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Mediterranean Hegemon of Ancient Greece – Chapter 450: Shocking Method Bahasa Indonesia

At the start of the war, Roscianum took the initiative to offer their troops to participate in the battle. However, the Theonian Senate politely refused them because Theonia had enough troops, and even though Roscianum had few soldiers, it would still affect the overall unity of the army. Thus they only accept Roscianum’s ships and military rations. However, Theonia had now stretched its military to the limit, so they had to ask Roscianum for help. After all, no matter how small a mosquito’s leg is, it is still meat.

“Our troops left in Thurii is enough as long as Syracuse does not make a full landing to attack us.” Said Kapus to relieve them and continued, “We still have about 500 cavalries in Thurii, and even though Seclian’s naval fleet currently couldn’t go out, we could transfer some sailors as light infantry. Of course, it’s better to have some heavy infantry from Roscianum to add to our army!…”

Kunogelata stepped forward and bowed to Kapus. He then said, “Lord Kapus, Thurii’s safety is in your hands.”

After Kunogelata said this, Cornelius and the other statesmen bowed to Kapus as well. It was the first time that the traditional statesmen bowed to Kapus, a former mercenary, so sincerely. However, this immediately made him feel the pressure, but he still reciprocated by giving a powerful military salute before striding out of the Grand Senate Hall.

Then the worried statesmen began looking at each other. In the end, their gaze landed at the empty seat in the centre of the meeting room. Previously, they were still at a loss by the fact that Davos had become the king, but now this emotion they felt had disappeared without a trace as only one thing left in their minds, ‘Davos, when will you come back to save Theonia?’

. . . . . . . . . . . . .

Leptines, the navarch of the Syracusan navy, has no plan to land on the coast of Thurii and attack the city as he knew too well that, unlike Terina, Thurii has enough men. He couldn’t capture this big city with its high walls and strong fortification with just his crudely equipped sailors. He also did not plan to send ships to burst into the Crati River because Syracuse did not occupy one side of the river bank. Furthermore, there is an iron chain blocking the river in the city of Thurii. Once his ships were blocked and trapped in the river, they would be easy targets for the enemies’ flaming arrows…

So naturally, Leptines did not want to put his ships and experienced sailors in such a dangerous situation. Thus he only sent a few sailors to attack the outskirts of Thurii in order to force the Theonian fleet hiding in the Crati River to come out for a decisive battle.

But unlike Leptines’ caution, the mercenary cavalries acted with great arrogance and without inhibitions. Because of the enemy’s army, Krimisa recalled their people to hide in the city. Still, there are some who were not able to move into the city in time and were slaughtered by these foreign cavalries, especially the Celts who carried the heads of those they had cut. It even included the heads of women and children strutting in front of Krimisa with great triumph, making the soldiers of the sixth legion stationed in the city furious but unable to do anything because of the military order…

. . . . . . . . . . . . .

Protesilaus, the Praetor of Krimisa, was fidgeting in the city hall. But when he saw Olivos, the legatus of the sixth legion, enter, he rushed to greet him and said, “Lord Olivos, you have returned!”

Olivos, who had just finished inspecting the port’s defence, saw Protesilaus’ anxious face and could not help but smile and pretend to be alarmed, “Could it be the enemy is attacking us?” Of course, it’s impossible for him to not know as he had just finished his inspection.

“Even with the current situation, you still in the mood to joke around?!” Protesilaus said with frustration.

“What happened?!” Olivos smiled and asked.

“The families of those you detained started making trouble in front of the city hall again. This time, they gathered hundreds of people and threatened that if we don’t release their relatives, they will set up tents in front of the city hall and live there!” Said Protesilaus with a worried face. After all, if these people continued making such a fuss, it would ruin his reputation as the Praetor, and he would become the biggest joke of the whole Senate in the future.

“They dare?!” Olivos sneered. Back when he led the sixth legion to Krimisa, a group of protesters actually blocked them outside the city gates. It was only after he detained them with the charge of attacking the army and plotting rebellion that the army could enter the city.

And while he was busily setting up the defence of the whole city these past few days, some rumours began to circulate in the city that “With so many soldiers of the sixth legion stationed in the city, it will only consume our small stocks of food and water! And once the Syracusans encircle the city, we, the people of Krimisa, would be the first to die of starvation…”

“And now, the Syracusans are burning our fields and slaughtering our kins outside the city. However, the soldiers of the sixth legions did not go out of the city to chase them away and protect our compatriots and property. Instead, they just cowardly hide inside the city like rats…”

. . . . . . . . . . . . .

