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Mediterranean Hegemon of Ancient Greece – Chapter 345: Marriages Day Celebration and Blessings Bahasa Indonesia

Both the inside and outside of the whole square became silent as the priestess slowly walked towards the platform without looking around, seemingly unaware of what is happening. She then lit the brazier in front of her with the torch because the blazing flame represented the blessing of the gods.

Then, facing the square, she gently opened her lips, then a soft and clear voice that was hard to imagine coming out from such a seemingly delicate body, making the crowd intoxicated.

With her as the lead, the priestesses began singing the hymn of Hera. The melody is filled with love for the children, care for the women, guidance for marriage, and protection for the family…hence why the hymn was neither loud nor sad, but just like an elder, coming slowly and without haste…

The square was still covered with silence even when the hymn ended, and the people seemed to be still immersed in the teachings of the hymn.

At this time, the flames in the brazier suddenly became more vigorous, causing the crowd to clamour, “Hera is here! She’s watching over us!” thinking that it was a good omen.

Agnes, the chief priestess, gave a slight smile, which was like sunlight pouring into the hearts of the people, and said, “Goddess Hera blesses you!”

As soon as her voice fell, the crowd rose to their feet and cheered, and the melodious music also sounded.

The couples were then led by the patrols and entered the square one after another causing the whole square to be soon crowded.

They then began dancing awkwardly to the music because even though the Greeks are good at sports, they are not good at dancing, however, due to Davos making simple adaptations based on the social dancing of his previous life, he made the couples to be trained it specially and perform it at last year’s Marriage’s Day, immediately attracting the praise of the masses and competed to learn it.

At this time, everyone held their breath as they bravely show off their household’s elegance. In the narrow space, the couple kept pace with each other, moving in simple steps as they looked at each other. Then they twirled around and changed movements… Although the action is repetitive and straightforward, the couples became happier and happier while dancing and even those who were outside the square started singing and dancing.

During their dancing, the wife thinks that her husband is the most attractive man while the husband thinks that his wife is the most beautiful, and everyone fell into intoxication. This is precisely the intention of Davos when planning this because the family is the cornerstone of the city-state, so the more solid a family is, the more peaceful the city-state is.

Even the priestesses on the platform could not resist the slight shaking of their delicate bodies and hummed to the music in low voices.

At this time, a lively priestess courageously asked Agnes in a low voice, “Priestess, with this dance being created by the lord archon, does this mean that you also dance with the lord archon at your home every day?”

The priestess’ words made Agnes’ rosy lips curled up into a smile. Agnes was a traditional Greek woman, so when Rhegium rejected Dionysius’ proposal, it resulted in no one daring to marry her. However, she did not complain about it and just silently entered the Temple of Artemis as a priestess, but after several years, when she thought that she would live such a dull life and live alone, who knew that Artemis would pity this beautiful girl. As Syracuse’s strength began threatening the survival of Rhegium, Agnes, who was shouldering the hopes of the whole city, was sent to the unfamiliar Thurii. At first, she was bewildered and even expected that the rumoured famous strategos, the wise archon of Theonia, to be a domineering man. However, Davos surprised her with his gentleness and thoughtfulness that transcended this era.

But at this moment, she turned serious and chided the priestess, “It’s currently a celebration, and Hera is now watching us, so we must give it our all!”

The priestesses all knew that although Agnes is the chief priestess of the Temple of Hera, she is gentle and kind to her subordinates and knew that she is really not angry. However, they still obediently stop chattering and stand up again.

. . . . . . . . . . . . .

In the Temple of Iris, the goddess of the rainbow, Appian was both excited and nervous at this moment. He looked around and found that most men and women were like this, except for one young man that attracted his attention, as he was the only one sitting upright on the ground with his eyes tightly closed as if he was asleep.

Appian stared at the man curiously but found that he doesn’t look familiar. And he couldn’t guess that this man’s identity was unusual as he was the former Spartan prince, Leotychides.

Having lived in Thurii for several years, Leotychides is now an official citizen of Theonia and a platoon captain of the first legion. Under the urging of his old servant, he also found a partner. However, the aesthetic of Spartans is different from that of ordinary Greeks, as they like women who have a fit body and distinct personality, just like his mother who gave him a new copper shield when he first went to the battlefield and even told him, ‘You either hold it in battle or be carried back with it.’ That is why Leotychides was engaged to a Bruttian girl with a strong personality in the city of Besidice.

