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Martial King’s Retired Life – Volume 6 Chapter 57 Bahasa Indonesia

Ending – Stylishly Displaying Honour

“Lord San Shen, it’s been a long time since we last met at the Forbidden City,” remarked the Emperor.

I smiled: “Not really. You still look as great as then. I have missed you.”

I deliberately altered my voice, because there were plenty of people who knew me present. Long Cheng and company, being used to their line of work, automatically knew I didn’t want those around me to know my Lord San Shen identity. Hence, they weren’t surprised. Tang Ye’s odd expression caught my attention. He had a hunch I was Lord San Shen; however, he didn’t have sufficient evidence to verify his suspicion. He never asked, so I never mentioned it.

Bai Lian didn’t look too pleased with us. If anything, her frown suggested she detested us. Maybe she thought the Demon Sect would be a bad influence on Lord Zi or something. She was dressed in a female’s dress to disguise herself as one of Kong Duan’s adepts. Thick dresses and belts hampered movement. Using her wits, improvisation skills and actual deft combat skills, she figured tying the legs of her dress would overcome the issue. As a result, the form-fitting look highlighted her thighs.

In regards to Su Xiao… he wasn’t with them for some reason. I don’t know; the kid was missing part of his brain. Maybe something caught his attention, and he got lost on the way over.

The Emperor fumed, “I don’t need you to miss me. In fact, that would be worrying.”

I think the Emperor was annoyed he couldn’t get rid of me after Princess Hongzhuang fell for Lord San Shen. After a long complaint, he remarked, “Is this… where you worship the remaining sinners of your Demon Sect?”

“Watch your mouth, you wretched Emperor! This is where we worship the sacred one,” fumed Long Cheng. “Salute the North. The moon is within. It’s a ritual we only use when worshipping Patriarch. Don’t you dare vomit nonsense in my presence!”

Long Cheng’s tone drastically differed from when he was talking about amputating his own hand; he sounded tough. Maybe having me backing him had something to do with it. He didn’t have a headache or sore leg anymore. I bet he could’ve climbed seven floors in one breath!

Calling the Emperor a “wretched Emperor” incurred the fury of the Seventeen Hidden Dragons, who decided to fire back verbally, expressing their unwavering loyalty and courage. Watching their verbal skirmish reminded me of my shifu and the people at the brothels fighting for the girl.

Anyhow, I gently cleared my throat. The four Seventeen Hidden Dragons shouted in unison, “Watch out for the hidden weapons,” and jumped back all the way behind the Emperor…

‘You’re making the Emperor your shield?’

The Emperor and I ignored them. I added, “This one did not come here with any ill intent. Please do not misunderstand, Your Majesty.”

“I don’t believe you harbour any ill will. I wouldn’t have personally met with you otherwise,” replied the Emperor, nodding as he observed me. “That being said, you keep showing up wherever I go. You first showed up at the Forbidden City. Then, I heard you fought for a beauty at Qinhuai River. Now we meet again. These meetings are not normal, are they?”

“Indeed, they are not. However, they are all coincidences. I never had any intention of getting in your way. I cannot help it, though, for I have many private matters to deal with. As a consequence, I accidentally appear before you. I shall refrain from disrupting you again and causing you trouble.”

The Emperor nodded: “I am flattered you would be so considerate. I do want to ask what you are here for this time, nonetheless. A minister has corrupted the imperial court’s order. I am here to clean the mess. The men beside you were assisting said corrupt minister just before. You have not involved yourself with the pugilistic for many years; I never expected you to involve yourself with my court affairs. Is this part of your idea of ‘refraining’?”

Everything the Emperor said expressed faint hostility. He, perhaps, evaluated me as a walking disaster as troublesome as Old Ximen. He assumed I would bring bloodshed to the martial realm again after he went through so much to settle and organise it. Thus, he was very vigilant of me. For my life away from the pugilistic world’s sake, it was in my best interest to limit interactions with the Emperor. I figured the best option was to entertain him for a while before leaving, perhaps. I didn’t intend to do that, though.

I calmly stated, “That should be my question for you, Your Majesty.”

One of the Seventeen Hidden Dragons: “Insolence.”

I ignored the fellow and went on: “This large underground room you are in is the Divine Moon Cult’s underground divine temple. The first floor is being used as Heaven Sector. The rings for betting and fighting are the altars we use for our religious rituals.”

The Emperor understood where I was taking it: “You mean Kong Duan turned this place int-“

“This place is a building from many epochs ago. Judging from its appearance, it is safe to say it has over a hundred years of history. It is also my first time here. According to Divine Moon Cult’s religious guide, we are to set up altars to worship and pray for three days in February, starting from the thirty-third on Divine Moon Cult’s calendar. After that, we celebrate for seven days. It is Divine Moon Cult’s festival. This is sacred place Divine Moon Cult’s followers believe must not be desecrated. The divine temple is also the only place we can worship our patriarch.

Your men were the ones who turned this place into a gambling den and fighting arena. Your men were the ones who defiled our sacred grounds. Your people were the ones who threatened my cult’s guardian with our patriarch’s grave. So, my question to you is, does it make sense to not fight back when someone invades our place and blasphemes it?”

