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Mediterranean Hegemon of Ancient Greece – Chapter 27: New Leader Bahasa Indonesia

When Davos and his party returned to Menon’s camp, the soldiers were eager to welcome them and asked about the situation.

“Clearchus, Menon, and the rest have been killed by the Persians, and the Persians want us to surrender, but the officers rejected it, our fight with the Persians is inevitable!” Antonios deliberately exaggerated the situation.

The soldiers became noisy. Although they had been informed by Hielos and was already prepared, they still have a slight illusion of peace, but now, this last illusion shattered. They panicked, confused and was at a loss.

“Now, we must immediately elect a new leader to replace Menon and lead us back to Greece!” Philesius shouted.

As soon as his voice fell, Antonios’ nephew, the young man who was saved by Davos, Asistes, raised his right hand in the crowd and eagerly shouted, “Brothers, who predicted the death of Cyrus the Younger?!”

“…it’s Davos.” Hielos took the lead in responding.

“Who invented the smoked sausage to keep us from starving?!” Asistes continued to shout.

“It’s Davos.” The soldiers responded.

“Who created the field hospital, so that we no longer need to worry about injuries anymore?!”

“Davos!” The soldiers began to answer in unison.

“Who predicted that the talks with the Persians today were a conspiracy and had tried to stop Menon from their scheme?!”

“Davos!!” The soldiers simultaneously shouted.

“Who is the one Hades favored?! Who can bless us on our return to Greece?!”

“Davos!!!” The soldiers shouted in unison.

“Who—” Asistes pointed at Davos and shouted in a hoarse voice, “Is our new leader?!!”

“Davos! Davos!! Davos!!!!” The soldiers of the whole camp shouted excitedly for a long time.

Philesius and the captains were suddenly faced with such a scene, and they were somewhat at a loss, they all look at Davos and he was also surprised and didn’t seemed to know anything about it. He caught sight of Matonis and Giorgris prancing in the crowd and he didn’t expect Asistes to lead the soldiers, and the effect was much better that what he had expected.

The shouting of the soldiers became louder and louder, the officers had to respond to this and after an urgent consultation, Philesius came out and he looked at Davos with a complicated expression, he then shouted to the assembled soldiers, “Brothers, are all of you sure you want to choose Davos as our new leader?!”

“Yes!!!” Under the leadership of Asistes, the soldiers shouted in unison.

“Are there any other candidate?!”


“We need the guidance of the gods!!”

Philesius turned around, Antonios, Kapus nodded, then Amintas, Alexis… and the other captains also helplessly nodded.

Philesius solemnly shouted, “The gods witnessed, upon the recommendation of the soldiers and the approval of the officers, Davos is now our new leader!”

The cheers rang out.

Davos loosened his clenched fist and his palm was already sweaty. He breathed a sigh of relief and was overwhelmed with excitement, ‘This period of hard work and efforts were not in vain!’ He, who was someone from another world, an ordinary young soldier crossed the ranks of squad leader, captain and became the leader of more than 1,000 soldiers. Although it was only a mercenary, his dream was realized in a short time, from a chess piece to a chess player. Of course, this also means that he will have to bear heavy responsibility, but compared to dying as a cannon fodder, no matter how big his responsibility is, there is nothing to be afraid of!

Faced with the excited faces, he raised his right arm high.

. . . . . . . . . . . . .

Compared with the other camps, Menon’s camp sufered the least losses, because of the lack of cooperation, only 3 officers followed Menon to the Persian camp, and the soldiers immediately elected their successors.

Then the soldiers retreated and the new leader, Davos, and the captains held their first meeting in the tent. Philesius was only the adjutant of Menon, he did not lead the army. Therefore, when the new leader was elected, his position was naturally relieved, so he could only stay outside.

Davos looked at the 13 captains, including Antonios, Kapus, and many others who he wasn’t familiar with…the captains also looked at this young man who was too young to be the new leader, some with expectations, some were just curious, and some simply ignored and talk with themselves…

It’s not that he have no experience as a leader in his previous life, therefore Davos wasn’t afraid at all, he faced them with a serious gaze and kept silent for a long time, which made the noise inside the tent from the beginning gradually became quiet. The invisible pressure from the silence that the young man exudes made the captains to seriously face him.

At this time, he opened his mouth slowly and said, “I am grateful for the soldiers for trusting in me! Thank you for your support! I will use my actions to prove that your choice is correct!”

This young new leader wasn’t modest at all! Alexis and the others opened their mouth in surprised, while Antonios and Kapus were infected by his confidence and revealed a smile.

“Now, I have decided to let Philesius continue to serve as an adjutant to assist me in the management of military affairs.” This proposal temporarily relieved several captains who were worried about Davos’ inexperience.

Philesius was invited in, he smiled and thanked Davos, then sat down next to Davos.

“I decided to set up a medical camp, with Herpus as the medical officer and he had to attend the important meetings as well!” The field hospital of Menon’s camp has long been operating independently, but now it is only for formality.

Amintas raised an objection, “Physicians can only heal our injured brothers, they won’t understand the military meetings they attend and they have never done anything like that before!”

“This is now a special period!” Davos looked at the robust and somewhat ferocious-looking man, and said in an irritated tone, “We may encounter a lot of battles in the coming journey, we must protect our medical camp and at the same time, we need to know, how many wounded soldiers can be treated by the medical camp? Is there a lack of labor? Is there a shortage of medical supplies? …All of these need to be discussed with Herpus!”

Amintas was stunned, he scratch his head and didn’t speak. No one wants their wounded soldiers to be left untreated, and so Davos’ proposal was easily passed.

“I hope that Mersis, who is in the supply unit, will also attend the military meeting. Because we need to know if the food is sufficient? Is there enough animals?…” Davos’ second proposal was once more accepted, after all, food was the most important concern for everyone. Besides, there are still their salaries and the money they looted in the supply unit, they of couse need to be kept informed and protected.

After three successful appointments, Davos stopped proposing.

At this time, Philesius who was next to him touched Davos and said to him.

Davos suddenly realized from his words, he also forgot a key position – the herald. Don’t underestimate this position, it’s up to him to transmit and issue military orders and decree smoothly. Now it’s easy to make mistakes in front of everyone. Or it is a lack of experience!

Davos slightly thought about it and quietly said, “In addition, I appoint Asistes as the herald!” Not only to repay the merits of his promotion, but also with his help in assisting Antonios in doing some trivial military work and he was also familiar with Menon’s camp. Besides, Davos has met this young man a lot of times, he is cheerful and energetic and the officers were very impressed with him. And also he is grateful to Davos, so who would he use if not him!

Sure enough, this candidate has also been successfully recognized by everyone.

Antonios went out to call Asistes.

After excitedly expressing his gratitude to everyone, Asistes immediately began to perform his duties. He quickly went to call Herpus and Mersis.

At this point, all the new officers of Menon’s camp have arrived.


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