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Martial King’s Retired Life – Volume 8 Chapter 106 Bahasa Indonesia

In concert with his two steps forward, Ming Feizhen transferred two different types of internal energy to Su Xiao, with one covertly neutralising the damage Lie Shang inflicted unto him and the other strengthening Su Xiao’s foundations. It was as easy as clicking his fingers for Ming Feizhen to heal Su Xiao back to one hundred percent. It would arouse suspicion if Su Xiao recovered from Lie Shang’s attack so easily, having said that. Additionally, Ming Feizhen didn’t want to rob Su Xiao of an opportunity to improve from his mistake.

Su Xiao took laboured breaths while sweating cold bullets, unaware Ming Feizhen pulled him up. Ming Feizhen waited for Su Xiao to recompose himself then questioned, “Scared?” Ming Feizhen didn’t grab the chilly hand that took hold of his, repeating, “Scared?”

Finally hearing Ming Feizhen’s question, Su Xiao nodded: “… Yes.”

“Still feeling brave?”

All of the fear that Su Xiao should’ve felt before swept through his body, causing him to seize up. Death doesn’t discriminate between wealth, skills, appearances or any other noun. Perhaps only a soldier who had been through countless battles had an answer to tackling death down when it knocked. When death knocked on the fifteen year old’s door, his blood receded from his face.

Su Xiao took a while to placate his nerves and then, in a staunch voice, replied, “I am.” When he looked down because he felt warmth restored to his hands, he saw Ming Feizhen’s hand fastened around his. Su Xiao’s lips extended up to his ears as he cheered, “Big Brother Ming!”

“Rest up. Who knows how many fights will be left. Try to recall your fight from before as vividly as you can. Search for the feeling from before and make friends with it.”

“Got it.”

Yu Feiyuan kicked aside Zha Pi and approached Ming Feizhen, asking, “D-did I…”

The original plan was for Yu Feiyuan to be matched up against Elder Shou since, even if she couldn’t win, she was the only one who could even give him some competition. It didn’t matter who they assigned to fight Zha Pi for the latter was on their side in the first place. Thus, they wasted a strong piece for absolutely no good reason.

Ming Feizhen gave apologetic Yu Feiyuan a smile: “Don’t fret. Let me introduce you.”

Emperor Yuansheng expressed, “We are grateful you came to our aid in light of your friendship with Young Ming, Miss Yu. This one appreciates your assistance.”

Ming Feizhen emphasised multiple times to Yu Feiyuan that they were merely childhood friends because their shifus were also friends. Anything beyond that was described as, “Not that close.” She gave him nods when he taught her what to say, only to pinch her brows together after hearing what Emperor Yuansheng had to say, asserting, “Brother Feizhen, he has no manners, calling me Miss Yu. Mr. Li, you should address this great one as Interim Patriarch Yu.”

Emperor Yuansheng: “Brother Feizhen?”

Su Xiao: “Brother Feizhen?”

Dugu: “Brother Feizhen?”

Long Zaitian: “Who you accusing of having no manners?!”

Can you three please not call me “Brother Feizhen” with the doubled up version of “brother?” I can feel my skin crawling! Stop acting so childish, Your Majesty! Why can’t you people learn from Long Zaitian this time? Learn to prioritise His Majesty instead of paying attention to my personal issues! His Majesty just had his face slapped. You two want to be next?!

“Stop. The tournament is still going. We need to come up with a strategy,” Ming Feizhen pointed out, steering the conversation back on track.

Livid about his two losses right from the start, Green Prince cursed, “Son of a duck, chicken, hen, money-wasting-conning-slimy-impotent daoist! How dare you dupe me?! The next time I see you, I’ll slice you into a thousand pieces!”

Had Elder Shou not cleared his throat as a hint for Green Prince to cut it out, Zha Pi, who was still lying on the ground, might’ve wet his pants at the threats Green Prince reeled off.

Green Prince then conveyed, “Please accept this one’s apology, Elder. This one did not mean to attack Daoism. This one was just infuriated about the lying con artist. If we do not teach him a lesson, he will continue to violate the policies of the pugilistic world. This one will make sure Empyr-, Scumbag Zha pays! This one has nothing but respect for Daoism.”

“I understand. I understand,” Elder Shou responded with a smile. “It is understandable to be angry over his conduct.”

“Thank you. Thank you.” Green Prince heaved a breath then stated, “We must win this next match no matter what…” Things no longer looked so optimistic for Green Prince. More troubling for them was how to strategically proceed.

“It is time to show them.”

“Elder Shou, are you planning to go next?”

Elder Shou chuckled as he meandered to the edge of the pavilion, using the stone seats as support, and then peered at the sun. Bliss came to his lips as he responded, “This old one’s skills have rusted after living in the mountains for too long. He doesn’t even recognise any of the young and upcoming young talents anymore. How long has it been since this old man swung a weapon? This old one shall demonstrate a chair style for you.”

“What chair style?”

Elder Shou hoisted up a stone chair easily several hundred kilograms on one hand and then walked without his wobble, twirling the chair faster and faster on his hand as a means of spawning a tornado with a thirty metre radius. By stretching fingers out in various directions, he could manipulate the air in the vicinity around him. Experts would recognise that he wasn’t exerting that much force. To the contrary, he exerted the bare minimum, relying on the mass of the chair to assert the domineering force.

Yi Wangyou applauded, “Remarkable Big Universe Primordial Immortal Skill and Crepe Myrtle Swordplay!”

Once Elder Shou finished his sword taolu, he plunged the stone seat into the ground and exclaimed, “Who wishes to be the chair’s victim?”

“I shall accept your chair’s challenge, Elder Shou.”

Eyes holding anger, Elder Shou narrowed his eyes: “Young Master Zhong, this old one does not kill friends. Are you sure you wish to be this old one’s enemy?”

“This one hopes to learn from you.”

“Good to hear! This Red Star Chair Style deriving from Crepe Myrtle Swordplay lines up the stars, can divine your fate and more.”

“This one is hoping to learn it.”

“Here we go!”

Elder Shou picked up the chair again and then slashed the air from left to right then in reverse ten or so times. Meanwhile, Ming Feizhen started ducking, weaving, bobbing, rolling and shadowboxing randomly and then stopping to flash five fingers. Elder Shou gently spun the chair whilst shaking his head five times then scratched out the number “two” on the ground. Ming Feizhen grumpily bent one finger, turning his hand pose into a “four”. Elder Shou continued spinning the chair but didn’t make another move. Likewise, Ming Feizhen lowered his hand, and then the two pulled back thirty metres from each other.

Elder Shou then beat three holes into the ground at the same time Ming Feizhen flicked up three fingers, both regarding each other with smiles.

“Thank you, Young Master Zhong.”

“Leave it to this one.”

“Accepted.” The two walked off to their teams, respectively.

Green Prince and Yi Wangyou exchanged eye contact with Elder Shou, waiting for an explanation. Elder Shou suddenly grunted and dropped onto the ground. He pointed back at Ming Feizhen with his arms convulsing and shouted, “Splendid Delayed Bomb Fists!”

“Screw you and your bullcrap! You dove! You flipping daoists are clearly out to screw me over!” cursed Green Prince.


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