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Mediterranean Hegemon of Ancient Greece – Chapter 118: Legion and Flag (II) Bahasa Indonesia

“That was just a moment of anger. As a matter of fact, Hielos is a very nice and humble man, and he often comes to me to asks questions.” Anticles then said frankly, “Besides, my two new son-in-laws are new citizens, specially my eldest son-in-law, who is a platoon captain! See there…the tall man with a white crest on his helmet is my eldest son-in-law”

“Hey Anticles, he’s just a platoon leader! And they only manage a few people! Back then, you and I were even a strategos.” Stromboli disagreed.

“That’s different, because we were appointed by the archon due to our status as a noble. However, according to Trotidis, archon Davos had stipulated that ‘a platoon captain must have experienced many battles and be recognized by the soldiers. The soldiers will then elect him and then be approved by their superiors before they can be appointed.’ In order for them to command the same experienced and proud soldiers under them.” Said Anticles with pride.

Stromboli didn’t talk back anymore, as he could not deny it, because they were able to command the powerful soldiers of the Persian expedition army.

. . . . . . . . . . . . .

Cheiristoya, with teary eyes, looked at Davos standing high in the middle of the square: This is the husband that she had chosen during such chaotic times, and it turned out that her vision is correct, and Davos had achieved his dream!

“The archon is so awesome!” A clear voice had awakened her, and she knew that it was Andrea without needing to look back. A few day ago, Cheiristoya learned about Andrea’s story during a small chat with Davos. She was moved by her infatuation and had asked Andrea for her help because she was running a bank and currently lacking staffs. And so Andrea had readily agreed, and soon they became friends. And with Mrs. Davos, Cheiristoya, as her shield, Andrea received less gossip and glaring.

“Why? Do you like Davos?” Joked Cheiristoya.

“Madam, you jest.”

“I heard that Davos had ordered the Lucanians to come and watch the ceremony. After that, I will go and ask Davos to arrange for you to meet him, how about it?” Said Cheiristoya.

Andrea expressed her gratefulness, “Madam, thank you!”

Cheiristoya looked back at her and said, “Are you really going to wait 5 years for him?”

Andrea nodded without hesitation.

After sighing, Cheiristoya remembered what Davos had said, “Then you should persuade Bagul to take good care of his people and to not make any mistakes, and to seriously complete the various task that the city-state had assigned them. Once the city-state has any major campaign, they should actively participate in it, and strive to make achievements, so that they can shorten their 5 year period as soon as possible!…”

Andrea nodded.

Cheiristoya said, “Sister, I sincerely hope that your wait will not be too long, and your wish will come true eventually.”

Andrea bit her lips and sobbed.

. . . . . . . . . . . . .

The military officer, Philesius, came forward and said in a loud voice, “Now, on behalf of the council, I declare the establishment of Amendolara’s first Legion! And the head of the legion will be the archon for life, Davos!”

The crowd gave a thunderous cheers.

“Now to confer the flag of the first Legion!”

The sound of salpinx rang out and soon the square turned solemn.

Philesius, with a serious expression, held a four meter flag in his hands. Davos then took it with both of his hands and held it high, then walked slowly around the stage.

Mersis yelled from the field, “See that! That’s the flag that I have spent several days carefully designing and urging people to do it. Isn’t it beautiful?!!”

“You designed it?” Mariji’s face was filled with suspicion.

Mersis laughed and said, “I’m kidding. Davos was the one who designed the flags, but if not for me, the flags wouldn’t have been made so quickly!”

The soldiers held their breath and looked at the golden flag in the sky. At the top of the flag was a bronze statue of Hades holding a bident* (they have no other choice as Amendolara is currently poor and they can only use brass for the time being.) Under the statue is a circle of red fluffy flag tassels, and then the flag pole is covered with a square, reddish wool and hemp fabric. The flag is embroidered with a golden Greek “The first legion”, and on the middle of the other side is the Hesperus. Then Davos pointed to the Hesperus and shouted to the soldiers under the stage, “Brothers of the first legion, as the founder of the new army of Amendolara, this Hesperus represents your honor in wiping out the Lucanian alliance and taking back Amendolara!” (T/N: I have no idea…maybe on the top of the pole.)

The soldiers cheered loudly, and they then straightened their chest and looked at the Hesperus on the flag, with full of pride in their gazes.

“And every time you win a huge victory, there will be a Hesperus drawn on it, so that everyone will remember your achievements! I hope that the Hesperus will spread all over this army flag with your constant victory!” The soldiers cheered with excitement due to the ardent expectation of Davos, “For victory!”

