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Martial King’s Retired Life – Volume 8 Chapter 5 Bahasa Indonesia

One Night

After coming across Shen Yiren and Luo Siming by Taihu Lake, Zha Pi tailed them back to the estate. Since he knew he couldn’t defeat Luo Siming’s two ordinary subordinates, there was no way he was going to fight his way out of the estate. Hence, he reported back to his Liu Shan Men colleagues at Liu Shan Men where Shen Yiren was.

Had Bai Yeshuang’s subordinates not painfully stopped her, she would’ve already been confronting Ao Xue with her sword drawn. Once her emotional high subsided, Bai Yeshuang could see the folly of her trying to get in the face of a White Prince. None of them were sure if it was Shen Yiren, they had no means of proving it. They, consequently, debated whether or not it was risking themselves to gamble on it.

Blaming Zha Pi for not confirming if it really was Shen Yiren, they decided they needed someone to sneak into the estate to verify the unconscious maiden’s identity. Reverend Zha, therefore, cleaned off Bai Yeshuang’s shoeprints from his cheeks and effused he’d take on the infiltration mission.

Once they caught wind of Luo Clan searching for the best physicians, Bai Yeshuang came up with the infiltration plan. There was no way they could dress Zha Pi up as a graceful, educated man. Thus, Bai Yeshuang opted to have him go with the daoist identity since they could pass him off as a daoist with foresight.

As there wasn’t much time afforded to them, they stuffed Liu Shan Men’s exclusive healing medicine formula into Zha Pi’s shirt, did up his appearance and provided instructions simultaneously. Two hours later, Reverend Zha just happened to bump into Luo Clan’s general manager as the latter was heading back to the estate.

Luo Clan’s general manager wasn’t entrusted with the role for giggles; the man was prudent and educated as a physician. He threw a few test questions pertaining to medicine Reverend Zha’s way only to receive a smile. Reverend Zha then passed him the formula given to him, astonishing the general manager enough for him to bring the former along.

With respect to Reverend Zha’s introduction, Bai Yeshuang didn’t have enough time to come up with one. Reverend Zha, a professional bullcrap artist, was going to tell them he consumed a pill from Laozi Daoist Temple in Sichuan, plucked a peach of immortality from the palace of Xiwangmu and gave Monkey King, Sun Wukong, his chakram. On second thought, though, he decided it was better to be modest in life. That was how the story of him being a half-empyrean came to be.

Judging from Luo Clan’s reactions, Zha Pi confirmed they didn’t know Shen Yiren. As for the red mole, it was no secret at Liu Shan Men. Well, it was until a certain incident. Ming Feizhen, the most authoritative pundit on the geology of snowy peaks, coined it Liu Shan Men’s divine assets’ guardian. He told people he nobly sacrificed his face over a hundred times, taking ink stones to the face to learn about it.

Few people actually knew Ming Feizhen found about the mole thanks to Fu Xiang’s attempt to rape Shen Yiren during Orange Prince’s revolt. He, later on, had a slip of the tongue during a conversation with Su Xiao over the beauty of flowers. The two red hand marks Ming Feizhen was left with – courtesy of Su Xiao – is a story for another day.

“I was worried due to the unique nature of the maiden’s wounds. I am afraid there is no means of nursing her back to health and the potential lingering issues afterwards. I never intended to take advantage of her. General Manager Li, please close the door.”

Zha Pi wanted to ask why they needed to close the door, but Luo Siming beat his mouth to the punch, splitting the screen to fragments with a telekinesis-type palm, without making much sound.

“This is the maiden I would like for you to take a check up on. I do not wish for outsiders to see her.”

Needless to say, all of the doctors wanted to go first to display their skills. Howbeit, Doctor Luo’s identity empowered him with the prerogative to go first without complaint. To everyone’s surprise, Reverend Zha actually kept his distance as if to remind everyone he didn’t even need to be close to diagnose Shen Yiren. That, of course, didn’t sit well with Doctor Luo.

Thank god they can’t see my shaking legs under my trousers! I can’t even move them!

Doctor Luo let the other doctors go first since he believed they’d be quicker. As a specialist in martial arts and medicine, Doctor Luo spent an hour, using orthodox physician methods and then searching inside Shen Yiren with his true qi. Doctor Luo’s silence after his check-up was an answer of sorts.

Reverend Zha finally stepped forward, spending the majority of his time wearing a look of reverence as he stared intently at Shen Yiren’s face.

Luo Siming, who refrained from making a peep until all of the doctors were done, inquired, “Please tell me what you found out. Can she be treated?”

“Yes,” replied a doctor. “She can fully recover in fifteen years.”

“Fifteen years?”

“Apologies, Young Master, but this one would need twenty years,” conveyed another doctor.

“… If you would trust this old one, he could confidently say… half a year,” stated Doctor Luo.

Joy flitted across Luo Siming’s face.

As the eyes in the room moved onto him, Reverend Zha, maintaining his composed demeanour, squinted: “One night.”

“Really?!” blurted Luo Siming.

Has your mother ever told you that you’re an idiot? When else should I escape? By the way, open the damn door!


… plucked a peach of immortality from the palace of Xiwangmu and gave Monkey King, Sun Wukong, his chakram – This is an actual reference to Monkey King’s story.



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