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Martial King’s Retired Life – Volume 5 Chapter 35 Bahasa Indonesia

One Night of Affectionate Love. Three Years of Intrigue


That was the last thing I wanted to do with Jingan. Mama Liang blankly stood in place and looked at me. She repeated herself in a monotone voice, “Please head over, Fuma.”

I scratched my head and miserably answered, “Keep it down… I want some peace.”

Jingan suddenly raised her head and giggled, “You miss me, Dear?”

‘Can you choose another time to remember that nickname of yours?!!’

‘Speaking of which, you’re supposed to be an elegant character; why would you give yourself such a cute nickname?!’

Once we reached our room, the dragon and phoenix design on the frame, which was the shape of the moon, emitted eye-catching aesthetics. I remembered the scale of things when we got married back then was basically on that scale, too.

‘Are we doing this again tonight?’

I unnaturally lowered my head, and my eyes coincidentally met with Jingan’s body.

She dropped her usual graceful and refined demeanour for a bashful one, “How about… you let me taking care of you tonight, Dear?”

I cleared my throat and replied in a stoic manner, “Princess, didn’t I tell you that owing to my practice of The Most Perfect Square Has No Corners The Loudest Sound Is the One That Cannot Be Heard Giant Pearl Purple Wrinkle Invincible Evil Demolition Overlord’s Divine Art forbids me from sexual relationships with women?”

Befuddled, Jingan remarked, “But, Fuma… why does it sound as though the name of that style gets longer every time you mention it? I don’t recall the Overlord part or anything similar.”

“Eh? Does it?” I touched my nose and solemnly explained, “That is because I have reached a higher level.”

Jingan looked at me with her large puppy eyes. I wasn’t sure if she believed me or not. Either way, I had run out of ideas…

I didn’t flee. I sat down on the bed frame in a callous manner, undid my two soldier boots and kicked them off my feet, where they then landed on the ground. I then pulled off the blanket and lay sprawled out on the bed in an impudent fashion.

Jingan didn’t laugh when she saw my coarse behaviour; instead, she giggled, “Fuma, it has been hard on you to serve the nation. Have matters at the Northern border been resolved?”

After she asked her question, a pair of soft and white hands gently and slowly slid up my thighs.

‘Hey, hey! Which of my actions just now gave you the illusion that I was serving the nation?! I even spent a night at Heavenly Fragrance Garden last night! I never even went to the Northern border!’

Jingan was in just her underwear; her long hair was undone, revealing an enchanting aura that she never usually showed. Usually, she was elegant and beautiful, showing that she came from a respectful household. Now, though, she was an exceptional stunner who men could only dream of. Nevertheless, I suppressed my desires and tightly shut my eyes.

“Not yet.” I pretended to be exhausted and sleepy. In a nasal voice, I continued, “His Majesty has done a great deal for me. If I do not give my best, I would have let down the effort he spent on me. Worry not, Princess, the fodder at the Northern border are no match for me. I will be back in the course of time.”

I then faked extreme fatigue and began to pretend to snore. The Princess didn’t say anything when she saw me so tired. After some time, she suddenly spoke out in a soft voice, “Fuma. Fuma… stop faking it. I know you’re awake. You’re… too energetic down there; there’s no way you could fool me.”

I almost leapt to my feet!

‘Fuck me! What are you looking at?!’

I sat up a little. I saw the Princess’ red cheeks and eyes trained on my lower body. A very dangerous pillar appeared beneath the blanket.

‘What are you looking at?! It’s all your fault for rubbing me! It wouldn’t have happened if you didn’t touch such a sensitive spot!’

“Princess, did I not tell you already?! Y-“

I froze and couldn’t finish what I wanted to say.

In the room with the dim candle lights, I saw the beauty, who was my wife, with a soft satin dudou in her hand. The sight of her nearly imploded my head!

Once the cultured beauty slipped out of her underwear, all that was left was a thin outer garment. She sat on the bed. Her stunning curves changed shape when she pressed them on my body. The two snowy mountains looked vaguely visible under the dim light, occasionally revealing themselves as if they were white lights. The delectable snow mountains were supple and potentially capable of reflecting the moonlight. It was as though their owner was the most hospitable owner. I sneaked a glance. Honestly, I almost gave in to my urge and bit them.

A shy flush red tinge appeared on her cheeks, yet her back appeared as if it didn’t have an ounce of strength to support her body, thereby leaving her with no choice but to lean on my chest. She clumsily threw her entire body at me. As I went to get up, our faces collided as did her body, thereby leading to her white skin jiggling right before my eyes. Down low, I saw soft and smooth white skin without a blemish, as well as strands of black hair. I couldn’t resist the urge open my mouth and link it with her body. As her smooth and supple snow white skin entered my mouth, the beauty softly moaned, “Ah,” and her body began to tremble.

Her breath and voice contained hints of joy, yet also a sensation that would erase her rationality.

A sweet aroma filled my nose; it was as though she smothered her skin with milk and honey that I tasted over and over. Aside from her soft flesh, my suckling intensified until the sound of liquids could be heard dripping.

