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Mediterranean Hegemon of Ancient Greece – Chapter 321: War is Coming Bahasa Indonesia

However, the strategos was strict with the soldiers on two things: I – In battle, the soldiers are only allowed to advance and not retreat. Otherwise, he would kick the timid soldiers out of the brigade. II – None of them could lose to the sixth brigade – Olivos’ brigade.

This kind of bickering may seem a bit funny. However, in the Theonian army, it was not uncommon for centuria to compete with each other, brigades to brigades, and legions to legions. And instead of forbidding such competition, the officers of all ranks strongly promoted it, such as Tug of War, Rugby, Football…all of these popular group sports and competitions in the military camp are between squad vs squad, platoon vs platoon, fiercely fighting for victory.

Leotychides felt that It is precisely because the officers at each rank attaching great importance to victory and defeat that even though these Theonian soldiers were mere farmers, fishermen, merchants, and so on, they quickly developed a sense of honour in their team and fought bravely in battle!…

“Prosous, I heard that you Argives and Spartans are enemies. So have you ever fought a Spartan?” Hybaterus, who was quiet for a moment, had begun talking again.

After the last commotion on the ship and the fierce battle against the Peucettians, Leotychides and his teammates, especially with Hybaterus, became quite friendly. When Leotychides heard this, he did not glance at him to hide the change in his expression. Instead, he continued looking down and dig the soil while quietly replying, “Yes.”

Hybaterus, who become interested, approached him and asked, “Who do you think is better, the Spartans or us?”

Leotychides had not expected Hybaterus to ask this question, making him unable to reply immediately.

His other teammates also seemed interested in it, and all approached him. While their squad leader, Sitares, did not say anything.

The truth is, Hybaterus asked the right person, as Leotychides was indeed the best person to answer this question because he was a Spartan that has spent half a year in the Theonian army and even fought in battles. Thus he had considerable knowledge of the military situation between the two forces.

Facing the curious gazes of his comrades, Leotychides could not refuse. However, he did not know what to say for a while. He put down his pickaxe, patted the dirt on his hands and thought about it carefully before saying, “The Spartans from the age of six carried out a brutal combat training called “Agoge”. Except for a small amount of time to learn how to read, they would live in the military camp until they come of age, and their rite of passage is to kill any Helots they encounter alone…”

“Oh, that’s cruel!” Shouted his teammates.

Remaining unperturbed, Leotychides continued, “After becoming an adult, the Spartans would do nothing besides fighting until they die…that’s why the Spartans are the strongest warriors in the world, as they are familiar with every detail of battle and could kill their enemies as easily as drinking water!” After saying this, his pride as a Spartan came out.

Some of his teammates booed with discontent.

“Prosous, with you praising the Spartans so much, are you really an Argive?!” Someone chided with dissatisfaction.

Leotychides was astonished at how he had slightly lost his vigilance a bit from getting along with his teammates. So he hastily added, “But the Spartan warriors are too few, and the number of their young citizens is only half of that of Theonian’s legion. Even if the Perioikoi were added, it is only more than ten thousand. While the Theonian soldiers are the best, I know of among the city-state whose soldiers don’t fight for a living! And have a very unique and well-developed military system. I personally think that there are some things that Theonia is even better than Sparta! And the most important thing is that there are many Theonian soldiers and that the number will only continue to increase after defeating the Bruttians this time…”

“I know what you mean, Prosous. In a one-on-one fight, we can’t defeat the Spartans, but in a real war, the Spartans are no match against us because their number is too few, right?!” Hybaterus interrupted.

“Our Theonian Union has always emphasised teamwork and cooperation. Hence why no matter how powerful a Spartan is, they will never be able to defeat four-five Theonian soldiers that cooperate closely!” Said Pesias.

“That’s right! No matter how fierce the running back is in a rugby match, he won’t be able to score without the help of his teammates!” Another squadmate chimed in.

Leotychides knew him. He is a Theonian citizen who had violated discipline and suffered punishment several times during the training camp. In the last battle against the Peucettians, they added him as some soldiers under Leotychides’s squad were seriously injured. However, he is now a qualified legion soldier. That is the frightening thing about the Theonian military system as it could train free-spirited Greeks into qualified soldiers through arduous training, sports and competitions in a short time.