Olivos just ignored these rumours and followed the established methods to improve the city’s defences. Still, he remained calm even after learning that the families of those he detained gathered in front of the city hall today. It was because after he entered the city, Aristias’ men that he placed in Krimisa went to find him covertly and told him that the Syracusan spies frequenting Krimisa had conspired with some Krimisians during this period to make the situation in the city much chaotic.

At this moment, he said with seriousness, “Lord Protesilaus, the woman who tried to assassinate Lord Davos before, had come from Krimisa. However, with Lord Davos kindness, he did not further expand the investigation for the sake of the union’s stability. But today, it seems that the problem of Krimisa is severe that even if we place the city under military control, the situation in the city is still chaotic. I am afraid that some of Syracuse’s spies are inciting the people. So if we do not take strict measures, these people will cause trouble in the city while we are defending the city wall, and we would fall into danger once the enemy attacks on a large scale. ”

Protesilaus’ expression suddenly changed. He then asked, “What are you going to do then?”

“Of course, it is to dig them out. Then all collaborators and troublemakers will be tried and executed!” With a murderous expression, Olivos swung his hand downward with force.

Protesilaus was shocked. He hesitated again and said, “That’s too extreme. After all, they are all still citizens of the union!”

Olivos stared at him with contempt: This young statesman from Amendolara who always supports Davos and usually speaks and takes a positive stand. But once he became the one in charge and needed to deal with political matters alone, he became hesitant and indecisive. Back when Scambras was the Praetor of Krimisa, the political situation here was relatively stable, but now that it was his turn, not only was there an assassination attempt, but the situation here was almost out of control…

“Lord Protesilaus, as you had served as a judge before, you should be fully aware that Theonia’s Military Law states, among other things, ‘Those who desert from the battlefield and those who rebelled shall be beheaded.’ It also stipulates that ‘The highest penalty for treason is death.’ We are now in the times of war; don’t these people who collude with our enemies and try to undermine Krimisa’s defence or even betray the union deserve the death penalty?!!” Olivos shouted sternly.

After thinking for a moment, Protesilaus reluctantly said, “Alright, I agree with you. However, I hope that you can show the people conclusive evidence before you execute them.”

‘This wouldn’t be so simple.’ Olivos thought to himself. After he immediately agreed, he left the city hall and quickly found the people of the Intelligence Department. After their identification, he led the soldiers to search the homes of more than a dozen suspicious people (all former citizens of Krimisa) and recovered countless Syracusan tetradrachms and letters. They had even caught two Syracusan spies hiding in their homes.

With this, Protesilaus could no longer say anything.

Olivos then faced the people on the square and showed them the evidence of the collusion of the more than a dozen citizens. Then he beheaded those traitors on the spot and arrested and detained their family members that are causing trouble. At once, the chaotic situation in Krimisa greatly improved, and the people began devoting themselves to the city’s defence under Olivos’ command…

. . . . . . . . . . . . .

Ribaso, the chief slave supervisor of Davos’ residence, usually walks unhurriedly in the front yard to show his difference in identity and demeanour from ordinary slaves. However, today, his legs were moving like wheels as he rushed through the front yard and into the rear yard’s entrance.

“Knock! Knock! Knock!…” He knocked on the door with uncontrollable excitement.

The door was then violently opened, and Azune, who was carrying an amphora filled with water in one hand as she was watering the flowers and pulling the door with the other, “Uncle Ribaso, you are a supervisor! Don’t you know that madame still needs to recuperate during this time as she had just given birth? Yet you still knocked so loudly that everyone could hear you! If you wake up little Eunice and make her cry, let’s see what you would do if Madame were to blame you!”

“Sorry, Azune. I am just too excited! Because…because Lord Davos…our master is now going to be king!” Ribaso said excitedly.

“Really?!” Azune was surprised that she covered her face with her hands without realising that the amphora fell to the ground and broke into several pieces.

“The statesmen already announced it to the more than a thousand people in the square, so how could it be false?!!” As soon as Ribaso finished speaking, Azune screamed and leapt with joy as she ran towards the back like a madman.

“Young people are really not composed!” Ribaso muttered a few words, bent down and picked up the fragments of amphora, showing a regretful expression, “Too bad, a good Athenian amphora was broken.”

As soon as Azune pushed open the bedroom door, she heard Agnes’ voice, “Azune, you are too loud! Eunice is still sleeping.” Agnes, who was usually gentle, spoke in a tone showing that she was angry.


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