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Mediterranean Hegemon of Ancient Greece – Chapter 398: Davos Farewell Bahasa Indonesia

Amidst the cheering of the Samnite warriors, Tolek was filled with excitement as he knew that this terrible thing had now patched the defect of Samnites’ poor sieging capabilities. Now, he is fully confident in capturing Poseidonia. And by capturing the city, not only will they have a better port for the Syracusans to ship more food to them, but at the same time, his poor tribesmen could plunder wantonly and get more benefits…

. . . . . . . . . . . . .

Evening, the archon’s residence in Thurii held a family dinner. Besides Davos’ two wives, his adopted daughter Cynthia, his adopted son Adoris, and his son Crotokatax, Azune – the head maid responsible for the courtyard, Ribaso, the one managing the slaves in the front yard, and Aristias, the head of Davos’ intelligence group, also attended.

The main meal tonight is shabushabu. Therefore, in front of each person were wooden tables, bronze pots and iron kiln. Cheiristoya was not at ease at Crotokatax eating shabushabu alone, but because she herself is pregnant and had a hard time moving around, so how could she still have the energy to take care of him. On the other hand, little Cro’s other mother, Agnes, was more than two months pregnant and had the most severe pregnancy reaction. She couldn’t even look at the shabushabu and had to switch to fruits, mushrooms, sea vegetables and other vegetarian dishes. Thus little Cro had to sit with Azune.

At this time, Davos, who was sitting at the main seat, looked at the crowd and said seriously, “Tomorrow, I will lead the legion to leave Thurii for Potentia. Thus I won’t be able to take care of the household. With both Cheiristoya and Agnes being pregnant, the family will need your attentive care; Azune, Ribaso and Aristias, you three! So I would like to thank you in advance!” He said and lifted the wine.

As he spoke, Cheiristoya and Agnes looked at their husband with concern.

While Azune and Ribaso hurriedly stood up.

So Davos quickly waved his hand and said, “Sit down! Sit down! All of you are already citizens of Theonia, and we are all a family. Don’t consider yourselves as strangers! Look at Aristias!”

Aristias could only force out a smile on his cold face. The only reason he didn’t stand up was that he was once a citizen of Catania, so he wasn’t used to that kind of modesty like Azune and the others. He also raised his wine and responded seriously, “Milord, there is nothing for you to worry about, as I will ask my men to monitor the whole Thurii closely. Once we find any abnormality, I will immediately go to Kapus and Kunogelata to, according to what you said, eliminate the hidden danger!”

“Alright! The safety of this household depends on you!” Davos held up his cup, drank the wine and refilled it.

Azune then immediately said, “Master, I will manage the female slaves in the courtyard and take good care of the two madams! Moreover, I will regularly invite Lord Herpus for the check-up, and with the blessings of Hades and Hera…” Azune looked at Cheiristoya and Agnes and said with a smile, “When you return, the two madam and children will be very healthy!”

“Good! Azune, if everyone is safe, I will reward you well once I return! How about I look a satisfactory husband for you?!” Davos joked smilingly.

Azune immediately protested, “Milord, it’s not fair that you, the dignified archon of Theonia, tease me!”

“Milord, you are too busy with your daily business that you didn’t know that Azune has already found someone she is interested in.” Cheiristoya whispered.

“Oh, is it?!” Davos became interested and asked, “Who is it? Can you tell me?”

Azune blushed, then she glanced at Aristias next to her and bowed her head.

Noticing it, Davos no longer asked, “Come, Azune, let’s toast this cup to thank you for taking care of the two madam and the children!”

Azune drank the wine.

Davos looked at Aristias, who seemed to be clueless, and continued to say to her, “I will give you a piece of advice. You should often ask Agnes for advice; with Hera’s blessing, you won’t need to fear that your wish won’t come true!”

Hearing this, Azune became very excited.

However, Agnes bluntly reminded, “Aphrodite, the goddess of love, is the one responsible for the love between two people. Hera is only responsible for marriage and family.”

“Love without marriage is just deception.” Said Davos, half teasingly and half-serious, “In Theonia, Hera is also responsible for pre-marital love.”

“Milord, I would be the one responsible for Azune, so you don’t have to worry about her.” Cheiristoya smiled. After freeing Azune from her embarrassment, she then said seriously to Ribaso, “Ribaso, I’ll leave the affairs of the outer courtyard to you. Don’t let those trivial things bother me during this time.”

