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Mediterranean Hegemon of Ancient Greece – Chapter 69: Reconnaissance (II) Bahasa Indonesia

A group of people went down the slope and into the huge hirst. It was much easier to walk here than the one before: the land was soft, the road was flat, which also in the same level as the river.

“You just said that the Thuriians hate this hot spring swarmp. Why?” Asistes is still has an invisible attachment on this problems.

The guide glanced at him and said, “Because of the hot spring, the water temperature of this swamp is very warm all the year round, so there are many mosquitoes that severely bites, so the Thurians almost don’t want to come here.”

Asistes looked across the river with wide gaze, and the water mist that greatly covered his sight, which add some mystery to the swamp.

Without saying a word, Davos stared at the big hirst, the river Tiro and the hot spring swamp on the other side, while thinking about something.

After about a 250 meters walk, the river hirst came to an end. They had to dismount and walk up the slope, because the mud was so slippery they couldn’t ride at all.

On the slope, after leaving the river hirst, it’s all uphill. There are fewer and fewer farmland, but more and more trees, which have become more and more dense, until there is no trace of human settlements.

By this time, they had reached the open area on the hillside, but the guide refused to go forward, “It’s too dangerous to cross the ridge, since the camp of the Lucanians is ahead!”

Davos tried every possible way to persuade the guide, and therefore, the guide agreed to take them to have a look.

Standing on the top of the hill, facing the sharp mountain wind, and looking forward: there is a higher hills ahead, which should have been full of green scenery. However, a large number of trees have been cut down to clear a large area, and countless tents are scattered in disorder. From a distance, the Lucanians are as small as ants, and are densely packed…

“Wow, there are many people!” Asistes, who had seen thousands of Persian troops, could not help but say.

Davos didn’t speak. He carefully looked around for a while, then pointed somewhere in front of him, and asked, “What is that place!”

The pale-faced guide looked blankly and asked, “Where!”

“On the right side of the hill, it seems that…from time to time a team of Lucanians appears from there…!” Said Davos who had pulled the guide, and pointed forward once more.

The guide opened his eyes wide, confirming it carefully, and said, “Oh, that’s the mountain pass. It is a mountain path for people to pass and it leads all the way to the territory of the Lucanians!”

“How long is the mountain path?” Davos continued asking.

“I haven’t traveled through it. But, I heard that it’s more than 20 kilometers. It seems like it isn’t that far, but it’s hard to walk through the mountain path. I’m afraid that it will take me a day or two to walk through it. Oh! By the way, it was in this mountain path that the army of Thurii got ambushed before being defeated…” Said the guide with lingering fear on his face.

Davos looked at the continuous mountains behind the hill and was lost in thought.

“Turii should’ve build a fortress here, so that the Lucanians couldn’t easily invade!” Said Ledes.

“Originally, Thurii had a camp here, but there was no major event for decades. In addition, the conditions here are simple, so there are not many citizens willing to stay here. We didn’t expect that the Lucanians would suddenly attack, and as a result…” Said the guide dejectedly.

“If the Thurians were here, then we would have nothing to do.” Said Davos lightly: from the fact that there is almost no development in this mountainous area means that the Thurians are not interested in this place at all. It would be strange if they can remain here, this is the common fault of the Greeks, a country that loves sailing and business. They have no interest in mountains at all.

Under the continuous urging of the guide, the party embarked on the return journey.

Seeing the relaxed look on Davos’ party, this family slave that was regarded as a confidant by Burkes, had heard from his master that these people were all experienced soldiers, and so he couldn’t help ask, “Davos, do you think we can defeat those Lucanians?”

“I won’t know until we fight!” Said Davos lightly.

This time, they went east along the right edge of the plain of Sybaris, which was also a continuous mountain. The sound of the stream accompanied them all the way to the east, and finally converged into a river. When Davos, who was travelling along the south bank of the river, saw the soldiers cutting trees on the other bank, he remembered that this was the river mentioned by Felix – and the guide called it the river Sibari.

Seeing that it was dusk, Davos then dismissed his plan to continue exploring the north. He got off his horse and crossed the river, he then help leveled the tree trunk with the soldiers, and carried the wood back to the camp.

After supper, he listened to the reports of Philesius and the officers of the various units, he then confirmed that all the mercenaries were working well and had then sent them away, Davos settled down and drew the terrain he saw during the daytime reconnaissance on the ground using a branch. He repeatedly modified it until he was satisfied, he then looked at it for a long time and firmly remembered the pattern and scene in his mind. Of course, this is just a sketch. Next, he need to send scouts to further improve it, such as the general area of the plain of Sibari, the width and depth of the river Crati, the area of the hirst, and so on.

Intelligence work is the most important in war, and terrain investigation is the most important in intelligence work! More than half a year’s war has taught Davos a lot. And combined with his knowledge from his previous life, he has always believed that the famous generals also needed “99 points of sweat plus 1 point of talent”. He is not the type of general that can just sit high in the command room and control the troops to win the battle. Therefore, he has been working hard.

. . . . . . . . . . . . .

The next day, under the guidance of the guide, Davos and his party continued exploring the north. Across the river Sibari, there is about 5 kilo-meters distance from the mountain to the bay. The land between them is even more flat, and it is still part of the plain of Sibari, but the Thurians did not plant wheat here, but planted olive trees and vineyards.

Listening to the guide: The wine here is famous all over Magna Graecia. This reminded Davos of the story in his previous life about the luxurious bathing with wine by the ancient Sybarians. Those wine had probably came from here.

But at this time, the vineyards were overgrown with weeds and was neglected.

“That’s because from time to time, the Lucanians in Amendolara are wandering around. The people are afraid and dare not come…” Explained the guide.

“Thurii should send troops to protect their citizens!” Said Asisted with disdain.

“After their last defeat, I’m afraid that the strength of Thurii is insufficient. Keeping Thurii has become their priority.” Said Davos.

“Leader Davos is right!” The guide took advantage of the situation to escape from this embarrassment.

“Isn’t it true that there are not many Lucanians in the city of Amendolara? We can provide protection for the Thurians here, and of course you have to pay a little for it.” Said Asistes jokingly.

“Asi, in the future, you will also lead the soldiers independently. You must remember one thing, don’t scatter your forces easily!” Davos then added, “Our main task now is to help Thurii defeat the army of the Lucanians, and leave the rest alone for now. As long as we win, Amendolara won’t be a problem at all!”

Asistes and Ledes listened carefully and nodded.

The group continued on until a river blocked their way.

“This is the river Saraceno, which is the boundary between Thurii and Amendolara.” Said the guide.

“So that’s the territory of Amendolara.” Davos pointed in front.

“Yes, it is possible to encounter the Lucanians at any time. Therefore, we need to go back.” The guide is afraid of encountering difficulties.

And Davos became obviously interested, “Can this river be traversed?”

Before the guide could answer, Asistes, who had been unable to hold back, had driven his horse to jump into the river, and reached the other side of the ten meter wide river in a flash.

“The depth of the water will reach until the thigh!” Asistes stood in front of the horse.

“Ledes, Philesius left a hundred soldiers at the logging site for protection. You bring them here, and we will cross the river together.” Davos immediately gave his order.

“Yes!” Ledes rode back excitedly.

At this time, the guide can only wait helplessly.

Ten minutes later, Ledes came back in a hurry with more than a hundred heavily armed soldiers.

The soldiers, though breathless, were equally excited. Seeing them, Davos was even more daring, “Let’s cross the river!”

The guide didn’t understand why these people were so excited. Didn’t he know that there are terrible Lucanians on the other side of the river? But as a slave, he could not stopped and had to follow them in fear.


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