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Martial King’s Retired Life – Volume 5 Chapter 31 Bahasa Indonesia

It’s Catching Cheaters Season (Part 2)

It was late at night; naturally, the sky was dark as ink. Chickens and dogs had turned in.

The splendour of ancient Jinling City’s night life had yet to display one third of itself.

Vermillion Street was still busy and bustling as it was during the day. If anything, there were more accomplished officials and nobles out on the streets than during the day. The only difference was that there was less interest for exploration as there was during the day, which was very disappointing.

A man came out from a clothing store on the street. He was an incredibly tall man with an upright posture, confident aura and wide strides. He had to be over a head taller than your average man. His confident steps were particularly steady. He seemingly emitted an overpowering masculine aura, causing those who saw him to helplessly feel convinced that he had an extraordinary presence. A guard at the corner of a big household revealed a tense look when he saw him pass by. Those from the martial world helplessly sighed, “Jinling may be a wealthy city, but rarely do we see such an impressive hero from the North!”

The man that earned their compliments was none other than the now disguised Ming Feizhen.

Ming Feizhen wore on a set of resplendent garments that he would never usually wear. The materials were the most premium one could find, but was somewhat similar to Tang Ye, who dressed as Jin Wangsun, yesterday. Tang Ye’s robe yesterday used silk as its base material, while Ming Feizhen’s current garments were made from tiger fur that warriors in the North wore. The similarities were few; it was just that such clothing is a rare sight in Nanjing.

Despite the tiger fur garment not necessarily being as dear as Tang Ye’s, Just one of the eight pearls attached to the white jade ribbon at his belt would likely be enough to purchase twenty of the robes that Tang Ye wore.

The wandering hero of the North’s dress up was the main star for tonight.

As for Ming Feizhen’s appearance, it was different to his usual one. He switched his ordinary appearance for the look of a wide face of a handsome and valiant warrior. His eyebrows looked thicker, making his eyes appear larger. His thick eyebrows crossed over to his temples, and he had a scar, which was inflicted by a blade, on his left cheek. With his incredible height and new appearance, he resembled a man not constrained by customs or anything else of such nature.

Ming Feizhen’s disguise was made using extremely advanced disguise techniques that employs a combination of masks and makeup, altering one’s face to be totally different to their original appearance, literally. He also deliberately changed his gait. As opposed to walking in an unfettered style as he usually did, he walked with an upright posture and was straight-laced as a soldier would be.

Ming Feizhen’s hair colour was also different tonight. His pure black hair was now half-white and half-black. He ordered Old Huang, who sold a special hair dye in the city, to give him one with some of the dye removed. Every strand of hair, therefore, was half-black and half-white, making him look ludicrous. Nevertheless, that gradient hair style looked gentle on his overly tough and rough face, thereby giving his tough-looking face a handsome touch. It was no wonder girls came up to flirt with him on their own accord when he just stopped at a bar and did nothing, but stood there in silence.

The Fuma Jingan that people were familiar with was none other than the main depicted above.

By the time Ming Feizhen finished with getting his appearance right, it was almost time for him to get to business.

Ming Feizhen went out of his way to be flamboyant as he crossed through the streets to give the false impression that he wasn’t operating in the shadows. After he went through several streets and found a place without many people, he vaulted up to a roof, and then sped off into the night without anyone detecting him.

In a while, he finally arrived at the appointed location. Every time he met up with her in the capital, he’d meet up with her at this specific location.

Ming Feizhen leapt up and into the courtyard with a steady landing. There were servants on patrol in the courtyard, but with his movement skills, they couldn’t detect him. However, he did not see her.

Ming Feizhen checked left and right, but didn’t see her, nevertheless. He wondered, “Am I too early by any chance?”

As soon as he thought that, he saw a beauty in the distance.

A woman carried a piping hot pot on a tray with beautiful pair of hands as precious as jade. She covered her mouth with disbelief when she saw Ming Feizhen. She let go of the tray, and ran over to him, seemingly forgetting that she had the tray in her hand. Needless to say, the tray and the hot pot dropped to the ground as a result.

Ming Feizhen exclaimed, “Watch out,” then took a big stride to catch the falling tray and steady the items on it with one hand. Meanwhile, he used his other hand to catch the beauty around her slender waist.

