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Martial King’s Retired Life – Volume 8 Chapter 95 Bahasa Indonesia

“Luo Yan… Who let you in?” Abels asked in his usual condescending undertone. He ran his angry gaze along the trails of blood up to Luo Yan then, sporting his intimidating bluff, questioned, “Explain why you suddenly killed my men.”

“Talk is pointless at this stage.”

Luo Yan sent out heat energy from a palm thrust that maintained seventy percent of its full output even after travelling dozens of metres from his hand, scaring off the veil Abels hid his face behind. Abels clamped his teeth together and hit back with everything he had, yet was still wobbled a little when he stopped Luo Yan’s attack.

“Does that answer your question?”

As Abels’ cheeks faintly flashed green and red, he lost his ability to maintain a relaxed front. Fighting with himself not to grunt, Abels responded, “Guess I did waste my breath. Since you came with both swords, I assume you’re ready to die. Still, I must ask how you know about my true qi circulating in reverse when I kept it a secret.”

Luo Yan didn’t avert his eyes from the pair of eyes brimming with composure once again, not because his opponent was in a pickle but because there wasn’t anything that could shake his confidence. “This is Luo Clan’s secret place. Who else but I would know all of the secret passages? You can watch this room from another room, yet you were in the dark.”

Abels’ breathing started to grow heavier: “I see… Strange. My men should’ve be keeping tabs on you; they watched you steal weapons… When… did you see me?”

“What do you think your minions can possibly do? Your men slack off, but I don’t. Your men sleep, but I don’t. Besides meeting with those I have to and sleeping for only one hour, I spend the remainder of my time watching you. Luckily, I witnessed your injury torment you once. Else, I wouldn’t be able to kill you today.”

“You locked up the swordplay department’s members to deceive me? That explains why you didn’t kill them… just like the frivolous lot in Luo Clan. Surely… you’re aware Luo Siming will make his way back. Hang on… You didn’t tell your men to show mercy, did you? I would’ve seen through your ploy, otherwise. Wow, you must have a heart of stone… You not worried your men will kill him? Yan San’s skills… rival your own.

“You can’t train a leader in three to five years. You don’t create leaders by cuddling and doting on them. Creating a leader is the same process as forging a quality sword. You sure you want to leave your son in charge of Repository Island? Once Luo Siming repossesses power, your son will be in trouble.”

“… Luo Siming must go through this test if he wants to lead Luo Clan. I am Luo Sword Manor’s Sun Character Worship. It is my duty to forge the sword that is Luo Siming. Whether I have to sacrifice myself or my son, I will not run from my duty.” Luo Yan whisked more internal energy inside him, preparing himself to fight whilst pressuring Abels with figurative heavy shackles.

Abels sneered as Luo Yan used his signature intimidation tactic against him: “What about my alliance with your brother?”

“If Big Brother wants to punish me, I will accept death. If I don’t kill you here and now, though, I will have let our ancestors down.”

“You would challenge me just because I’m injured? My injury doesn’t close the gap between us. When did you ever last more than five exchanges against me?”

Luo Yan drew the fire sword from his back and brayed, “Let’s see you last five exchanges this time!”

Abels conjured a blue ball around him, catching the spurt of hot qi on the surface and then weakening it. Even though he lost a considerable portion of power due to his condition, realms didn’t hinge on internal energy. Hence, his Divine Realm abilities remained intact. Enlightenment could amplify true qi ten to twenty times what it originally is, so it was just history repeating itself for Luo Yan.

After shielding himself from Luo Yan’s attack, it dawned on Abels that Luo Yan’s target wasn’t him but the poison mist in the room as he watched the flames vaporise the poison mist. Abels didn’t like the fact that only twenty percent of the poison mist remained in the room for his plan was to draw out the battle, making Luo Yan waste enough energy for the poison to become the latter’s downfall.

“Now you can go die!”

Luo Yan vaulted up and forward, cleaving down as hard as he could.

Abels raised both hands to defend the mighty slash, inwardly rationalising, “Luo Yan can’t wield Siming Sword because it would do him no good but harm due to the different internal styles.”

Luo Yan drew Siming Sword from its sheath with qi of an advanced practitioner, slicing through Abels’ Enlightenment and scarring Abels’ chest.

Rolling away, Abels questioned, “Siming Swordplay? You mastered Freezing Scripture Manual?”

Brandishing an armour of red flames and blue energy like a deity presiding over the human realm and Flame Emperor, the sword that illuminated the room in bright scarlet like a pyromancer, Luo Yan responded, “Let’s see who doesn’t last five exchanges this time.”


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