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Mediterranean Hegemon of Ancient Greece – Chapter 47: Cheiristoyas Appointment Bahasa Indonesia

“Good idea, but I don’t think the Persians have the courage to stay and attack us.” Said Xanthicles regretfully.

“Yeah, the Persians are timid like rabbits.” Timasion cursed, the casualty of the soldiers made him angry and helpless.

“Let me lead the soldiers to bypass the mountain!” Xenophon took the initiative to request for the war task.

Hieronymus’ face suddenly changed, he thought of Xenophon’s reckless dispatch of troops which resulted in most of the damage to the soldiers

“I think Xenophon can do it!” Davos immediately agreed.

“We have no time to delay, we must immediately act, else we may have to spend the night in the mountains tonight!” Cleanor looked up at the weather and said anxiously.

Hence, Xenophon’s request was quickly approved, and the leaders went back to reorganize their troops.

Davos lag behind, as if thinking of something.

When Cheirisophus saw it, he couldn’t help but stopped and asked, “What does leader Davos thinking?”

Davos was slightly surprised to see the normally reticent Cheirisophus who rarely took the initiative and asked him a question, “I was thinking…um…fortunately, the Persians didn’t build a defensive camp on the mountains, otherwise we would lose a lot.”

“You overestimate Tissaphernes. Although the Persian cavalry and archers move fast, their overall marching speed is much slower than ours. These Persian nobles, led by Tissaphernes, doesn’t have the strength of us Greeks to endure hardship, they marched with magnificent tents, beautiful concubines, dancers, and a large number of slaves and so on. Everyday, they must wait for the sun to come out before they depart , otherwise it will be too cold, and they must stay away from the enemy camp at dusk, because it will be too dark. Under their influence, how could the Persian soldiers not be influenced by them? I estimate that these Persian soldiers who had attacked us had just arrived recently.” Cheirisophus seriously analyzed.

Davos original thought that the mercenary troops was already bloated, but the Persian was even worse. He thought about it and said, “Would the effect be better if the Persians split these light infantry into several teams and hide them in the rear, flank, and front of our army in the forest and launch attacks in turn?”

Cheirisophus frowned and asked, “You mean…”

“Just like back then, the Persians will launch an attack on the mountain ahead, and when we drove them away and think that we are safe, the Persians will launch an attack in the rear…and then…this will not only cause more casualties on our troops, but also force us to run back and forth, dispersing our forces, we will then need to be careful on every step forward, thus greatly slow down our marching speed.”

Cheirisophus looked at him in surprise, “You are thinking about these things all this time…”

It’s very rare for Davos to see such expression on Cheirisophus’ face, and said it with some embarrassment, “Because I lack experience, so I need to study and think more…”

Cheirisophus returned to his serious and rigid face, “It’s indeed a good method. However, not anyone can use it, because it requires a lot of courage, training and the ability of the strategos to complete such tactics. Do you think the Persian army can do it?”

Davos shook his head.

Cheirisophus gave him a deep glance and said, “If you have any ideas later, then we can discuss it together.” After that, he strode away.

. . . . . . . . . . . . .

The attack of the Persians resulted in more than a thousand casualties in the mercenaries, more than half of them were non-combatants.

There are more than 150 casualties in Davos camp, and most of them were animals that got shot, so nearly half of the soldiers had been ordered to go to the supply camp to help the wounded and carry the supplies.

The entire mercenary troops were affect by this and made their movement slower than before, but the vanguard troops made smooth progress, because Xenophon led the troops to make a quick detour around the mountains, while the Persians were hesitant and afraid of being attack at the front and back, so they did not dare to block them in the front, and allowed the mercenaries to passed through the mountain area smoothly.

At dusk, the soldiers found Persian villages ahead of them. What happened next was that the Mercenaries ransacked the villages and stayed there. Fortunately, they also found that the villages collected a lot of supplies for Tissaphernes army, which improved the morale of the soldiers after enjoying the abundant food. While Davos’ medical camp was busy again till late at night…

. . . . . . . . . . . . .

