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Martial King’s Retired Life – Volume 8 Chapter 17 Bahasa Indonesia

Huofeng (Part 1)

The sound of a blade swiping a head off its shoulders played out vividly in my head, so I covered Su Xiao’s eyes.

“Big Brother Ming, why are you covering my eyes?”

“Be careful. It’s going to be windy. Watch your tongue.”

“Huh? Whoa!”

I was sure nobody I went passed could even recognise us as humans flitting past.

Obviously, I had plenty of experiences listening to someone butcher another person. What alarmed me was the familiar style I heard someone utilise. Typically, even I would need to listen in closely to read how someone was moulding qi from that distance unless we had interlinked minds. I was able to instantly identify the style because their energy moulding method stood out. I wasn’t sure who it was; however, I could tell they were the ones against the rope.

I saw nine on the prevailing team and six on the losing team – after losing one of their members – trading in an abandoned temple that came into sight. I found it perplexing for the team of six to be on the back foot when they were one of the toughest groups in amongst the unorthodox sects and were on friendly terms with orthodox sects. I had no explanation for why they would be fighting their friends.

The team of nine comprised of a broadsword wielder from Dragon Tiger Blade Sect, two daoists from Jiangnan’s Recoiling Wind Temple, three from Sky Sword Sect, one daoist from Nanjiang’s Sky and Human Synthesis Sect, one from a school I had yet to identify but was the strongest one in the temple and, last but not least, someone likely from an orthodox sect that mixed together numerous styles.

I couldn’t fathom why they’d fight with Wutong Jin Yuxuan’s group.

The jacked broadsword wielder made big, yet swift, swings with his ten kilogram ghost-head broadsword, creating the impression that he had a silver barrier in front of him. Such a style, his weapon and strength indicated that he specialised in fighting against multiple opponents; combining a heavy weapon plus body weight with a fast and rigid style maximised his force output. They called him Dragon Tiger Heavy Blade King – Wang Chao.

Dragon Tiger Blade Sect’s patriarch was so pleased with Wang Chao, whom joined the sect later on in his martial arts quest, that he declared Wang Chao his alternative successor.

The nun in the scuffle with Wang Chao was a legitimate nun – evident from her bald head under her hat. Unarmed, she methodically advanced and retreated when the circumstances called for it. From the way she chambered, manoeuvred and moved her eyes, one could see that she set aside her emotions. Her large eyes and slanted brows embellishing her lips that were pursed in a straight line illustrated her demure, yet staunch, personality.

Wang Chao had his teeth clenched, face red and was breathing heavily. If he could turn the tides to go on the offence, he’d probably dismember her from the way he was looking. Playing a defensive game was no less tiring than mounting an offence, especially if blocking attacks.

The moment Wang Chao attempted to swing out, he retracted his arm to shield himself again. This time, though, the nun grinned as aggressively as she pressed her hand onto his blade. He absorbed a palm strike to his torso that shut his system down immediately and parted the dust on the ground.



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