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Mediterranean Hegemon of Ancient Greece – Chapter 325: Pollux Criticism Bahasa Indonesia

Patroclus run to the Temple of Athena, not far from the Akademia, after eating lunch with Sthephilos.

To thank Athens for their significant help in rebuilding Thurii, they built the Temple of Athena as thanks. But after the Peloponnesian War, Thurii forcibly cut off their relationship with Athens and expelled the Athenians in Thurii. It’s why there are only a few people coming here to pray, even now.

The children who like rugby and football come here to the small square in front of the temple to play. Patroclus became the little star in these sports because at the age of 13, he is already far better than other children in strength, speed and agility, and everyone loves playing with him.

However, he and Sthephilos are currently not interested in playing, and both of them lay down on the wall of the temple and threw stones at the Cosceli River.

“Sthephilos, it’s almost two months since I saw my father. To tell you the truth, this is the first time I have been separated from my father for such a long time since childhood. I don’t even know how he is now…” Patroclus looked at the running water, worried and complaining, “When the first legion passed through Thurii, Lord Davos did not allow them to go look at their home! They went so fast that even when I desperately went after them after class, I was still unable to catch up to them…”

Sthephilos grinned and said, “I heard from my father that the requirements of the soldiers in the legion are very strict, much stricter than those rules of our school. If they were to break the rules, they would get spanked. It is why your father does not dare to come to see you as he is afraid of getting spanked!”

Patroclus glared at him, “I don’t see you worrying much about your father.”

Sthephilos stopped throwing stones into the river and loudly said, “I already told you that Amintas is not my father! But…he is very kind to my mother and me…”

Sthephilos turned his head and thought for a while and added, “He often told me stories of his time in Persia fighting together with the great archon, Davos. He is a hero, and I like him very much. That is why I believe that he will be okay! Because the great archon, Davos, has never lost a battle!”

His optimism infected Patroclus, “You are right, Theonia Union is invincible!”

At this time, a kid excitedly ran into the temple, “Good news! Good news!…”

“Prokles, what news made you so happy?!” The children stopped playing and looked at him.

“Classmates, cheers! The third legion, under my father’s leadership, wiped out the invading Pyxous!” Exclaimed Prokles excitedly.

“Is that true?” Patroclus asked hurriedly.

“Of course, it is true!” Prokles raised his head and said, “If you don’t believe me, go to the city of Thurii and see the whole city cheering!”

“No one doubted this victory, but this victory was mainly due to the command of archon Davos, right?” Seeing the excited Prokles, Sthephilos remembered that he had not received any news from his father, so he couldn’t help but blurt out.

Prokles was unable to say anything for a while. He glared hard at Sthephilos and yelled, “Anyway, it was my father who commanded the troops at Grumentum, and what’s your father doing now?!”

It’s now Sthephilos’ turn to be speechless.

Just as the two quarrelled, the other children cheered, “Amazing! Victory!”

“Theonia is winning!”

“The legion is victorious!”

. . . . . . . . . . . . .

Afterwards, the cheering children began lining up according to the military movements taught by their teachers and played a game of “Triumphant Return”. Patroclus then pulled Prokles and Sthephilos into the line. However, they soon argued who would be the flag bearer…

. . . . . . . . . . . . .

At the same time, in the Senate Hall in Thurii, the statesmen were discussing the affairs of the Theonia Union.

Marigi, the rotating chairperson, took out a parchment and said, “The praetor of Krimisa, Lord Scambras, sent a letter saying that he had thought of a lot of measures, but even with that, there are still many people in Krimisa who are not willing to sign up for the grain shares. Up to now, the shares allocated to several other cities, even Aprustum, has been snagged. Only Krimisa-” Marigi increased his voice, “Even though the shares allocated to it was the least, not even half of the shares were bought! Do you think we should allocate the rest of the shares to Roscianum? Amikles kept on sending someone and say that ‘The citizens of Roscianum are eager to sign up for the shares we issued!’”


“I have no opinion!”

“Borrowing fifty kilograms of wheat and paying back 58 kilograms in a year is a lucrative profit! Even though Theonia has not taken advantage of the citizens, why is it that there are so many people in Krimisa that are unwilling to sign up? We should think about the reasons!” Kunogelate reminded everyone.

