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Martial King’s Retired Life – Volume 8 Chapter 30 Bahasa Indonesia

Maybe it was a code word. Maybe it wasn’t. Either way, those with Luo Yan clutched their weapons hidden under the table as soon as they heard, “Make your move”, and Luo Siming’s voice was drowned out amongst the sounds of their weapons and booming voices.

It was normal for there to be less blacksmiths on Repository Island than there were guards from the swordplay department. That being said, the numbers between them were fairly even as the dinner was limited to certain personnel.

The branch family members and relatives knew better than to take any action, especially since the two departments’ members in attendance were those who’d take down as many as they could before they fell even if they were fighting unarmed against a fully-equipped battalion.

Luo Yan’s accomplishments and contributions to the sect granted him prestige in the sect that others wouldn’t dare to challenge. Nevertheless, regardless of his skill, he was always “Second Master”. Meanwhile, Luo Siming, a direct descendant of Luo Ming, already had a shoe in the door for succession after proving his competence in the last few years. Still, he was only a “stand-in” patriarch. Accordingly, there were sound reasons to support either of them, but there was also no point in interfering when the wielders of Siming Sword and Flame Emperor would unquestionably have the final say.

“What happened?! Father was the one who gave the order to host Refining Divine Formation. You and I always go to collect his letters from Sword Spirit House and read them together, Second Uncle. You know as well as I do why we are hosting the event. Why are you claiming that I decided to host it on my own? What do you mean I have to kill you?” Luo Siming erupted.

“Take up your sword. Flame Emperor does not cut down unarmed men,” asserted Luo Yan.

Why is Second Uncle making these misleading claims when he knows as well as I do about Refining Divine Convention? Why are they armed when we aren’t supposed to have weapons on us tonight? We have plenty of guards if we’re worried about someone infiltrating. Second Uncle must’ve coerced them with his status. Is he… staging a mutiny due to discontentment with me leading in Father’s absence? Is he jealous Father left the clan in my hands when he is superior to me in all facets?

I’ve done my best to lead. I defused all of your subordinates’ attempts to heckle me for your son without stepping on your toes. I’ve always taken a step back for the sake of maintaining harmony, yet… you refuse to acknowledge me. What is there to think about, then?

Luo Siming whipped his right hand down and drew Siming Sword so fast that it gave off the impression that the sword drew itself out, whipping out dozens of ice steaks faster than Luo Yan had time to study.

Luo Yan took the most practical route, swinging Flame Emperor in the safest arc that would ensure he intercepted Luo Siming’s strike – Mystic Flame Dead End, a defensive technique from Flame Emperor Swordplay that also coated the wielder in a defensive layer of flames.

Luo Siming uncorked a thirteen-hit combo, switching from horizontal to vertical attacks, demonstrating he had learnt more than the accompanying manual for Siming Sword.

The style crafted for Flame Emperor focused on big movements, thereby being a power style. “Dragon Flame” was the name given to the swinging techniques as it was believed that the trail of flames left behind resembled the movements of dragons. Consequently, regardless of how fast Luo Siming was, penetrating Luo Yan’s sweeping moves was an ordeal in itself.

Luo Siming focused the cold energy in Siming Sword to the tip of the sword, resisting the heat to execute his intended attack once he was within a hundred metres of Luo Yan, thrusting onto the body of Flame Emperor. As a result, the two were saved from each other’s attacks. It was bound to be a protracted fight between for they were too familiar with each other’s style.

“Please stop.”

They suddenly saw a vague silhouette enter the hall fast enough to hear the wind whistle over the sounds everyone present made. Luo Siming and Luo Yan both waived the exchange for the visitor, hesitant to catch any potential attack travelling that quickly. The speed of whatever it was could compare to a projectile and landed with a bang! Upon close inspection, it turned out to be a mere plum blossom.

“Announce yourself!”

“She’s gorgeous…” someone blurted as he watched the maiden make her entrance.

Luo Yan muttered, “Vajra Snow. Killing with a leaf… May this old one ask if it is Metal Yu Feiyuan?”

“Indeed, it is,” the maiden replied in a monotone voice.


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