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Martial King’s Retired Life – Volume 6 Chapter 38 Bahasa Indonesia

Husband and Wife to Battle – Waiting to Speak

The three of us sneaked our way to Feiyun Hall’s secret room. Based on my analysis of the conversation between Yang Lianhua and Lu Shangfei, the stolen goods were supposed to be in the secret room. General Manager Bai and I decided to investigate it straight away and take them back if we found the goods.

I showed the two the highest form of courtesy on the way, allowing them to walk in front. Both of them wore weird looks: “General Manager, Lord Zi, this way please.”

Bai Lian fumed, “Teach Lord Zi nonsense again, and I’ll serve you a dish of comeuppance.”

I actually already took a savage beating after Bai Lian heard Lord Zi mention I could be his biological father. Why? Because she was positive I misled him with my bad influence and desecrated Brilliant Consort whom she respected most.

‘Eunuch, you were probably still playing in a sandpit when I got to know Feng Huang!’

It took ages and plenty of effort to explain and convince Bai Lian it was just a misunderstanding. Oh, and I only took three slaps to the face. How about that? Impressed with my tremendous accomplishment?

As for Lord Zi’s perception of me… I explained to him, “I only head about your mother; I don’t actually know her. Stop making wild guesses.”

Lord Zi kept glancing in my direction; he didn’t believe me. He kept using his hand to compare his to mind to see if we resembled each other.

‘That method doesn’t even work, Kid! Similar hands don’t make you my son! Don’t go labelling me things that’ll make my head roll! I don’t want to be the antagonist who gifted the Emperor a green hat after I retired. By the way, why aren’t you suspecting your mother had an affair?! We don’t resemble each other in any shape or form!!’

“Shifu,” called Lord Zi. He didn’t call me “dad”, since there were no outsiders around. I couldn’t be bothered correcting him again, so I let him call me what he fancied. After thinking, he inquired, “Are you right handed or left handed?”

“Me? I’m right handed.”

Lord Zi revealed a look of astonishment: “M-Me, too.”

‘Hey! Don’t do me like this! I could find a right-handed man without even trying every few steps from here! If being right handed made me your old man and Bai Lian was also right handed, would she be your mother?! First of all, she’s a eunuch, so she couldn’t give birth to you even if she was your mother; how would she and I give birth to you, then?!’

Bai Lian didn’t butt in while the two of us interacted in an odd manner; nevertheless, as soon as she heard Lord Zi’s belly growl, she handed him a clean and nice pear from her shirt: “Lord Zi, you must be hungry by now. How about a pear? Pears are your favourite, right?”

“Oh! Thank you, Sister Lian!” exclaimed Lord Zi, grabbing the pear and taking a blissful bite.

Lord Zi smiled brightly after having his bite. I, on the other hand, was startled: “No way. It can’t be that coincidental.”

I wondered, “Lord Zi likes pears, too?”

Bai Lian thought I wanted the pear, so she gave me a scowl: “Ming Feizhen, I know you also like pears, but can’t you give kids a priority? You’re a grown adult for crying out loud!”

Lord Zi’s gaze swiftly glanced over to me. He touched his chin to enter his super detective mode: “Oh? Shifu also likes pears?!”

”Oh’ your fucking pear! How many pear fans are there in the entire nation?! Are all of them your father or something?! If that was true, every strand of hair on His Majesty’s head would be green! Your mother is a good girl; she would never betray His Majesty. Your father must dislike you for some other reason!’

Noticing my livid reaction, General Manager Bai froze for a tick. Hopeless, she passed me a candy wrapped in paper: “Hang in there. I’ll buy you a pear when we get back, okay?”

‘I… I’m not fussing over the apple! What sort of glutton do you take me for?!’

I grabbed the candy and grumpily ate it, only to think, “Oooohh, this is sweet.”

General Manager Bai shook her head with a helpless smile as she watched me as if I was her immature younger brother. Before I could retort, Lord Zi mumbled, “Fourth similarity: Sister Lian gives us food.”

In my mind: “Wait. That’s a similarity?! And stop searching for proof I’m your father! I feel I’ll be in more danger further down the road! General Manager Bai is being nicer because Lord Zi and I are similar? Why does it feel as though she’s taking care of me as if I’m another Lord Zi? I don’t know how to feel about this. But don’t treat me as your younger brother! I’m virtually ten years older than you!”

Smiling, Bai Lian said, “Okay, okay, I’ll treat you to a meal after. Work comes first.”

‘You’re taking your elder sister character for real?! You’re a eunuch! Did Lord Zi transform you into a female with his continuous ‘Sister Lian’?!’

“Stop. Someone’s coming,” I warned. “Five fighters up ahead. They aren’t weak.”

Bai Lian: “Your hearing is good enough to even tell skill levels?”

“Mount Daluo produces elites,” I casually answered with a smile. “If there’s one thing I’m not horrible at, it’s my listening ability.”

Bai Lian didn’t completely buy it, but the three of us took cover. Soon enough, the footsteps were audible for all three of us. We planned to jump them if they passed by. However, the five didn’t come our way; instead, they went elsewhere. I still didn’t know how far Feiyun Hall’s underground area stretched. That said, there were apparently areas I had yet to explore.

One of the five complained, “Our boss did all the thinking and took the risk involved with transportation. That son of a bitch just comes along and demands the goods without even giving a thank you.”

Another one added, “Exactly. We’ve been at this remote place for ages and had to train those farmers into fighters. Does he think it’s a walk in the park or something? After we finally get something, the freak demands it.”

An older one: “It’s our boss’ problem for not being able to control the deals at Feiyun Hall. We’re given the authority to manage the place, but the money earned from the fights at Heaven Sector all go to Feiyun Hall’s people. Not even Rabbit Fiend gets a cut.”

Bai Lian and I exchanged eye contact. Based on what we heard, neither Lu Shangfei nor Yang Lianhua ran Feiyun Hall; they were only managers. There was somebody with a bigger share. Rabbit Fiend recommended people to earn a commission, which also explained why he could use General Manager Bai to earn for himself.

One of the five said, “This is the place. Bring out the chest. Pick a few for the freak to entertain him.”

General Manager Bai and I poked our heads out to watch the five around the chest. As soon as the lid came off, the golden items radiated brightly. There was also jade and more. It was unmistakably items from the imperial palace. We looked back at each other. There was no better time to take action.


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