“For victory!”

“For victory!”

. . . . . . . . . . . . .

The morale of the soldiers in the square reached its peak.

“In my decades of experience in fighting for the city-states, I have never heard of such a military flag! And such a way to boost morale! As a citizen soldier, how glorious it would have been to fight under such a military flag!!” Anticles yearned for the flag very much.

“It seems that there is a statue of Hades mounted on the top of the flag*. This is Davos’ vague claim that he is the favored of Hades!” Said Stromboli with discontent.

Maybe something like this?

“Many people already think that this is true!” Said Anticles, and he covered the end of his right hand with his left hand and said with a sigh, “Besides, Hades is on our side and will bring death to our enemies, which is a good thing! We can expect that our first army will become a frightening army! It’s a pity that I can’t fight under the flag of Hades!”

. . . . . . . . . . . . .

“Now, the flag bearer of the First Legion, Martius, come to the stage and receive the flag!” Shouted Philesius.

Martius, the normally bold captain of the guard, felt a bit nervous at this moment. He once more tightened his armor and straightened his helmet, and then walked to the stage solemnly, then stood in front of Davos, then his right fist pounded his left chest.

Davos returned his salute, and said in a loud voice, “The flag bearer of the Legion is the bravest soldier of the whole army, and it is also the highest honor! I hope that you will hold the flag of war high on the battlefield, and no matter how dangerous it is, you will always move forward and encourage the whole army to win!”

Martius solemnly took over the flag and swore, “Hades, I, Martius, will treasure the flag as much as my own eyes, and will always move forward and to never retreat!”

Amidst the cheers, Matonis murmured, “If I hadn’t became a centurion, then this flag bearer position would have been mine!”

“Next, now we will invite the senior centurion of the first brigade to come on stage and accept the flag of the first brigade!”

Before Kapus went to the stage, the soldiers behind him began urging him, “Hurry up captain! Go and take the flag!…”

However, Kapus took his time to go to the stage.

Davos then took the flag from the guard’s hand and earnestly said to Kapus, “The first brigade of the Legion is the role model of the whole army, it is the elite of the elite! In a battlefield, the first brigade should be in the place where it is the most difficult and the most dangerous, and they must face the difficulties and open the door to victory for the whole army! I hope that you will remember that!”

“The first brigade of the first Legion will certainly not disappoint the archon. The first brigade will always be the spear of the whole army!” Kapus’ voice was as hard and powerful as a rock.

He took the flag of the first brigade and looked at it carefully. Unlike the Legion flag, the top of it is an iron statue of the death god Thanatos, who is under Hades, and he is brandishing a sword, while wearing a black robe, and spreading his wings, with a ferocious face. On the flagpole below the statue is also a red flag tassel and the flag is embroidered with a golden Greek “The first brigade of the First legion”, and on the other side is also a Hesperus…

Kapus then waved the flag, and the soldiers of the first brigade that were under the stage cheered.

Then came Drakos, the senior centurion of the second brigade. He was still covered with bandages, but he was fully armed, and staggered towards the stage, then the soldiers under the stage cheered with encouragement.

Looking at this tough guy who he had fought with, Davos asked with concern, “Drakos, are you alright?”

“The physician said that I am all right.” Drakos calmly faced Davos, who had beaten him, and now, he only had respect in his heart, “Thank you for your concern!”

“The first battle with Lucania had showed me the bravery of the soldiers of the second brigade. But to be honest, compared with the first brigade, there is still a big gap. I hope that you will discipline and train them in accordance with the military law in future training, so that they can catch up as soon as possible!” Said Davos with great expectation.

“Rest assured archon, the second brigade will not lose to anyone!” Said Drakos with firm determination.

When Hieronymus, the senior centurion of the third brigade, came to the stage, Davos said nothing more because he knew that he would train his team as hard as he could.

When the captain of the seventh brigade, Epiphanes, came to the stage, the nimble senior centurion took the initiative to ask Davos, “My lord, as you can see, my brigade has the least number of people, and we are still short of about 500 people, so can I send someone to Thrace, Crete, and Rhodes to recruit some peltast, archers and slingers?”

“As a freeman of Amendolara?” Asked Davos with a forced smile.

“Naturally, they will start as a freeman, and then, in accordance with your earlier proposal in the council, they can then apply to become a citizen of Amendolara after a few years.” Said Epiphanes while laughing.

Davos was happy to see this happen, but he reminded Epiphanes.


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