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Mediterranean Hegemon of Ancient Greece – Chapter 422: Pamots Decision Bahasa Indonesia

Pamot gasped in admiration after seeing rows and rows of Theonian legionaries passing in front of him, “What a powerful army! With Theonia having so many brave soldiers, who would dare to invade?! Lord Davos, It’s no wonder that the Samnites aren’t your opponent!”

“Great chieftain Pamot, the Samnite army was repulsed by the brave warriors led by the brave chieftains of Potentia.” Davos said humbly.

“Lord Davos, we wouldn’t even be able to repel so many fierce Samnites on our own if you hadn’t had your troops wipe out the reinforcements sent by the Samnites to Poseidonia… And making a thorough plan by having your soldiers sneak into the enemy camp, disrupting the enemy, and sending your men to contact us and convince us to carry out a night attack!”

“We shouldn’t be humble to each other! After all, it is the result of our unity and mutual collaboration between Theonia and Potentia that we were able to achieve such a victory and bring peace back to this land!” Davos finally concluded.

“Yes, thank Asinu! Potentia is very fortunate to have joined the Theonia Alliance, as, without the full assistance of Theonia, Potentia would not be what it is today! The Potentians will always remember this kindness!” Pamot exclaimed from the bottom of his heart.

The other chieftains also expressed their gratitude to Davos.

“Lord Davos, we have prepared a camp for your army, just near the city of Potentia. It was previously a settlement of one of our tribes, but due to lack of time, we haven’t managed to completely clean it as the Samnites destroyed some of the houses.” Said Polet. After following the Theonian army these days, he knew what Davos needed most at this time.

“Thank you. This will solve our big problem!” Davos was overjoyed when he heard Polet and then continued, “It doesn’t matter if the camp is a bit shabby. However, we would like to borrow these torches.”

“Lord Davos, we also prepared a welcome banquet for you and your soldiers in celebration of the arrival of victory. So after you set up your camp, our people would carry hundreds of cattle, sheep and wine to your camp…” Pamot loudly said as he saw that the atmosphere became good. But just halfway through his speech, Davos politely interrupted him, “Chief Pamot, and other chieftains, I would like to thank you for your kind invitation and your hospitality to Theonia! But I heard that the Samnites’ invasion caused great losses to you, with your villages and farms being burned, many of your tribesmen being killed or captured, and losing a lot of livestock… Do you think that we could still eat the food you take out to reward us, knowing that your food supply is a little tight?”

Davos’ touching words hit the soft spot of the Potentian chieftains, making everyone silent as they look at their great chieftain.

Pamot anxiously said, “Lord Davos, although we have some difficulties, you-”

Davos once again interrupted him and seriously said, “Great chieftain, the Theonian Military Law stipulates that the army shall not drink, party or celebrate during a war. While I was in Elea, I got words that Syracuse’s army had just invaded Magna Graecia! Now that the war here is over and the war in the south has just begun, we have to go back to Thurii to repel the Sicilians… On the day when victory comes, Theonia would hold a victory parade. At that time, Theonia will grandly invite you, the great chieftain and all the other chieftains to go to Thurii together to celebrate this hard-won victory!”

At this point, the chieftains of Potentia knew that they could not persuade him, not to mention that this is also in line with their practice. And Pamot, who had never travelled before, even gave his promise, “I will be there when the time comes!”

“Moreover, after capturing Potentia, we seized a large amount of food given by Syracuse to the Samnites. Knowing the difficulties of the Potentians, I decided to transfer this batch of supplies to Potentia so that this land can recover its vitality as soon as possible.” Davos said solemnly, which made everyone present dumbfounded.

“This…this…how can that be!” Pamot, who had kept his calm, incoherently said as he didn’t know what to say.

“Lord Davos, that’s your spoil, and your huge army also needs food.” Polet quickly said.

“It’s settled!” Davos said confidently.

“Lord Davos the Benevolent!”

“Lord Davos the Kind!”

“I thank you on behalf of my tribesmen!”

. . . . . . . . . . . . .

Many chieftains scrambled to express their thanks, and this time, they were completely sincere.

