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Mediterranean Hegemon of Ancient Greece – Chapter 60: Agreement Signing Bahasa Indonesia

“What do you think you are in the eyes of Timasion and Cleanor? Think what will happen to you, your wife and daughter, if I leave you here!” Davos sneered.

“You said that you will send us back to Asia Minor!” Mariji said indignantly.

“Didn’t you hear that there will be a war in Asia Minor?”

“W…We can just go to a remote mountain area in Asia Minor and live there covertly!” Mariji stubbornly said.

“It’s a waste for your talent. Mariji, I have always thought that even though Cyrus the Younger allowed you to be his royal trader, but it had buried your ability! It is certainly due to your family background that had limited your success! But if you follow me, you will not be restricted and I will give you a vast world to display your talents!” Davos made a promise to him.

“Follow you?! To fight and kill the aborigines, and then lord over a ‘small village’?” Marigi sneered.

“Mariji, there is a saying in the east called ‘east of the river for 30 years, west of the river for 30 years’(T/N: Chinese Idiom thingy – 30 years of Hedong, 30 years of Hexi or The pendulum has swung back). Your founding monarch of Persia, Cyrus the Great, was just a leader of a small tribe in Persia at first. He was humiliated by Medea, and who knew that he would build a powerful empire in a few decades! Today, I’m just a leader of a mercenary, and in a few decades there might be a glorious day!” Davos said with confidence and pride.

“You…how can you compare yourself to Cyrus the Great!” Mariji said scornfully, but in a much lower voice. He did not dare look straight due to Davos’ gaze. He hesitated again and again, and quiveringly said, “Do I have a choice?”

Davos smiled, “Say it!”

“If…if you do succeed, what will you make me do?” Mariji raised his head and looked at Davos.

Davos pondered for a bit, raised two of his fingers and seriously said, “Two choices. One is to have you be the foreign minister in charge of foreign affairs within all the city-states. The other is to establish a new Ministry of Commerce that will be in charge of all business and trade affairs.”

Mariji hesitated and finally made up his mind, “The last time that I negotiated with the Sokangte tribe, I was already in a state of anxiety, so I choose the second one!”

“Okay, I’ll save it for you!” Davos promised.

. . . . . . . . . . . . .

The next day, Burkes was very excited to learn that all the officers of Davos’ camp are going to Thurii. Davos asked Mariji to negotiate an employment agreement with Burkes, while he went out to focused on persuading the soldiers to accept Thurii’s employment.

In fact, most of the mercenaries are mostly destitute, and there is nothing to worry about. They had chosen the life of licking blood, and their long career in wars had made them unable to adapt to a peaceful life, and the great gap between their yearning for their hometown while in Persia and the treatment they received when they returned to the Greek city-state, and they are also attracted by the charm of Davos and the rich payment of Thurii. So most of the soldiers are willing to go to Magna Graecia with Davos, while only 300 chose to stay. At the same time, the lobbying of the officers in the other camps had also gotten results. As they were about to return to their hometown, the officers had neither the intention nor the ability to control the soldiers, which made the soldiers in the other camp join in succession. By evening, the total number of Davos’ troops was more than 2000, including the general, Hieronymus.

The fierce debates have also fallen into dust. The main content of the final employment agreement are:

I – Thurii hire the troops led by the leader Davos, a total of 2133 soldiers. The salary is 2 Daric gold coins per soldier every month, which must be paid off at the end of each month, and provide the camp 1 jin(500 grams) of wheat flour per person per day for free. In case of any default or delay, the salary and supplies would be doubled in the next month. (This is the lesson they learned from Cyrus the Younger. Because of his early death, the mercenaries not only did not get paid, but also had to lose their lives, and it took them a year to come back from Persia. So Davos had learned from it, and in case the mercenaries beat back the Lucanians earlier, it would be troublesome for them since Thurii won’t hire them anymore! So the time limit was set by him, whether the task is completed or not, they must be paid according to the agreement)

II – The mercenaries are only responsible for defending Thurii and fighting back the Lucanians on the territory directly under Thurii. If there is any other request, it will be discussed separately. (This is proposed by Davos for fear that the Thurians will give additional difficult task, such as attacking the territory of Lucanians and so on. which will reduce Davos’ strength.)

III – When the mercenaries arrive in Thurii, they are not allowed to violate the laws governing Thurii, and if they do, they will be punished in accodance with the laws of Thurii.

IV – The mercenaries are not allowed to enter the city of Thurii without permission.

V – In battle, the stuff the mercenaries seize belongs to the mercenaries.

. . . . . . . . . . . . .

The agreement was signed on April 1 of the second year of the 95th Olympic Games (399 BC) and ends on April 1 of the third year. At the end of the signing period, the parties shall decide whether to renew the contract according to their wished.

After Burkes swore to the gods in the name of the Thurii council together with Davos, he signed his own names on the agreements written on both parchment. (under Cheiristoya’s tutelage, Davos has mastered writing in Greek)

Burkes tucked the parchment into his arms and asked casually, “Leader Davos, there is something that I don’t quite understand. Those slaves and women that you will take to Thurii, not only will you be responsible for their own food, but also in protecting them from being robbed by the Lucanians. It’s obvious that they will be a burden, isn’t it better to sell them here? Why do you have to take them?”

There are nearly 500 slaves and women, and in order to prevent Burkes from being suspicious, Davos had to answer seriously, “Most of the mercenaries are single, they don’t have the money to buy slaves to help them with their work, nor to marry. So they regard these slaves and women plundered from Persia as their precious property. If I don’t take them, the soldiers may also not go to Thurii with us!”

“In fact, that is unnecessary. A year later, they will all be rich.” Burkes said jokingly, he was in a good mood after the agreement was signed successfully.

“They must need to be alive!” Replied Davos.

“Okay.” Burkes shrugged helplessly and said, “I’m just worried that they will affect your battle. Now that the agreement has been signed, we will set out next year, and I have contacted the ship. Now I will go to the city and prepare food and water according to the number of your troops.”

“Cleander has allowed us in the city?”

“Oh, I almost forgot!” Burker slapped his forehead with his hand, “Cleander allowed you to enter the city, but had ask for you to enter the city without your weapons.”

“No weapons?” Davos felt a chill in his heart.

“Exactly, abandon your shield, spear and sword.” Burkes consoled him, “Howerer, it doesn’t matter. When we arrive to Thurii, we will equip you with new weapons and equipment.”

“No, it matters. It matters a lot!” Davos said seriously, “We will never give up our weapons!” Not to mention the fact that they were cheated in the past. On their way back, the local natives that they also met with smiles many times had raised their swords in a flash. In case this is Cleander’s scheme, wouldn’t it be just offering their necks if they went into the city without a weapon! Davos would never allow his life to be in the hands of others! The weapons are what he depends on!

“If you don’t abandon your weapons, Cleander won’t let you inside the city, and we won’t be able to set off!” Burkes said anxiously.

Davos thought about it and made a concession, “I can let the soldiers cover their spears and swords with clothes, but we will never abandon our weapons!” He once more reaffirm.

Burkes had to compromise after seeing Davos’ tough attitude, “Alright, I’ll go negotiate with Cleander again.”

Author’s Note: The ancient Greek chronology mainly uses the number of Olympic Games to calculate the year, because the ancient Olympic Games were also held once every four years.


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