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Mediterranean Hegemon of Ancient Greece – Chapter 148: The envoy of Crotone-Lysias Bahasa Indonesia

When the report of the defeat of their army reached Crotone, the whole city became alarmed.

The city hall urgently called for a meeting, and it became a heated debate.

On the one hand, Milo, the Polemarchos, denounced the despicableness of Amendolara (referring to their sneak attack) and the incompetence of Melanseus, and proposed to organized another army to attack Amendolara and restore the prestige of Crotone.

Lysias opposed Milo and thought that, it was because of his order to burn the city that have caused the uneasiness of the surrounding city-states, and made them hostile to Crotone. Now that Crotone has suffered a great defeat, he should not use any more swords to avoid being besieged by the city-states such as Locri, Taranto and Amendolara.

Both sides have their own supoorters, and neither could convince the other.

Half a day later, a news that the united Amendolara-Thurii* that had been deliberately spread had arrived. The Thua Union has captured more than five thousand men of Crotone, about a thousand men of Aprustum and Scylletium, about one thousand two hundred men of Krimisa and Roscianum, and more than a thousand freeman and slaves… (note: hereafter referred to as the Thua Union)

The grieving people of Crotone heard about it and gain hope. They gathered and went to the city hall to make the Council buy back their loved ones.

Then came another news, the Thua Union and Taranto have formed a military alliance.

Milo finally stopped clinging to his own ideas, and after discussing it, the Council have finally decided to send Lysias as an envoy to Thurii in order to buy back the Crotonian captives of the Thua Union. If necessary, an armistice agreement could be signed.

Lysias led the delegation to the north by boat, just in time to catch the wind. Half a day later, they arrived at the estuary of the river Crati. Here he saw an astonishing sight: Innumerable merchant ships were densely arranged in the estuary like a wooden wall. From time to time, there will be ships sailing out of the wooden wall, and new ships will come from every directions…

Wasn’t Thurii burned down? How can so many merchant ship come to tade? Lysias is full of doubt.

Soon, his doubts were answered, as a crude fishing boat came close, “Hello, have you come here to trade or something else?” Said a man in the bow.

After receiving the instructions of Lysias, the attendant then asked, “What do you do?”

“See the pattern on the sails?” The man pointed his hands up with a proud expression. A black hair and flame wrapped around the center of a cold, shining weapon – the symbol of Hades, the Bident, “You see, our Archon, Lord Davos, is a descendant of Hades! I am Seclian, and I am currently appointed by the commercial officer, Lord Mariji, responsible to navigate the ships in order to keep the water way clear. So you must first tell me what you are here for or I will have to ask you to leave so as not to block the ships that are behind you.”

Lysias hesitated for a moment, then he firmly made his decision, and called out to the other party, “We are the delegates from Crotone, that have specially came here to negotiate with the Thua Union!”

Instead of anger, insult and other extreme emotions, Seclian looked calm, he then nodded and said, “You, Crotonians sure are calm that you only manage to arrived here just now. While the delegates of Roscianum, Krimisa and Scylletium have arrived earlier!”

Lysias heart jolted, and his entourage asked him with curiousity, “Why are you not angry?”

“Should I be angry because you are Crotonians?” Shrugged Seclian, “You have burned Thurii, but I am not a citizen of Thurii. I am just a freeman. On the contrary, I am very grateful to you, Crotonians.”

Seclian gave a mysterious smile, and then said, “Let’s stop talking, and follow my boat, so that you won’t block the water way.”

Seclian’s fishing boat led Lysias into the river Crati and sailed upstream.

Looking at the estuary of the north bank, Lysias could see that several simple wooden docks had been built on the shore. Goods were constantly getting unloaded from the merchant’s ships, and the goods were then transported to the earthen enclosure not far from the dock by a cart. The location it was heading seemed to be the location of the old city of Sybaris.

Lysias frowned. Initially, Crotone had sent an envoy to question why Thurii had violated their agreement, which was all agreed by the members of the Council. However, Lysias was opposed in sending troops to attack Thurii and avenge the envoy. By accepting the apology of Thurii and getting more compensation, means that they already achieved their goal, so there is no need to send troops to war. It is not only a waste of money, but also, he is afraid that there will be an accident. And now, after the defeat of Crotone, Thurii finally no longer cares about the attitude of Crotone and began to take advantage of the old city of Sybaris.

“You still haven’t said why you should thank Crotone.” One of the envoy asked with curiousity.