The Spartans who founded their state with military might have learned a truth during their long conquest: Whether the city-state army is strong, individual strength is only secondary, as the most crucial thing is strict discipline, unconditional obedience and persistence in training. Most Greek cities can neither understand nor achieve those, but the newly established Theonia has required it since the beginning. It was said that all of those were from the hands of Davos, the ruler who the gods have blessed. Compared with Sparta, the truly terrifying thing about Theonia seems to be this young man!

Leotychides reminded them as he didn’t want his teammates to make a wrong judgment and think Sparta was weak, “Even though there are only a few Spartan soldiers, the Spartan seldom fight alone. Don’t forget, they are the leader of the Peloponnesian League and now is the hegemon of the whole of Greece, with countless soldiers from their allies fighting for them. And most Spartan strategoi are qualified commanders…”

“Hey, I am only talking about a comparison between Sparta and our Theonia. If we also talk about allies, then Theonia also has them, Laos, Roscianum…” Said Hybaterus with discontent.

“Also Heraclea…the South Italia Alliance, such as Crotone, Scylletium, Terina, and…”


His teammates scrambled to shout, making Leotychides felt slightly emotional. In the eastern Mediterranean, many city-states talked about Sparta and feared the Spartan warriors, including even the prominent city-states like Athens and Corinth. However, these Theonian soldiers in front of him discussed without fear who was stronger and weaker between Theonia and Sparta, not because they were ignorant, but because their constant victory gave them confidence.

Their shouting finally alerted their platoon captain, Pamanius, who was not far away, looking angry, “All of you are just gossiping instead of digging trenches properly! Do you not fear the military law!”

His teammates quickly disperse and went on their own.

Then their squad captain, Sitares, came over and whispered, “Prosous, you are right! But next time, you should change ‘you’ to ‘us’.”

Hearing this, Leotychides couldn’t help but feel embarrassed, as he still hasn’t really integrated into Theonia and regard himself as a Theonian…

. . . . . . . . . . . . .

While the soldiers of the first legion were busy, Davos was talking with Teriphias, the strategos of Heraclea’s troops.

“You want our engineers to come to Heraclea and build bridges?”

“Yes, Lord Davos. We could hear Theonia’s superb bridge-building skills even in Heraclea. After leading my soldiers, I had gotten a deeper experience after passing through the two wooden bridges in Thurii. As you probably know, there are many rivers in Heraclea’s territory, and the main city of Heraclea is built on the delta surrounded by the Agri River and its tributaries, making the rainy season in April and May the most difficult season for us in Heraclea.” Teriphias sighed and said helplessly, “When the river surges, it would often wash away the pontoon bridges would often. Thus we have to sail out to sea every day to fetch them and dock them again for us to get to our farms, so we urgently need some sturdy bridge, just like the wooden bridges on the Crati River!”

After listening to Teriphias’ request, Davos immediately promised, “Heraclea is an ally of Theonia, and it’s our pleasure to assist you!”

“I heard that besides being a master bridge builder, Heracleides the Younger is also serving as a public official of Theonia’s road management. And so, we, Heracleans, are willing to donate fifty tons of grain to Theonia as thanks to Heracleides the Younger and his team for their help during their busy time.” Teriphias said sincerely.

Davos did not refuse as Theonia has a food shortage, and Teriphias’ move was like sending charcoal in the snow. Teriphias’ kind offer made Davos once more think highly of him. Although there are a dense network of water and fertile lands in Heraclea, fifty tons of grain is by no means a small amount. Besides being a reward for building the bridge, Heraclea’ gift is also an expression of Heraclea’s attitude. In this regard, Davos noted it in his heart.

With this agreement, the conversation between Davos and Teriphias became more intimate and casual.

Davos even spoke happily about not expecting that there was such a good grassland in Consentia, which could be used to raise horses.

Just as they were enjoying their conversion, the herald, Tolmides, came in with a nervous expression, “Grand legatus, Ledes urgently reported that they have found the Bruttian army marching towards here!”

“How many are they?” Davos asked right away.

“According to the scouts, there may be twenty thousand men!”

Twenty thousand! Davos no longer has a calm expression, ‘The Bruttii Union clearly wants to fight a decisive battle here!’


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