A fragrant smell then shot into his nose, followed by the sight of a beauty falling into his arms, with her body being curvaceous enough to take up his entire arm length. He looked down to see his wife, whom he hadn’t seen in a long time, with a pleasantly surprised look on her face, but also concern and a look that told him she missed him. However, that all transformed into an enchanting smile as she relaxed into his arms.

“Fuma, you’re finally back.”

As she wrapped her arms around him, she exclaimed, “Kyah.”

With his hand occupied with preventing the tray from dropping, Ming Feizhen couldn’t evade in time, thereby allowing her emotions and hug to crash into him similarly to a wave.

Jingan wasn’t tall, but her limbs were slender and long. As for her breasts, they were a nice handful and enchanting. Therefore, once he picked her up, her fragrant smell enveloped him. He immediately felt her soft and charming body subtly quiver in his arms. In spite of not having romantic feelings for her, Ming Feizhen gently stroked her back without him being aware. With him stroking her back, the beauty finally calmed down and stopped shaking similarly to a frightened small animal. She slowly looked up. Her enchanting peaks rubbed up against Ming Feizhen’s chest, allowing him to distinctly feel her smooth and supple skin change shape against his body. It was a joy to play with her body similar to a thin and light, but large, ball of flour despite not being able to grab the entire ball with one hand. Subsequently, Ming Feizhen felt his body burn up and his male instincts reacted without any self-awareness.

‘This is going to be bad if this continues.’

“Princess, I…”

As he went to speak, he suddenly felt a warm and soft sensation on his lips, stopping him from speaking.

As she wasn’t tall, she hooked her arms around Ming Feizhen’s neck and gave him a burning hot kiss. Her lips were hot as a flame, yet gentle and soft as a flower petal. Their body temperatures continued to soar higher and higher, fusing the two together with the complex of fragrances and heat.

To begin with, Ming Feizhen had his arms full of her; thus, the instant she kissed his lips, he couldn’t hold back his urge to hug her tighter. Her body went limp as if he crushed her bones.

Ming Feizhen suddenly felt a fresh and cool sensation in his mouth. It came from a slippery liquid that he sucked. Not only did it taste refreshing, but also contained a faint beautiful fragrance. It turned out to be Princess Jingan’s saliva that she subtly spat into his mouth.

Ming Feizhen instinctively responded with passion, sending the saliva back to Jingan with his tongue. Discovering something foreign entering her small mouth, Princess Jingan’s body jolted in response before she tightened her hold around her husband. She leaned her soft and beautiful body on her husband to realise that he was flirting with her; hence, feeling embarrassed. Nevertheless, it was she, who naughtily started the flirting, and therefore the consequences were to be borne by her.

Their tongues duked it out, competing as a way of being intimate with each other. They took turns, with one being gentle and delicate and the other being aggressive as a wolf. The feelings they felt as they went back and forth in a lively manner could only be understood by the two of them.

The more they kissed, the more they were entranced by each other. Princess Jingan’s soft face burnt up, and she began to gently pant. Tired, she leaned onto Ming Feizhen’s chest. She started the flirting, but in the end, it was as if Ming Feizhen was the one who boldly came onto her, leading to her the one that was pushed around and forced to reveal her enchanting side.

Ming Feizhen’s gaze instinctively focused in on her mature body, and then he quickly tried to collect himself.

The husband and wife couple, who had not seen in each other in a long time, passionately kissed in the courtyard and clung to each other for a long time until a lady-in-waiting cleared her throat to notify the two that there was an audience still around. Only then did Jingan separate herself from Ming Feizhen with hot flushes on her face.

Their lips looked red and hot. In saying that, by separating, she technically only removed her lips from him, as she persistently leaned on him.

“Fuma… you’re finally back… you’re back.”

Ming Feizhen spaced out as he stood with the beauty in his arms in the courtyard. He helplessly smiled, “Yeah, I’m back.”

Just as he was about to head inside with Jingan, he suddenly entered a random cold battle. He scratched his head; then looked left and right. He pondered to himself, “Why does it feel cold out of nowhere? Has my internal energy become nullified? That’s impossible, though.”

A disturbing feeling crept up in his chest as he remarked, “For some reason, I’ve kept feeling disturbed and startled. I’ve been seduced by one beauty after the next, too, causing me to have a raging urge that’s continued to grow, yet unable to release. My unspeakable urges have risen; I’m afraid that it’s time for the dragon and the phoenix to heed the call. It’s time stand up, and spread those wings to fly to heaven!”



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