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Mediterranean Hegemon of Ancient Greece – Chapter 175: The Visit of Davos (III) Bahasa Indonesia

Hearing his words, Davos also fell into thinking, but after all, he had seen a lot in his previous life, so he tentatively asked, “Can we build a suspension bridge?”

“Suspension bridge?” Heracleides the Younger looked at him for advice, as he always attached great importance to the suggestion of Davos.

Thus, Davos told Heracleides the Younger the general structure of the bridge (which he does not know very well.)

Heracleides the Younger, who had rich experience in bridge construction, had his eyes brightened. He pondered about it along the way, standing on the cliff from time to time and looking across the river where there are continuous low hills and lush woods. As long as there is a bridge, this area will no longer be impassable….

After walking for a while, Heracleides the Younger said to Davos, “It seems that it is indeed easier to build a suspension bridge on the Lao river. Of course, we have to go through specific experiments to make a conclusion. However, the most important material for this suspension bridge should be the rope. Just now, it will take at least 50 meters long and tough rope to reach the opposite bank….”

“The rope is not the problem.” Enanilus, worthy of being a shipbuilder, interjected, “We can just lengthen the gears of the sailboats. I can guarantee that it is strong and durable enough.”

“However, the number of people passing through the bridge at one time is limited, so we need to build several more.” Added Davos.

Heracleides the Younger nodded, then his gaze was fixed on the ground and continued to think.

During the march, Davos carefully observed the terrain around him. From time to time, he will see Lucanians grazing in the mountain on the right side. Perhaps they were nervous and alert at such a large group, especially the armed first brigade. Some simply hid behind the trees and rocks to peep, and even the sheep ran out of the mountain and ran into the convoy, but the Lucanians dare not come to ask for it.

“They should be the Lucanians from Nerulum? The livestock that they are grazing should be rented from the Union, right?” Asked Davos with interest.

So, Vespa took the sheep from the soldiers, then he went to the edge of the mountain and called them in Lucanian.

After a long time, he returned the sheep to them and came back to Davos.

The statesmen gathered around to find out what he had discuss with the local people.

“Lord Davos, they are indeed from Nerulum, but they are not all Lucanians. There are also some Greeks who were once a slave of Wudlei, and are now free and had married Lucanian widows, and are now a preparatory citizen of the Union. Two other Lucanians, who were once slaves, are now preparatory citizen of the Union, and one of them had married a Greek woman, who was also a slave before. The other shepherds were all small tribal people who had been oppressed by Wudlei and have now become preparatory citizen of the Union…”

“What is their attitude towards the Union?” Asked Scambras.

Vespa looked at him and replied, “They are very grateful that the Union has saved them! Now that they have become citizens, they feel very free, and only have a bit of complaint.”

“What are they complaining about?!” Asked Scambras.

“Their complaint is that the Union is not allowing them to rent more livestock.” Vespa kept a straight face and tried not to smile.

“Their idea is good, but there are only so many livestock. If they ask for more, others won’t be able to rent one.” Scambras muttered.

“Do they have any objection to the 5% tax?” Asked Marsyas.

“The tax is already much less than before, and now they hope that the livestock can give birth to more offspring, because they will all belong to them.” Answered Vespa.

“It seems that Sesta and Bagul did a good job in Nerulum, and the people here are beginning to accept us….” Smiled Davos.

Even the statesmen who had opposed the admission of the Lucanians had to agree with Davos.

. . . . . . . . . . . . .

In the afternoon, Davos’ group arrived in Nerulum.

Nerulum is similar to Amendolara, it is also built on a small hillside, but it is larger than the city of Amendolara and has wooden walls.

Here, the cliffs on the east bank of the Lao river are inclined and gentle, and people can easily reach the river. From here, the terrain gradually gets higher, but the area is more and more open. Further north is the area between the Lao river and the upper reaches of the Siris river. The Lucanians call this area “Fertile soil in the mountains”. In fact, its terrain is not flat, but compared with the mountainous area, it is much better. Moreover, the land is more fertile and suitable for farming. Therefore, it has become the settlement of the small tribes. This is obviously the reason why the Lucanians of Nerulum chose to build a city here.

In the morning, Kesima was informed by the praetor that Davos, the archon for life of the Theonia Union, was about to visit.