Seclian said in a loud voice from the fishing boat, “Isn’t it already obvious?! If it had not been for you, Crotone, who had burned down Thurii, there would have been no Thua Union, and Davos would not become our Archon. He is a descendant of Hades, and even though his status is noble, he is still very concerned about the ordinary people. He also doesn’t discriminate against freeman and slaves, and he is very friendly, just like an ordinary citizen! Have you ever heard of 《Amendolara’s Immigration Law》 that Lord Davos have proposed and made into law? Oh wait, it should now be called 《Thua Immigration Law》.”

The Crotonians shook their heads.

With an expression saying “such ignorance”, Seclian said aloud the main content of the immigration law, and then excitedly said, “Lord Davos has said that this law will be implemented when the city of Thurii’s first phase is completed. All the freeman who wants to become a citizen of Thurii and have perform well, can apply to the census officer. And if they manage to become a preparatory citizens, then they will be able to join the army and fight, then receive a share of land! Now my companions are working so hard, hoping to finish building Thurii tomorrow. Maybe the next time you come here, I would already then be an official citizen!”

Seeing Seclian’s intoxicated appearance, some people can’t help but refute, “I have never heard of any city-state that allows outsiders to become a citizen so easily. Maybe this immigration law is a scheme, in order to make you work harder for them!”

“Shut your mouth. Don’t spout nonsense!” Seclian was furious, “How could Lord Davos, standing in front of all freeman and slaves, declare this law as not real! Who is lord Davos?! In the face of Thurii’s threat, he would rather break off diplomatic ties and pay for the promised freedom of the slaves that have fled! In the face of your, the army of Crotone, he would rather fight with you than break off all relations with the conquered Thurii! Lord Davos has proven that he is a man who keeps his promise, and so I believe what he says, and all of us believe it! If it wasn’t for you coming here to negotiate, I would have already sent you below the river to feed the fishes!!”

The Crotonians turned red, and couldn’t stop themselves from cursing him out. Lysias then stopped the impulse of his entourage.

Seclian watched the movement of the ship in the rear coldly. Seeing that the situation have soon calmed down, he was a bit disappointed. And so, he deliberately spat out his sputom towards the river in his back, and then ignored them.

Lysias was lost in his thoughts: As far as he knows, the number of citizens in Thurii may not exceed three thousand, while that of Amendolara is estimated to be only four thousand at most. Crotone alone has more than thirty thousand citizens in its city, and they also have their affiliated city-state, Aprustum, allied city-states such as Scylletium, Caulonia and so on. But if the Thua Union can make use of the tens of thousands of freeman and slaves here, then they really need to pay them attention. It’s just that, by hurrying to make the outsiders from all over the places to become citizens of the city-state, can their loyalty to the city-state be compared with that of the native people who have been citizens of the city for generations?

Lysias was skeptical.

Looking at the river, he saw that many fishing boats with a Bident symbol on their sails came and went…

And now, a tall city-wall appeared on the banks of the river, Lysias knew that they are approaching the city of Thurii, and he looked at the two towers on the city wall. In the past, there was an iron chain connecting the two towers that are facing each other, which was quite spectacular. But when an enemy ships attack, the iron chain would then be drop down to prevent the enemy from entering the city through the water. As a result, Melanseus had used the traitors to directly attack the southern town, making the chain ineffective, and now it is already gone, it must have been cut off by Melanseus…when he thinks of Melanseus, although the relationship between Lysias and Melanseus is not very good, and even their ruling philosophy are completely opposite, he still can’t help but feel sad after hearing about his tragic end (when he was killed by the people of Thurii, his body is too bloody and you can’t even identify it as a human).

The fishing boat of Seclian landed at the dock in the city of Thurii. He then got out of the boat and ran to report to a group of soldiers that are stationed at the dock.

A group of soldiers, led by their captain, soon approach them.

The Crotonians soon noticed that even within the city, the soldiers still maintained a complete formation.

“Strategos, we should get off the ship.” His entourage reminded Lysias who was still lost in his thoughts.

Lysias, who had regain his senses, looked around. He had been to Thurii several times, and at that time, there were more than a dozen docks in the port of Thurii, which were made of stone and wood. In the port area, there were hundreds of ships dock in it, and rows after rows of warehouses, inns, and residence. But now, there are only a few stone docks that are far away at each other, all of which are burnt black. Of course, all of these are the masterpiece of Crotone!

Lysias got off the ship with a calm expression on his face. The same group of soldiers then calmly examined them and confirmed that they were indeed the envoys of Crotone. Immediately, one of the soldiers rode to report it to the Senate, while the delegates continued to wait.

Seclian returned to his fishing boat and was dazed by the imposing look of the patrol captain. He was in a daze, until his companion came to remind him, “Seclian, it’s time for us to leave the dock!”


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