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Martial King’s Retired Life – Volume 8 Chapter 102 Bahasa Indonesia

“She’s. So. Annoying,” Boss mouthed while River Monster cried on me.

Stop it! Stop relishing her misery! Don’t you feel sorry for her?

“If I was in her shoes, I’d be fine,” mouthed Boss.

Abels hair must be a lush, green plain right now. I don’t do that, though. Don’t seduce me!

Gently patting River Monster on the back, I conveyed, “Miss River Monster, this old one’s experience tells him that what you see and hear may not be real. While this old man does not know the details of your romance with Master, he can say with certainty that humans don’t change so easily.”

River Monster juddered, surprised to hear something she hadn’t heard before. “Thank you, Zhong Ning. Though you may be Mountain Monster’s subordinate, you have been very helpful,” she expressed, having a few more sobs and then recollecting herself.

“Your subject is only doing his job.”

“Gals over pals,” I thought I heard from Boss.

I’d be a real mad man if I listened to your suggestion! I’ll grope you!

Exchanging eye contact with me to communicate, Boss pointed to her shirt, which was where her inkstone was, and then pointed to my head, telling me she’d clobber me. I curled my lips and then performed an eagle claw, deliberately keeping it open because of Boss’ huge knockers that my hand couldn’t fit. Boss pouted her lips and widened her eyes back at me.

Having recovered from her emotional distress, River Monster stated, “I was not myself. Everything I said…”

“Has decayed. Nobody will know,” I replied.


No promises Boss won’t tell, though.

River Monster plotted her next move then said, “I’m done with the woman. I need you to do something for me.”

“Your subject is at your service.”

A devious smile came to River Monster’s lips: “It’s not a hard job…”


Bang! Bang! Bang! I hammered the door to Luo Clan’s estate and hollered, “Is Young Master Luo home? This old one has a gift for you.”

I checked the situation at the estate before I knocked and found that they had changed all of the personnel – probably because of the mayhem Xiaogou and I incited. Nobody recognised me for I switched out my beard.

“Young Master Luo, open up. This is a present for you.”

“Who is it?!” Luo Wuchang opened the door irritably and questioned, “Who are you? Why are you screaming and carrying on outside Luo Clan’s estate? This old one is Luo Wuchang, Luo Clan’s chamberlain, Luo Wuchang. If you want to pass on a message, this old one shall pass it on for you.”

“This old one is the best woodchopper in Dongshan – Lumberjack King of this generation. A few days ago, this old one passed by Canhu Town and picked up a gorgeous maiden adorning lavish clothing. This old one learned she is Young Master Luo’s. This old one was not sure if she has anything to do with him, so he is here to deliver her.” I stepped aside to let Luo Wuchang see Boss sleeping on my cart.

Luo Wuchang sped back inside to report and came out with Luo Siming, who I didn’t expect to run into considering he’d be the busiest at the moment. His brisk walk and garments worn outside of home were indicators that he rushed over as soon as he heard Luo Wuchang’s report even though he just returned.

“Miss!” Luo Siming beamed as he went over to Boss Shen.

“Ol’ Zhong, long-time no see!” Zha Pi was even happier to see me than Luo Siming was to see Boss Shen. I totally forgot about him while I was busy. Had he not once astonished everyone, the man probably would’ve been kicked out already. As such, I was quite certain Luo Siming came back to fetch the almighty empyrean.

“How are you, Empyrean Zha?”

“Life is not easy.”

“Thank you for bringing her back, Elder. I have been restless ever since she went missing,” conveyed Luo Siming. “I came back to invite Empyrean Zha to Repository Island for a banquet; how about you join us since you two are friends?”

“What banquet would this old one have the honour of attending?”

Luo Siming answered in a confident tone, “My father is finally coming out of seclusion.”


“Finally escaped. You piece of crap, keeping me chained to you for so long,” Mountain Monster cursed upon sneaking out of Dragon Phoenix Inn while continuing to race off with disregard for the people who turned to watch her.

There’s no lock that can restrain someone forever or an internal style that can bound someone forever. With that said, Ming Feizhen’s conscious lock should’ve lasted a lot longer had Mountain Monster not kept trying to break it daily, which was, in part, attributed to all the free time she had on her hands. She noticed that the time frame his technique beset her when she pushed the limit incrementally shortened each time, so she kept at it until today.

Mountain Monster escaped into the mountain and then entered an entrance.

“M-Ma’am Mountain Monster?! Ma’am Mountain Monster is back!”

“Someone go report Ma’am Mountain monster is back.”

“Please… Please be all right. I’ll do anything. Please be all right, you jerk!” Mountain Monster prayed in her heart.


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