After the passion, Cheiristoya was all over Davos’ body, while Davos’ hands fondle her smooth and elastic skin. They were still immersed with the previous fierce battle…

After a while, Davos said, “Herpus said that you learned very fast in the medical camp, and helped him manage the wounded soldiers and female slaves very well. The wounded soldiers listened to you very much and gave you the nickname ‘Persephone on Earth’.”

“Uhm.” Cheiristoya snorted and slightly raised her head with a sly smile, “Then, I will not be your woman!”

Davos’ gaze sweep past her charming smile, long and thin goose-like neck, and the half-hidden and half-exposed snowy-white skin in the lining. All of a sudden, the desire in his heart came back, and he couldn’t stop himself, he once more pressed his body under her under and said pantingly, “I just want you to be my woman…”

Cheiristoya smiled and said while pretending to be surprised, “You are blaspheming the gods.”

“I am not afraid!” Davos held her tightly…

Cheiristoya shivered and her hands clasped tightly around Davos’ arms.

. . . . . . . . . . . . .



“Do you know why the wounded soldiers listened to me?”

“I don’t know.” In fact, Davos knew.

“I told Hielos to tell them that ‘I am your woman!’, you have a high prestige in the mercenary troops now, and they will be hesitant, and I also asked Herpus to give the ultimate treatment to a wounded soldier that tried to molest me, and his wailing didn’t stop until evening. I think it also gave them a good warning!…Davos…what do you think of me…” Cheiristoya laid powerless on Davos and murmured.

“You did a good job, better than what I expected!” Davos sniffed her black hair and said, “Hielos can’t stay in the medical camp all the time, and Herpus is focused on improving his medical skills, so I want you to manage the medical camp.”

“What did you say?! You want me to manage the medical camp?!!” Cheiristoya’s astonished gaze were mixed with pleasant surprised.

“Just like what you had said before, your father was busy with the political affair of Miletus, and you helped him in managing the slaves of the farm. These days, your performance in the medical camp also showed that you are fully capable of managing this small group.” In his previous life, Davos was used to the tradition of equality between men and women. He doesn’t like the Greeks of this era in binding women firmly in their home, nor he doesn’t mind women appearing in public or even performing better than him, “Of course, Herpus is still the nominal medical officer. After all, we need to take into account the opinion of others, but in fact, you will be the one in charge of management. Wait for a while, I will go and talk to Herpus.”

“Davos!” Cheiristoya hugged him and excitedly said, “It’s great that I followed you!”

“Don’t get excited, you still have a mission. You are to try to persuade the physicians from the other camps, who had come to the medical camp to help, to voluntarily stay, as well as the wounded soldiers.” Said Davos while he patted her on the back.

“Yes, leader!” Cheiristoya’s naked body, saluted while giggling, which have an unspeakable sexy seduction, if it wasn’t for Davos being exhausted, he would definitely do it once more.

Cheiristoya saw Davos’ gaze was about to spurt out a flame, and so she lazily put on her chiton, “Davos, I can understand why you want to expand the medical camp since it is really understaffed right now. But why should we persuade those wounded soldiers to stay?”

Of course, Davos can’t say that when he came to this strange world, he has a strong sence of insecurity, so the more soldiers he commanded, the more he can dispel his uneasiness. In front of Cheiristoya’s curious gaze, he revealed a little of his intention, “We still have a long way to go till we get home, I don’t know how many difficulties we will face. It is better for us to have the soldiers under us than them being led by others, so that we can be more safer and can display their abilities to the fullest!”

After hearing this, Cheiristoya looked at Davos’ young face and was stunned, he is an ambitious and confident man. In a trance, his face coincided with that of Cyrus the Younger, which made Cheiristoya slightly afraid, so she stepped forward and hugged Davos.


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