“Madam, don’t worry as I will take care of it! After all, this is my duty!” Ribaso said respectfully, then drank the wine.

At this time, Cynthia said, “Father, I will take good care of both my mothers and brothers.”

After hearing this, Davos became happy, “Alright! Alright! Our daughter has now grown up and can help the household! Come, I will give you a toast as well!”

“Dad, dad, I also want to drink this, and I want to take care of my mother as well!” Little Cro began to make a noise.

“Good! Good! Good!…” Davos shook his slightly drunk head in delight.

. . . . . . . . . . . . .

Late at night, in Cheiristoya’s bedroom, Cheiristoya’s lazy voice sounded, “I think you should accompany Agnes, as she now needs you more…”

“Don’t talk and get some rest.” Davos softly said as he patted her shoulder with his left hand that was wrapped around her snow-white neck.

Cheiristoya leaned slightly, drilled her head into Davos’ arms again and sniffed his scent and murmured, “If I give birth to a daughter, is it okay to name her Eunice?”

“Eunice…” Davos muttered the name (Eunice, which means good victory), with a gentle smile on his face, “Good name. But what if it’s a boy?”

“It would be Apox (meaning courage).” Cheiristoya said softly without hesitation. She obviously had already thought about it.

“Apox Davos, Crotokatax Davos…Okay, that would be his name!” Davos readily agreed.

But after a long time passed, Cheiristoya didn’t respond.

Davos looked down and saw that his wife had fallen asleep. During pregnancy, women were very lethargic.

Davos gently straightened her sleeping position, gave her an affectionate kiss on her face. He then put on his chiton, walked to the outer room where Azune was watching.

“Cheiristoya is asleep now. Where is Cro??”

“Little Cro is sleeping as well.”

“Take care of them. I will now go see Agnes.”

Davos heard Agnes soft and expectant voice as soon as he entered his second wife’s bedroom, “Davos, is that you?”

“Why aren’t you asleep yet?! That is not good for the child!” Davos gently rebuked her. He then lovingly picked her up, wanting to put her on the bed, but Agnes held his neck and whispered in a worried voice, “I’m worried…”

Davos hugged her delicate body and lay on the bed together, “What are you worrying about? There is nothing for you to worry as I have never lost on the battlefield with the blessing of Hades! And I promise you that I will be back soon!…”

Davos confident promise dissipated Agnes’ worry. She then held her husband tightly and asked softly, “Are…are my parents in danger?”

Davos froze. As a matter of fact, when the war between Theonia and Syracuse broke out, Rhegium became the most dangerous place as it was separated from its allies by Locri. With it being far away from the centre of South Italia, it became vulnerable to enemy attack.

But at this moment, Davos could not tell her the truth, so he said deeply, “Our South Italian coalition army will not easily let Syracuse threaten Rhegium! However, for safety’s sake, you’d better advise your family to take refuge in Thurii during this time.”

Athelycus has shipyards in Thurii, so it is easier to contact them.

“Mmm!” Agnes responded softly.

. . . . . . . . . . . . .

The next day, all the soldiers of the first and second legions who had been mobilised early for the war swore at the Nike Square in Thurii. Afterwards, nearly 20,000 soldiers and the logistics brigade marched westward.

The Thurians and Amendolarans came to see them off. This was the first time that the first and second legions fought in a remote and unfamiliar area, as the furthest the army had ever travelled to was Caulonia, but that was a Greek city-state. There were even trade exchanges between them and could be reached in a day by boat. But now, they were battling in a strange mountain area dominated by indigenous people, so they were more worried about their families.

So the people that came to see them off were still unwilling to leave the place even after a long time.

At the end of the line, Davos was saying his farewell to the statesmen, “Lord Kunogelata, Lord Cornelius…everyone, I will leave the politics of Theonia to your care!” Davos then solemnly gave a military salute to those statesmen that went to see them off.

“Milord, we will send someone to discuss it with you in time!” Kunogelata gave his promise.

“Win early! Come back early!” Cornelius said expectantly.

Davos nodded and turned to look at Vespa, “Rest assured as the Samnites would not even be able to enter into our territory in Lucania!”

“Lord archon, I beg for you to pay extra attention to the Lucanians of Potentia!” Hemon pleaded.

“I will try my best!” Davos replied. He then looked at Hieronymus and Kapus, who gave a military salute; there was nothing more for him to say as he had already made an arrangement for the army.

His gaze then finally landed on Marigi and Plesinas, who both nodded faintly.


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