Like other Lucanian youth, Kesima signed up enthusiastically and came to welcome Davos. After this period of publicity and hearsay, Kesima had long been eager to see the famous strategos of the Union and the rumors about him being “The son of god.”

Although they waited for a long time, when he saw the arrival of the huge group, Kesima, who was already a bit tired, quickly liven up and strode forward together with Sesta. Davos is very young, but everyone around him sincerely respect him, which makes him exude a kind of unspeakable dignity. However, his face always dons a kind of friendly smile and give sincere greetings to everyone. Dignity and gentleness have actually formed a strange harmony in him….

“Milord, I have violated the order of the Senate and have made a mistake!” Sesta said to Davos, frankly.

“No, we do not understand the situation here, and you done a good job! Facts have proven that you are an excellent praetor. This is the common opinion of the statesmen and me!”

“Thank you, Milord!” Sesta was relieved when he heard from the slaves sent by Philesius that the Senate was not dissatisfied with his killings of the captives.

“Greetings, Lord Davos!”

“Bagul, you have accomplished the mission that was assigned to you by the Union! I will also fulfill my promise to you. You see, I have brought not only your father, your people, but also a special guest. Guess who it is?” Compared with his conversation with Sesta, Davos was more relaxed when facing Bagul and even joked around.

“I can’t guess it.” Replied Bagul, while scratching his head.

“Go look at the back.”


“It’s a little late to recognize her. Andrea will punish you for forgetting her!” Said Davos jokingly. Andrea then glared at Bagul fiercely, with a flushed face.

“Hahaha!….” Laughed everyone.

“I wanted to hold a wedding for you here, but Andrea insisted on holding it at Hera’s wedding ceremony in April next year, so you can discuss it with yourselves. I can’t help you with it!” Teased Davos, which drew another burst of laughter.

“Greetings Lord Davos! I am Hemon.” A middle-aged man stepped forward and said with respect.

“Oh, I know you! Sesta praised you, saying that you have cooperated with him actively to stabilize the situation of the city, and helped him solve many problems. Thank you very much!” Davos praised him loudly.

“It is nothing. I am also a citizen of the Union!” Hemon felt that it was worth it to make the number one in the Union remember him.

“Yes, it is very good to know you! This Union is mine and yours, and also belongs to the Greeks and the Lucanians!….”

“You are right, Lord Davos!”

. . . . . . . . . . . . .

Kesima listened and unconsciously felt excited. He felt as if he had really integrated into the Union.

Then Davos came to him.

“Lord Davos, I am Kesima!” He strode forward and greeted him with great respect.

Davos also returned his greetings, and said happily, “I heard that you are a good friend of Bagul, and he talk a lot about. I am also a good friend of Bagul, and I don’t know if I have the chance to also be your good friend?”

“Of course! Of course!” Kesima agreed excitedly.

Davos greeted the people who came out to meet him, and then asked Sesta, “Why haven’t Asistes come?”

“Because the time to wait had taken a bit long, the second and fourth brigade went to play rugby to kill time, and Asistes served as the referee.”

“Didn’t I ask Izam to tell you that you don’t have to ask so many people to come out to meet me?” Criticized Davos.

“They came on their own free will, and they all hope to be praised by you milord.” Explained Sesta.

“But now it seems that rugby is more attractive than me!” Davos jokingly said, eliminating any previous dissatisfaction.

He looked along the direction where Sesta pointed: There was a large circle of people not far from the north of the gate, cheering and exclaiming can be heard from time to time….

“Because the arena in Thurii hasn’t been built yet, so the competition has not started. And now you guys have started it here first!” Laughed Davos.

“Yes, the soldiers of the second and fourth brigades are playing football every day, which often attracts the people to come watch.” Sesta then said with some concern, “I am afraid that they would be too addicted to the game and would delay their work.”

“So, Bagul and Drakos must warn their soldiers.” Davos nodded then said, “However, it seems that the citizens here like this game too.”

“Lord Davos, we love rugby very much. It is already excited just watching the game!” Interrupted Kesima.

“Can you play?” Davos asked with interest.

“We are not familiar with the rule of the game, so we could only watch and learn. In fact, we have been watching it for a long time already!” Said Ulasa with discontent.


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