Davos only smiled and said nothing. In fact, as Polet said, his 30,000 troops also have a food shortage, with the soldiers’ ration even running out. And the food transported from Grumentum by land and sea has one-third of it consumed on their marching alone. It would already be good enough if they could sustain the army for ten days after reaching Potentia. Although the great battle here is over, there is still follow-up work to be completed. But even so, he still did not hesitate to donate a staggering amount of supplies to Potentia, not for the present but for the future.

At this time, the place became more harmonious, and Davos happily chatted with the chieftains…

. . . . . . . . . . . . .

In the mountains not far from them, a pair of eyes filled with hatred are watching the liveliness at the foot of the mountain.

“Chief, have you really decided to attack the enemy camp tonight?! I am afraid there are tens of thousands of Theonians while we only have more than a thousand. And most of our men are still hungry! It’s still not too late to attack the enemy after meeting up with the great chieftain and leader Lesguk!” His warriors looked hesitant.

“It would be too late by then! Only when the Theonians have just marched and are too tired will we have a great chance of success in attacking the Camp! Potentia…the Potentian could…cough…we can do it!” Garni raised his voice to cheer up his men, but he couldn’t stop coughing. Last night’s experience was like a nightmare, so much so that if it weren’t for the night attack, he wouldn’t even bother mentioning “Potentia”.

“Besides, we had searched for a day already, and we still haven’t found…my father…and Lesguk….” At this point, he looked a little worried and depressed. Still, he quickly gave up these thoughts that were bothering him and cheered his men again, “We must act immediately! Otherwise, the Theonian army may attack Compsa in the north tomorrow! Thus we must do our best to defend our land!”

“Yes…” The Samnite warriors answered weakly.

. . . . . . . . . . . . .

Although Pamot returned to his house late at night, he was still excited about their earlier conversation, “Polet, what do you think of Davos?”

“A great Greek leader! A great military commander!” Polet answered concisely.

“So, do you think he can lead the Theonians to repel Syracuse’s army?” Pamot continued to ask.

Polet hesiated for a moment. He then said with certainty, “I have never seen Syracuse’s army, but the Theonian legion is the most disciplined and mightiest Greek army I have ever seen. Hence I believe they can win!”

“I believe it as well.” After saying this, Pamot saw his brother’s surprised expression. He then laughed and said, “Even though I have never fought a battle, I know that Davos is a great Greek general as he could restrain his own desires and control those of his men! Such a man, whose character is like a pine tree growing in a rock, would never give in to setbacks, allowing him to win the final victory! So-”

Pamot took a few steps and arrived at the statue of Asinu. After praying, he made his decision, “I have decided to present Poseidonia to Theonia.”

“WHAT?!” Polet was astounded at hearing Pamot’s words.

“In fact, the Theonians already have Poseidonia on their hands after getting it from the Samnites. And just now, Davos never mentioned how to deal with the city, so we might as well take the initiative to give it to Theonia. Anyway, the people there were either killed or captured, and we couldn’t help them. So it is better just to pass them to the Theonians.” Pamot sighed, and his eyes became clearer, “I could see that Davos is a broad-minded man. The Bruttians have surrendered, the southern Lucanians has surrendered, many Greek city-states have also surrendered, and they have just defeated the Samnites…the Theonians will have the final say in this land. That is why we must make an early choice so that Davos will not treat us badly.”

“I understand. Brother, as you are the great chieftain of Potentia, you have the final say, and I would listen to you.” Polet said sincerely.

“No, I am already old. In the future, you will be the one in charge of Potentia, and I believe that you will handle the relationship with Theonia well.” Pamot calmly said. As he has no children, Polet, who was his younger brother, was more like his son.

. . . . . . . . . . . . .

Late at night, a noise rang out in Theonia camp, waking Davos from his deep sleep.

“What happened?” Davos looked calmly at Rodom, the acting guard captain, and Tolmides, the herald.

“Milord, the Samnites attacked the camp but were found by the sentry. As they are in the area of the second legion, legatus Amintas led his men to attack, and I believe they would beat them back soon.” Said Tolmides.

“The Samnites are really unfortunate running into Amintas. That guy has been holding back his irritation as he hasn’t fought in a big battle since coming to Lucania.” (The third legion was the main force in the Battle of Poseidonia, while the first and second legions just gave the final push, easily getting the victory. And the Samnite camp in Potentia’s odd collapse made Amintas dissatisfied as he thought there would be a big battle.)


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