If her body was a peach, it would perfectly understandable as to why Sun Wukong was determined to taste one of the peaches of immortality no matter what the price was, thereby causing the uproar in heaven.

I did my best to savour every inch of the beauty, while she moaned and moaned until her moans became completely unlike a cultured and reserved girl. The two of us would exchange eye contact every now and then. Traces of tears surfaced in her tears, but the boiling atmosphere around us heated up even us, plunging us deeper into our trap of lust.

The beauty’s eyes looked emotional, “Dear… please dote on me.”

An enthralling scent seeped into my nose; my body gradually fired up. I scooped my hands under the beauty, whose entrancing body was on fire, and picked her up to hold her up against my chest!

I had no idea how much time passed in the end.

I quietly sat up at the top of the bed. I glanced at the half-naked beauty who was sound asleep next to me. Taking into account that she fell asleep due to me manipulating her acupuncture point, she was still a sleeping beauty. When my urge gushed to the surface, and I was about to completely go down, I stopped and put her to sleep with acupuncture point manipulation.

I didn’t evaluate myself as an upright and honest man, and I wasn’t bothered with seeking thrills and fun at places intended for such activities. Taking advantage of a Princess, however, was a major issue.

I left again without bidding farewell.


When morning walked in, Princess Jingan gradually came to.

When she sorrowfully swept her gaze over beside her on the bed, he was missing. She checked herself out then slowly sat up and got off the bed while still nude. She quietly called, “Mama Liang.”

The maid, who had been waiting outside for a long time, pushed the door open and entered. In her hands were clothes that had been prepared for Princess Jingan to change into. She then deftly helped Jingan get dressed. With a sluggish expression, she stoically reported, “We failed to kill him. The drug did not appear to work on him. He did not sleep all night, while the assassins did not dare to enter. He did not violate you; his martial skills are, therefore, still intact.”

Princess Jingan’s calm, eloquent and mesmerising face reflected a sudden change. It was still her face, and she was still Jingan, but her entire demeanour changed from head to toe and inside out. Usually, she was akin to a spring breeze, but she was akin to a fire last night. Today, she had transformed into a block of impregnable ice. Her cold tone was a complete contrast to her usual self.

“I asked him to sleep with me months ago and forced him from Night Fortress to the border in the North to make it easy to lay things down for Jing Wangsun. Everything that I did was to prepare for this moment. I never expected him to return and compete to be Hongzhuang’s fuma… Ming Feizhen, I underestimated you,” mumbled Jingan. She then coldly added, “Don’t worry about this time’s failure. I will kill him sooner or later. Notify Jin Wangsun that I have organised everything for the Fuma selection. Tell him to get ready to marry Hongzhuang.”


Jingan failed once again. As I made my way back to Liu Shan Men, I recalled last night’s exchange with her.

In truth, Jingan and I had been battling for three years. She had asked me to consummate our marriage countless times in the three years since our marriage. She also sought to ruin my martial arts skills. Of course, my training style claim was gibberish; the reality was that she couldn’t do that even if we shared a bed. Despite her countless attempts, she failed. In saying that, she never left any traces. As a result, I never managed to catch any incriminating evidence to tear down the fake act she kept up. Thus, the two of us continued with our sporadic skirmishes for the last three years.

Months ago, she used consummating our marriage as an excuse to force me to leave, using business in the North as my excuse. Never did I imagine that she was now assisting Jin Wangsun in contending for the fuma title. Her frightening schemes had only become more and more frightening.

I always thought that Jin Wangsun had someone helping him from behind the scenes; else, there was no way that he managed to snatch Night Fortress with such ease and the patriarch seat in Gold and Silver Sect. As such, I didn’t hastily go after him. After finding out that it was Jingan, who was supporting him from the shadows, I had more qualms weighing on me and avoided any outright confrontations.

As I previously said, Jingan wasn’t the cultured girl that she makes herself out to be. While she held the title of the capital’s most beautiful woman and the graceful eldest Princess, she actually nurtured an incredibly daring and ambitious nature within her.

I would consider that I knew her extremely well. After all, she was after my life from the moment we got married.

Author Note: To readers presuming and guessing third party or NTR, pardon me, but I, Taibai, never said that Jingan was a good person.


*I give up on adapting this one. When Ming Feizhen says “I want some peace,” it’s the exact same way as saying “I miss Jingjing.” We have just found out that Jingjing is Jingan’s nickname used by those close to her. The original Chinese is 我想静静. It can be understood either way. If you have a genius way of wording it, I’m all ears.

Reason for my struggle: Jingjing needs to be translated as ‘silence/peace’, but cannot be translated when used as a name. 想 can mean ‘miss’, but can also mean ‘want’. I can’t think of any word that can mean both in English, but still maintain the ambiguous (without context) nature of the word.

**Dudou – for those who have forgotten, it’s essentially the undershirt in Ancient China.

***Peaches and Sun Wukong, Monkey King, are from the popular fantasy story ‘Journey to the West’. Sun Wukong was tasked with protecting the peaches of immortality, but he soon realised the effects of the immortal peaches if one consumed them and had one. That in turn caused a cascade of troubles, but that is a story for another day.



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