Afterwards, most of the statesmen turn their attention to Androlis.

Looking somewhat embarrassed, he stood up and coughed a few times, then said, “My lords, I…I think there are several reasons for this…first, Krimisa was the latest to join the Theonia Union, and only half a year has passed since then! But the most important thing is that it’s different from Aprustum…” Speaking here, he calmed down, cleared his throat and said seriously, “Although the truth is uncomfortable for everyone, it is a fact that even though the Theonians did not initiate the outbreak of the Crotonian War, many Krimisians believe that Theonia should bear some responsibility. With many Krimisians dying in the war with Theonia, half a year is not enough to dissolve their resentment. And with resentment, they can not completely trust Theonia…”

Androlis’ words caused a brief silence.

After a while, Cornelius said, “In the first place, the war with Crotone is unavoidable. Although Krimisa is now part of Theonia, it seems that we still need to do more to dissolve the grievance of the Krimisians. I also hope that the three lords Androlis, Eurypus and Pleitinas, can assist a lot more!”

“This is what should we do, whether as a statesman or as Krimisians!” Eurypus said firmly, “And I believe that it won’t be long before the Krimisians would be grateful and proud to be a Theonian citizen!”

The statesmen unanimously agreed at Eurypus’ words.

Pollux then stood up and said, “Esteemed statesmen, the talked about the grain shares reminded me that Lord Mersis once said that ‘the amount of military rations exchanged from the people can at most last the Theonian troops for more than two months.’ Am I correct? Lord Mersis.”

Although he hated Pollux, Mersis had to nod his head and said, “Yes, I did. However-”

“Thank you!” Pollux interrupted Mersis and quickly said, “Even if we have already captured Besidice, two months is still not enough to conquer a huge area such as the Bruttii region who had more than a hundred thousand population! Moreover, as we concentrate on dealing with the Bruttians, the Lucanians on the north took advantage of this opportunity to make trouble. Currently, with Ba…erm…lord Bagul being wounded and that we don’t even know if he is still alive, the Senate is very concerned whether there is a good way to deal with the massive attack of Pyxous on Grumentum?!” Pollux said this while looking at Vespa and Hemon with sympathy. Although he inwardly hated these ‘Barbarians who had infiltrated the Senate’, he still needed these staunch supporters of Davos to doubt the young man.

“None! Because all the soldiers are at war with the Bruttians! If this goes on, I fear that before we conquer the Bruttii region, Pyxous would have already captured Grumentum and invaded Nerulum! By then, Theonia would fave an attack on two sides, and our army will face the predicament of food shortage, and a great disaster would befall on Theonia…my lords, think about it carefully, as this terrible situation is very likely to happen!” Pollux exclaimed with bitterness in his voice.

A few of the statesmen’s expression changed while the others were lost in their thoughts.

Seeing this, Marigi hated him more, ‘This damned Pollux is now making trouble again after being quiet for only a few days!’

In order to keep it confidential, only Avinoges, Sesta, Hieronymus and the high ranking officers of the third legion knew the plan of Davos to entice the Lucanians. Unknowingly, Marigi could only anxiously winked at Plesinas, who was at the rear, hoping that he could come forward to refute Pollux.

“We are too combative! As soon as we defeat Crotone, we soon attacked Grumentum. After helping Taranto, we started a war against the Bruttians just a few days later…our crazy expansion has caused uneasiness to the surrounding forces that they have joined hands to deal with us! And Pyxous’ attack is only the beginning. For the sake of Theonia’s long-term safety, we should think more carefully and make some laws restricting this practice of wantonly waging war!”

Even though Pollux did not mention Davos, anyone that heard it understood that it was clearly aimed at Davos, and suddenly, silence shrouded the Grand Senate Hall.

At this moment, they could hear a loud “bang” sound of the door being pushed open, and in the quiet, closed space, it became particularly clear.

Philesius, with a hint of excitement on his face, quickly walked into the meeting.

Marigi then broke the silence and said, “Lord Philesius, you are late!”


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