan, but also made the mercenaries the target of the Lucanians. At the same time, Davos did not want to be a pawn of the Thurians in holding back the attack of the Lucanians for them. But having him lead his troops to leave here, and leave Magna Graecia, is also unacceptable! Here are all their hopes, dreams and ambitions! Davos can’t stand leaving without succeeding and to once more fight for survival!…what should he do…what should he do?…

. . . . . . . . . . . . .

The other one who is also worried is Vespa, the Lucanian leader that occupied the city of Amendolara, because he did not respond to the order of Grumentum to send troops for this war. He wanted to wait for the result of the war between the two armies before deciding and so they stayed. But when he learned that there were more than 15,000 warriors in the Lucanian alliance and had easily defeated Thurii, did he only start to panic. He hurriedly called the several elders to discuss a countermeasures, then asked the priest to make a divination. Which made Vespa, who had a heated discussion and preliminary countermeasures, to feel a bit relieved.

He then sent an envoy and a small groups of warriors to transport a team pack with wine and food to the plains of Sybaris. He hoped that this friendly way of rewarding the tribal alliance of Lucania could get him a bit understanding from the leader of Grumentum and will lay some foundation for him to beg for forgiveness. If the envoy feels that the situation is not good, then they could only escape back to the mountains at night.

. . . . . . . . . . . . .

After being defeated, Cincinnag is still unwilling and have sent his people to the east, south, and north of the mercenary camp to scout. But the result is disheartening: not only were there traps, trenches, and sentries, but there is also a passage in the north that connects with the nearby camp, so they could get timely support.

Then he drop his illusion and stand down with his people, waiting for the arrival of Akpir.

After waiting for a long time, Akpir finally led his army to them. After all, it’s not easy to gather the six thousand warriors that have scatted to pursue the fleeing soldiers of Thurii.

The warriors of Grumentum killed all the soldiers outside of Thurii, and some of the warriors have red eyes, as they have been forced to cross the moat and invaded the city of Thurii. But the result is, the people of Thurii who shared the same hatred with the people at the city wall have angrily attacked them with arrows, javelins and rocks, and so they could only hurriedly retreat in panic.

Seeing this situation, Akpir also took a break from trying his luck below the city of Thurii. Therefore, he had to reorganize his troops and rushed to joined with the others, but when he saw that most of the warriors of Pyxous were wounded and tired, he was surprised and asked why.

Cincinnag told him how his people fought bravely, but the mercenaries they met were very vicious and cunning…and so on. At the same time, they complained about the Vergae’s passiveness and negligent in this battle, and even the criminal act of killing the Lucanians during the fighting.

Sedrum, the leader of Vergae, didn’t expect that Cincinnag would complain first. He hurriedly cried out for being wronged, and also said angrily, “Leader Akpir, you must know that it is not that we did not fought with all our strength, but it’s due to leader Cincinnag being too confident, and thought that only the bravery of the warriors of Pyxous is enough to defeat the left wing of the Greeks, and so he has arrange the warriors of Vergae to be place in the rear. He is the leader of the right wing, so I can only obey his order. On the contrary, when the front line of Pyxous was about to fall, it is the warriors of Vergae who fought bravely and helped the Pyxous to stabilize the situation and save our right wing. Therefore, we Vergae have made great contributions to the victory of this war! As for us killing the Pyxous warriors, it is because their fleeing warriors are disrupting the formation of the right wing, and so, in order to prevent them from fleeing, we have force them to rejoin the battle. In fact, not many Pyxous got wounded, and it is only due to our emergency approach that the right wing was able to finally defeat the enemy. And we have also suffered hundreds of casualties while trying to attack the camp of the Greeks…”

“Nonsense! If it weren’t for you, Brutians being unwilling at first, then how could we fought a lot harder! Just now, when we were attacking the Greek camp, you Vergae people arrived last!” Shouted Cincinnag angrily, “Gennat, tell us, how many of our warriors that got killed by Vergae?!”

Gennat hesitated for a bit, and, under his father’s sharp gaze, he muttered, “About…about 150 warriors, and all of them got…stabbed by a spear from behind.”

When Gennat finished talking, both the Pyxous and the Vergae started glaring at each other, and the atmosphere became quite tense…


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