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Martial King’s Retired Life – Volume 8 Chapter 83 Bahasa Indonesia

Yu Feiyuan and Huofeng left after Huofeng had a word with Dragon Phoenix Inn about arranging the banquet on the thirteenth. On the way back to their place, Huofeng, skipping, giddily said, “We were hoping that we could take the weapon to cheer Shizun up and help her with her illness, but now we have this to celebrate, as well.”

The pugilistic world always believed that Ming Huayu, the man rumoured to be so dashing that Matriarch Zi couldn’t help falling head over heels for him, loved his wife dearly, thereby assuming Matriarch Zi must’ve been delusional. The claim, in addition to Ming Huayu not showing himself, resulted in chronic stress that evolved into illness that plagued the unapproachable patriarch for last six months.

Even though Wutong Jin Yuxuan thrived under Yu Feiyuan’s leadership, the disciples moped over Matriarch Zi’s chronic depression. Conscious of the fact that their patriarch also had an obsession with anything related to swords, the disciples decided to try and obtain the weapon Luo Sword Manor planned to forge in hopes of redirecting Matriarch Zi’s attention to the sword instead of the rumours and Ming Huayu.

Huofeng knew what Yu Feiyuan, who stopped to look over her shoulder, was thinking, so she brightly assured, “Don’t worry, First Sister, Ming F-, he will be back. Since he’s with government workers, he must have an emergency to attend to.”

“I… forgot to grab something.”

First Sister is a terrible liar. I can tell she wants to wait for Brother Ming at Dragon Phoenix Inn. I guess I should feign ignorance. Seven years apart and Brother Ming has finally proposed. I guess he would have a lot to say to someone so beautiful.

With a forlorn expression that Yu Feiyuan didn’t notice, Huofeng expressed, “I will go on ahead, then.”

“Be careful on your way back.”


I went to work on trying to connect the dots between Evil Spirits, Luo Sword Manor and Refining Divine Convention after Bodhi departed.

I finally figured out why I had the impression Abels was hiding his true strength in my match with him, though many other things then couldn’t be explained. I couldn’t understand why he launched an attack with Evil Spirits. The most important question that required an answer was why he ambushed Boss Shen. The risk was too high even if they were escorting valuable goods. At long last, after sifting through the plethora of intelligence I collected, I finally started to have a general idea of his goal. Returning to Boss for undercover work would give me even more details to work with.

My priority at the moment was to figure out who Lass Yu was engaged to.

Even though Huofeng is also head over heels for this guy, I’m sure she’d still give Lass Yu her blessings since Huofeng has always been protective of Lass Yu. Lass Yu isn’t the type to be rebellious; does she really like him?

“What are you thinking about now?” Su Xiao backed off three steps and pinched his nose upon smelling the alcohol saturating in the room. “Just how much did you drink?! You don’t need to risk your life even if you have to apologise for hitting him.”

“Xiao, do you know why Abbess Huofeng was here today?”

Su Xiao stopped tidying up and glared over his shoulder: “I do. So what?!”

“What did she come here for?”

“Hmph, to organise her senior’s wedding. Feigning ignorance when you already know”

“Do you know who her senior is marrying?”

“Why are you asking when you’re about to get married?!”

“Huh? Me?”

I’m the groom?

“What else?! It clearly stated in the letter that they’re only helping us because you’re marrying her.”

“Who? What? When? Where? Why? I don’t have the foggiest idea as to what you’re talking about? Helping us out with the tournament on the thirteenth? Where does the marriage come into this?”

Ptoo, still acting? You were engaged to her in the first place. Isn’t this just proceeding with the procedure? You personally announced you’re engaged to Interim Patriarch Yu.”

“Yes, true, but, but, is she really asking me to go forth with the engagement?”

“What are you talking about? If you’re not going to marry her, why get engaged in the first place? Are you going to go back on your word?”

“No, what I meant is…”

Why did Huofeng say I proposed?

Su Xiao ran it back for me from Mountain Monster delivering the letter to Long Zaitian approving then handed me a sheet: “Vice-Captain Long said your mission details are inside.”

I unrolled the sheet of paper to read, “Ming Feizhen, although it’s not the best time to bring this up, the organisation needs you to get married. – Long Zaitian.”

Are you people my comrades or someone else’s comrade?! Mountain Monster deliberately gave me this problem. How did delivering a letter turn into a wedding proposal?! Long Zaitian! You think I could go back on it afterwards or something?! Wait. You’re jealous I’m close to Boss Shen and want to use the opportunity to get rid of me, don’t you? Toss the lot of you!

“Uh, did the letter really say we have an engagement we should proceed with? Uh, Xiao, what are you doing?”

Su Xiao stomped: “Ming Feizhen, you didn’t tell me about your marriage to Her Highness!”

“I didn’t marry her.”

“Shut up! This time, you got engaged without telling me!”

“I’m innocent here! This isn’t an engagement. This is framing!”

“Getting married with the most beautiful maiden in Jiangnan is called being framed? All right, is she pretty? Does she give your heart leap?”

“Uh, th-”

“See? You clearly want to marry her, yet you’re trying to lie to me! Screw you!” Su Xiao threw away a jug of wine in hand and walked out.

Why is he either lifeless or cold today with me? Did Huofeng really tell me to proceed with the engagement? Even if Lass Yu still has feelings for me, hasn’t let go of me, still hasn’t adapted, still is the girl tagging along who I imagine her to be and Wutong Jin Yuxuan hasn’t told any outsiders, the engagement shouldn’t exist. I personally handed Lass Yu a letter breaking off our engagement to Lass Yu six years ago, and she didn’t say anything. How is the engagement still effective?


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