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Martial King’s Retired Life – Volume 8 Chapter 71 Bahasa Indonesia

Ming Feizhen felt his throat stung as he uttered, “Boss,” prompting him to bite down on his lip, forcing his regret and unease to go back down. Alas, the dreadful guilt still gnawed at him.

Had I not been selfish and estimated them, I could’ve rescued you earlier. It’s all my fault. Still… I’m glad. I’ve finally found you. Things have changed since thirteen years ago, five years ago. I’ve managed to save you this time.

Ming Feizhen’s disbelief find its way into his hands, wobbling them as he reached for her right hand’s meridian.

Fake death…

With a background in martial arts and medical practices, it was no surprise that Ming Feizhen knew about fake death or witnessed it before. The good news was that he had a rather easy way of undoing it. His ability to get into someone’s head, literally, would allow him to reconnect Shen Yiren’s mind and body as long as he had enough time. The bad news was that he couldn’t implement the strategy straight away.

Patients diagnosed with fake death are highly likely to have an active mind. In other words, Shen Yiren could be aware of her surroundings. If Ming Feizhen treated her while she had self-awareness, then she would suspect who he really was. Thus, his only solution was to take her back to Dragon Phoenix Inn and then find an opportunity to covertly do it, crediting someone else with the job.

Ming Feizhen subconsciously reached for Shen Yiren’s other wrist as he weighed his options, only to feel something abnormally tough, compelling him to keep checking until he find her scarred left wrist. He cast his eyes up to her face, apologetic and taking pity on her.

She’s a gallant heroine, riding on horseback and vanquishing evil with her sword for the people and imperial court. She’s the leader of Liu Shan Men – Shen Yiren. She shouldn’t be sleeping here like a doll. I’m going to save you.

Shen Yiren’s hand heated up gradually in Ming Feizhen’s hold, and he whispered, “Sorry… Boss.”


Shen Yiren felt an artificial sense of stillness, as if time had frozen. Yes, she only had her ears, and she was living in her brain, but the foreign feeling couldn’t be described any other way besides feeling as if she was in a different dimension.

Someone’s approaching with light footsteps. That footstep was considerably louder than the last. Are they stimulated about something? Why does it feel as though I have a confident guess as to what’s going to happen next.


Feizhen?! Why is he here? How did he get in? What happened to Poison King and River Monster? Why can’t I hear where they are? Did he sneak in while they are out? That’s the only way he could come in here without being carried in as a corpse. Why is he always so rash?

Despite her chiding, the corner of Shen Yiren’s lips rose in her mind. She was aware she had her emotions still; however, they were unnecessary to her for as long as she was stuck in her head. Try what she may, she couldn’t stop herself smiling. She eventually stopped fighting it since Ming Feizhen couldn’t get into her head anyway. Besides, the emotion swirling inside her felt as though it alleviated a lot of weight weighing down on her.

Shen Yiren couldn’t believe how happy she was to see Ming Feizhen; she just felt close to him in a way that she couldn’t depict with words. Although she saw through his careless nature upon first meeting, she never expected him to be a bag of surprises in more ways than one.

He has so much in the pugilistic world that you’d think he’s a veteran from it. He’s twenty-eight years old, yet he’s younger than my fiancé. He’s never accomplished anything major, cracked a big case, captured a dangerous wanted criminal or saved Liu Shan Men. Su Xiao, Tang Ye, Bai Yeshuang and the more well-equipped members have been doing all of that, so why has he grown on me the most?

Perhaps it’s because he’ll bring me a cup of tea right when I could do with a drink, show up with clues when I reach a dead end on a case, show up with a bench when I want to get something off my chest, pretend to yawn when I’m sleepy, smile when I want to fire up and always be there for me. He’s the first subordinate I’ve truly been happy with and feel that I can trust. Maybe others are more capable at work, but they don’t understand me as well as he does despite having been with me for longer.

Upon feeling Ming Feizhen take hold of her left hand, roses bloomed on Shen Yiren’s face. Nonetheless, he ignored her panic-stricken state. Though unsure why, she could vividly imagine how he looked as he gently ran his warm hand down her forearm.

Glad to know I haven’t been doting on you for nothing all this time.

“Sorry, Boss.”

H-huh? Wh-what is he apologising so sincerely f-

In spite of being disconnected from moving her limbs, Shen Yiren still had her sense of touch and, therefore, had no doubts that her lips were sealed.

He’s forcing a kiss on me?!

Shen Yiren executed her Manhood-ending Kick. Unfortunately, she missed for the first time, banging it on a solid arm. Meanwhile, the warm lips planted on hers felt more assertive than prior to her throwing the kick. In fact, he pulled her right up against his body with his right arm.

What is this torrid, ecstatic feeling? Is this a poison? Why can’t I fight it? I shouldn’t be feeling this way. Wh-why do I feel scared that I’m having these feelings?

“Ng…” Shen Yiren couldn’t believe the moan she let out in her mind as Ming Feizhen continued imposing on her lips. “B-Big Brother…”

I can’t feel any strength in body like my body is melting. My mind is going blank. I can’t think of anything. My vision is fading. All I can feel is my body leaving m-, ah, h-h-his tongue pried its way in!

Following a rumble, Shen Yiren had no idea what happened after.

Ming Feizhen leaned away, pulling out a silver string between their lips, the beauty of her rosy lips sending his heart rate into overdrive. He silently monitored Shen Yiren’s state until he heard, “Ming… Fei… zhen!”


Shen Yiren woke as if sleeping had become dangerous and wrestled Ming Feizhen onto the bed by his lapel before reaching into her shirt for an item she had kept on her all the time.

“Wait, wait, wait, why do you have an inkstone in your shirt?!” Among all the reactions Ming Feizhen imagined Shen Yiren would give, this was not one of them. He expected a reunion with his gorgeous boss, not the inkstone that he could never get along with.

“You chose the wrong lady to piss off.”

Ming Feizhen covered his cheeks with both hands: “No! No! No! W-”

Smack! Whack! Smack! Whack! Smack! Whack!


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