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Martial King’s Retired Life – Volume 8 Chapter 87 Bahasa Indonesia

I pursed my lips: “That’s why I’m here. That cornhole, Abels, was being a pain in the neck until I reversed the tables on him thanks to Mountain Monster’s disguise technique. Oh, Mountain Monster is the girl who was with me on the mountain, the one you called cute. She’s actually on the other team and my hostage. Don’t talk too much to her, or she may fool you.

“We want to get back at Abels, but Vice-Captain Shen is still missing, while His Majesty and I are fraught with concerns to account for. I’ve found B-, Vice-Captain Shen; however, things aren’t looking good. She insists on going undercover, so I have no choice but to protect her. That said, it’s not urgent enough for you to worry about it. Our first priority right now is the thirteenth of this month.

“The whole tournament came about in a pretty bizarre way. His Majesty suspected his son has a hand in the events taking place in Huzhou, and it turned out to be true. Green Prince wants to fight with us for some reason, while we don’t have enough people to match them. Since I can’t reveal my abilities, I sent a letter asking for you to give us a hand. Fighting is your forte, after all. You wouldn’t turn me down, would, you, Lass?

“As for Refining Divine Convention, I suspect Abels’ group and Luo Clan are somehow connected. I need more time to draw any meaningful conclusion. You only need to… am I going to fast? Can you keep up?”

“Aha, uhm, uhuh…” Lass Yu, feeling that extending one finger made her appear as though it was too much brawn and not effort brains, extended three fingers. “Three times. Please repeat three more times!”

What am I, your personal tutor?! I doubt you’d get it even after three more repeats!

Lass Yu was a slow reader, a woefully slow one. Lass Yu had yet to learn to write her name when Young Shiyi was already reciting books off by heart. Expecting someone with some experience in the pugilistic world to wrap their head around what was going on at Canhu Town was probably a tall order, let alone Lass Yu.

“In short, just bear two things in mind. First, beware of Luo Sword Manor. I suspect there’s a rat, if not multiple, among their ranks. There are too many coincidences for me to believe they’re innocent. Whenever you meet anyone from Luo Clan henceforward… minus Luo Siming, you must be vigilant of everyone else.”

Lass Yu nodded: “Understood. If I meet anyone from Luo Clan, I pull lay them on their back immediately.”

I… don’t think that’s a wise idea. It’s not like the majority of them are crooks, I think.

“Umm… Uh, you do need to check before you starch them.”

Even though Lass Yu’s face read, “But you taught me to lay them out first,” I couldn’t be bothered trying to explain the nuances between “lay them on their back first” and “taking context and circumstances into consideration before you light them up”.

“Just lay them out, then.”

You reap what you sow, they say. Well, I guess it’s not entirely true since all you innocent folks from Luo Clan will be on the receiving end.

“Second, be it that my name is still Ming Feizhen, you can’t tell anyone about my past or skills. Do not let it leak when you come here to help us. Don’t panic when you meet His Majesty and company.” Lass Yu lowered her head, implying she was concerned about her ability to do so. Hence, I ruffled her hair and assured, “It’s only right that you feel apprehensive about lying, and I know that it’s tough for you to lie. That being said, this isn’t a lie. It’s better for them not to know my past. Else, they may be in danger once they know. Besides, I’m not telling you to say anything. You only need to go along with me. I’ll do most of the talk.”

When we continued discussing how to handle the tournament, the two of us had to cut our discussion short when we heard a brisk walk outside. I identified the individual, but he burst through the door before I could speak, shouting, “Oi, Ming Feizhen, I’ve been searching high and low for you, while you’ve been drinking and now dating? You’re an engaged man already, for crying out loud. Mind yourself, will you? Your fiancée is…”

Seeing his gaze glued on Lass Yu, I reproved, “What are you looking at? Someone put glue on your eyes?”

“Stop making it sound like I care to look. If I’m not wrong, she must be Wutong Jin Yuxuan’s interim matriarch, Interim Patriarch Yu. Long Zaitian humbly greets you.”

Mistaking Long Zaitian for my friend, Lass Yu decided to put into practice what I taught her, smiling back: “Hello, this great one is Yu Feiyuan.”

“Yeah, yeah, why are you here? State your business or scram.”

“Wow, no manners whatsoever.”

Long Zaitian helped himself to a chair: “I’m busy for your sakes.”

“Yeah, yeah, what do you want?”

“Interim Patriarch Yu, although Abbess Huofeng promised us that you would help us on the thirteenth, I dare not report back without your personal confirmation. I have been searching everywhere for you. I did not expect you to be here, hehehe.”

His Majesty doesn’t know about this yet, huh?


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