“Everyone, arrange yourselves in order as soon as possible! The blessing ceremony will soon begin! Once the music started, all of you will follow me into the square. Do you all understand?!” The priest in charge of guiding reminded the newlyweds again.

Appian became energetic, ‘It’s finally starting!’

Soon after, a piece of soothing but solemn music rang out in the temple. Then a priestess holding a flower basket took the lead out of the temple, and Appian’s fiance took his arm and followed along…

The moment they walked into the square, they were taken aback at the sight of a sea of flowers and colourful petals being scattered from the hands of the people on the side and the hands of the children dressed in lovely clothing and shuttling in the square…the petals fell in droves turning into a carpet of flowers for them to step on…

Outside the venue, thousands of people waved colourful cloth and cheered for them, with even some of their acquaintances and friends shouting their names, giving their blessings.

On this joyous occasion, each couple became excited as if they have become the happiest couple in the world.

At the end of the music, all of the couples stood under the staircase in front of the Temple of Hera.

After the noise quietened, Agnes then said, “Young men and women, who have been shot by Cupid’s arrow of love, and under the guidance of Aphrodite, you all have fallen in love with each other and came here under the watchful eyes of Hera.

Hera had asked me to ask the men, who are here, are you willing to be the husband of the beautiful woman beside you? Are you willing to honour her until she grows old, without letting her suffer hardship and to not break the law for the sake of your new home to be built, and doing your best in protecting her and becoming an excellent citizen of the city?!”

“I do!” Every man did not hesitate to answer loudly, for the priestess’ question was exactly what they were striving for.

“Women, Hera had asked me to ask you, will you be the wife of the strong man beside you? Are you willing to love and respect him, to raise his children and to make him an excellent citizen of the city?!”

The delicate women at this moment answered firmly, “Yes!”

Agnes looked at those who were outside the square, “Is there anyone who objects to any couple who are here now? If so, say it now!”

No one gave their objection.

Agnes slightly breathed out, opened her arms and announced in a loud voice, “Thus under the watchful eyes of Hera, it is my greatest pleasure to pronounce the Bride, and the Groom are now husband and wife. I hope that you will love each other forever! If anyone ruins your marriage and family, no matter who they are, will bear Hera’s wrath and the law of Theonia Union! Now, every husband can now kiss your beautiful wife.”

As soon as Agnes’ voice died down, the fire in the brazier beside her suddenly became vigorous again, discharging a bit of spark.

“Hera! Hera!” The crowd and the newlywed all cried out.

At this time, the music rang out. Compared with the solemn and sacred melody before, the music is now beautiful, warm, sweet and full of happiness.

Appian’s wife blushed and closed her eyes. When the two lips met, there was only one thought in her heart, ‘Appian is right in insisting on attending Thurii’s Marriage’s Day. Now I no longer have regrets in this life!…’

When Leotychides’ wife opened her eyes, she saw a tear faintly shining on her husband’s eye as he kissed her, making her surprised that her tough husband could cry as well.

However, she didn’t know that in the blessing of thousands of people, the only thing Leotychides thought of was how his mother, who had been humiliated and had committed suicide, couldn’t give her blessings at this important moment…

By this time, it was already afternoon. The crowd who came to the temple early in the morning and the newlyweds in the square were all tired and hungry, but none of them returned to their homes. On the contrary, everyone was itching because the last part of Marriage’s Day was about to start.

As soon as Agnes uttered the word “Sprinkle the Water”, all the people immediately picked up the earthen jar on the ground filled with water and splashed it on the people nearby. The children who were in charge of scattering the flowers before had now gotten into the square and began sprinkling water on the couple, making the brides scream and the grooms stand up to protect them. Among the playful children were Cynthia, her younger brother Adoris, and their schoolmates…

For a while, the square was boiling in excitement as the water splashed all over the place.

Those who had finished pouring water rushed to the Crati River beside the temple, fetching out the water and continued fighting. This is also one of the reasons why the Temple of Hera was built near the river.

The men who have their chiton drenched would directly take them off and tied it around their waists, revealing their muscular bodies. The Greeks advocate physique beauty, and the Theonians are no exception. Moreover, the population of the newly established city-state union is mainly composed of immigrants. Most of them were still young and have received a lot of military training than the average Greek citizen in their spare time. Thus they are stronger, more agile and more willing to show off the results of their training.

While the women, who have their clothes drenched and have their curves showing, did not care as everyone are like this.


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