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Martial King’s Retired Life – Volume 7 Chapter 62 Bahasa Indonesia

Treacherous Loli

Let’s give Dugu a proper introduction, shall we?

The fact that Emperor Yuansheng only brought thirty people – even if accounting for the fact it wasn’t a long trip – showed his preparations for the incognito trip were lacking. I was sure part of his participation was for his own ends. I could tell he wasn’t pleased with the Seven Champion White Princes based off his recent behaviour. His issue was that he didn’t know where to start.

A-Hu was going to become one of Emperor Yuansheng’s pawns once he succeeded leadership of Gold and Silver Sect. The better a piece was, the longer it should be reserved for. Emperor Yuansheng wouldn’t choose to go after Gold and Silver Sect first. That was why he chose Luo Sword Manor. He had his considerations to account for as a sovereign on the journey, but he decided to leave the palace in the afternoon he decided to lead an expedition the same morning because of his concern for Boss Shen. If he had another day to prepare, the escort would be several folds bigger. Crap, I digressed so far that I don’t know where I’m going. Let’s get back to Dugu.

Dugu had a special role in the mission. He had yet to reveal his combat skills, but his loyalty to Emperor Yuansheng was as unwavering as Tie Hanyi’s, prudence was on par with Long Zaitian, was calm, suave and as cool as me. He excelled in every integral facet. That was why Emperor Yuansheng specifically selected him. In my opinion, his role was similar to the general manager of the interior – which was Eunuch Wang Tushui’s post.

Among the young gentlemen of the escort, Tang Ye and Dugu were most similar. They were both the handsome type, possessed similar combat prowess and almost equally observational. Though Tang Ye resembled a blockhead, he was actually quite good at picking up on things despite not working as a secret agent. He learnt to hone his focus after dealing with people hunting him down after he challenged their friends or relatives. Tang Ye was able to figure out a way to counter his opponent’s style after three or so rounds, but he couldn’t care less about analysing anything not related to fighting.

Dugu had everything Tang Ye did, but his job prioritised observation and adaptability over combat prowess. That was why I was tense as soon as I saw the two come in and see me with Mountain Monster. Dugu should’ve been observant enough to notice I had changed into an old man’s clothing in a county’s town. It’d explain his suspicious reaction when he saw me standing next to Mountain Master, at the very least.

Tang Ye had a rough estimate of my martial skills and identity. Thus, he wouldn’t be surprised even if he saw me apprehending the mastermind. Unfortunately, Dugu wouldn’t be able to unwrap Tang Ye’s reaction. Accordingly, nobody knew what was going on. To kill the awkward atmosphere and to stop them watching for too long, I blurted, “Perfect timing. I was looking for a help. Come give me a hand. This girl is so clingy.”

“H-help?” stuttered Dugu.

“Yes, yes, hurry, hurry. She keeps resisting.”

Instead of helping me, Tang Ye gave me the same look Dugu did. I couldn’t tell what exactly was going through their minds, but I could see despise. The two of them were silent. Mountain Monster and I were stupefied.

“… Big Bro, did you… capture her?”

I smiled brightly to hide what I did: “Not exactly. I, uh, bumped into her in here.”

Tang Ye: “And struck… because you saw her?”

“Huh? I… I guess so?”

I was going to say I found Mountain Monster when she was suffering qi deviation, so I captured her. I thought I pretty much expressed that. Howbeit, Tang Ye took a step back and asked, “Big Bro, you went for a young girl?”

Huh? Meow, meow, meow? H-Hang on. What the hell?!

Dugu pulled out handcuffs.

What the hell do you carry handcuffs around for?! Screw you, Tang Ye, useless teammate. These two a-holes are skipping the speculation part and jumping straight to the execution!

Mountain Monster and I looked at each other. She scrunched her face up in disgust: “Ew, you have a thing for me? You want to bed me? Get the hell out of here!”

Who said I have a thing for you?! My taste isn’t so bad that I’d fall for you, you arrogant, sicko loli!

Only then did it occur to me the problem was Mountain Monster’s appearance. I couldn’t have looked nice when I was threatening the loli. I guess that was why the two incriminated me as a lolicon as soon as they entered. Luckily for me, her adult voice made her suspicious. Even so, she was sly to the bitter end.

As soon as Mountain Monster noticed the two suspicious of her, she instantly switched back to try and frame me. I used celestial spider silk to control her into saying, “You. Central. Plain. Losers. I. Will. Rip. You. All. Apart.”

That confirmed she was a treacherous loli. I then blurted, “I changed my close to try and ambush her. When I saw her meditating in here, I supposed she suffered qi deviation. I remember you threw your spear at the lanky Wang bloke, and then a midget ran off. I suspect it’s her.”

Tang Ye folded his arms: “Indeed, I remember he was a midget. He must’ve used a disguise technique to disguise himself as an adult male.”

“I heard her name was Wang Liang or something.”

Dugu: “Wang Liang? That’s one of Evil Spirits’ four strongest. Brother Ming, you just caught a big fish.”

Tang Ye was still suspicious of me.

Hey, don’t give me that look. It’ll raise suspicion!

“I see the legends of your feats as Liu Shan’s Plague are true,” Dugu mumbled and then backed off.

That’s what you’re putting it down to?! I thought you’re a secret agent. You didn’t even bother to analyse it!

We decided to take her back to have Emperor Yuansheng decide what to do with her. What could we do? We were civil servants.

By the time we returned to Bishui Town, the streets had settled down. Carrying Mountain Monster, I whispered, “Hey, Lass.”

Mountain Monster didn’t blush. She even played thug and glared back at me: “What?”

“Speak to the uncle properly. You better not expose me, or you’re in for it,” I warned before removing the silk.

Mountain Monster still couldn’t use her skills because I had sealed multiple meridians. Emperor Yuansheng could tell there was something odd about her from her aggressive aura.

“You’re Mountain Monster?” Emperor Yuansheng asked.

“Hmph, hehe, hey, Uncle, there’s something wrong with that Young Master Zhong Ming.”

Hey! Selling me out already?!



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