“Is your patriarch’s grave the spot you are standing at?”

Long Cheng held up a rectangle tablet and stepped into the light’s range. The Emperor clearly saw the text on the tablet that looked brand new. Ximen Chuideng personally wrote the text. It read: Dark Moon Faction’s Bai Tianbin’s grave. Your disciple, Chuideng.

Someone’s thought: “The Demon Sect’s Dark Moon Faction’s patriarch’s grave…”

I expressed, “Bai Tianbin was a hero in his lifetime, yet everything he left behind crumbled after his passing. His wife and son were separated. Dark Moon Faction fell from grace. Still, he had friends. This one will not hesitate to punish any who dares to desecrate Bai Tianbin’s grave under any circumstance. Your Majesty, please keep an eye on your people. I said it before: I will not interfere with the imperial court and Divine Moon Cult’s conflict. With that said, should anyone defile the dead, this one will show no mercy. A mere second rank minister thinks he’s a hero of the ages.”

The Emperor fell silent before he sighed: “In that case, this is merely a misunderstanding. Please leave this place with your men.”

One of the Seventeen Hidden Dragons sounded out: “Your Majesty, there is no need to fear him. Your subject is willing to fight for you. Whether he triumphs or loses, it is his honour.”

Bai Lian indifferently said, “If you’re going to fight, you have to win. If losing and winning don’t matter, what are you fighting for? To embarrass His majesty? You make your life sound important. Is His Majesty’s reputation less important?”

The warrior was outraged. Alas, he couldn’t afford to offend General Manager Bai. All he could do was pretend he never said it.

In a firm tone, the Emperor said, “Say no more. Lord San Shen saved me at the Forbidden City. He didn’t use that to ask me for anything. Would I stoop lower than him?”

With a smile, I told Long Cheng and company to take the ashes and stone tablet first, and I would leave after they all left. Long Cheng, however, said, “Lord San Shen, this pl-.”

“Get going. There’s no need to keep this place anymore,” I interjected.


“Don’t worry about it and go. Regroup outside.”

Since he noticed me focusing my attention on the Emperor, Long Cheng was cognizant I had something to say to the Emperor. He, therefore, did as he was told. Several of the Emperor’s men drew their weapons to stop Long Cheng and company. They didn’t dare to take any actual action without the Emperor’s command, though. All they could do was watch Long Cheng leave.

The Emperor asked, “How can I help you, Lord San Shen?”

“You did me a favour, so I, naturally, have to repay the favour.”

“What favour do you speak of?” asked the Emperor, with a smile. “You saved my daughter and I. I repaid that favour. Neither of us owes each other anything. What favour is there for you to repay?”

“That is not all there is. Guardian Long committed treason when he attempted to assassinate you, yet you overlooked it. I must repay that favour.”

“You sure are an honest man, Lord San Shen. May I ask how you intend to repay the favour, then?”

“I can… answer a question of yours. Any question. I will honestly answer any question you may have for me.”

“I accept.”

The Emperor began to contemplate. He could ask Lord San Shen to reveal his identity, or he could ask for Ximen Chuideng’s whereabouts. With only one question he could ask, he needed to be prudent. Eventually, he asked, “I would like to ask, who is Lord San Shen siding with at the moment? Five years ago, you didn’t intervene. Will you intervene henceforth?”

“I admire you for prioritising the nation. You want to know my goal? I can answer that.” I smiled and candidly replied, “Unlike Ximen Chuideng, I have no desire to conquer the Central Plain or overthrow the current rule. All I care about are the things I care about. Divine Moon Cult fell due to their own mistakes; I will not pursue the defeat. Five years ago, I never exacted a vengeance on the imperial court after their fall, and I will not today or in future. However, that does not imply I will overlook the imperial court killing members unable to fend for themselves.

I was against Ximen Chuideng’s desire to revolt. Divine Moon Sect has sacrificed enough. As a matter of fact, they have sacrificed more than they needed to. It is not even one thousandth of its former self. There is no need for you to project your fear back then onto the weak in the present. The majority of the members remaining in the Central Plain prefer peace. As long as they want to lead peaceful lives or ordinary men, why does the imperial court insist on exterminating them? You are a tolerant and benevolent man. As long as you stop slaughtering Divine Moon Cult’s members, the imperial court and I have no grudge or conflict to speak of.”

“I understand now.”

“Additionally, I hope what happened today never repeats itself.”

I took out a bronze mask from my shirt and wore it on before I began to leave: “Your Majesty, regardless of what happens, please do not force me to be your enemy. Otherwise, the next time a flag is raised, the one you see slaughtering his way to the capital might just be me alone.”

I virtually vanished into thin air after I finished speaking. One of the Seventeen Hidden Dragons stuttered, “H-How did he just disappear?”

The Emperor remarked, “You’re proving yourself to be ignorant. That is what they call the Divine Realm. He has reached the apex of martial arts spoken of in the martial world’s ancient legends. Don’t undermine it with your ignorance.”

The Emperor stared at the spot Lord San Shen vanished and spaced out. After snapping out of it, he mumbled, “It’s such a pity someone so brilliant isn’t in my service… Was it because of fate that Hong’er’s marriage fell through last time?”



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