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Martial King’s Retired Life – Volume 5 Chapter 15 Bahasa Indonesia

The Moon is Clear Tonight (Part 3)

Before I could finish my sentence, I felt a spike in murderous aura from the bed.

‘Hold it in, Your Highness! We’re almost there!’

However, the cold aura from the front of me came from Su Xiao. He had his two large eyes intently stuck to me.

“Apricot Brothel? A prostitute?” Those four words that came out of Su Xiao’s mouth were akin to droplets of ice dropping onto the ground; they were comparable to a sharp blade on my neck. Su Xiao’s murderous aura didn’t pale in comparison to Her Highness’!

“Big Brother Ming, I-I don’t understand.” Su Xiao touched his adorable snow-white earlobes. He seemed to be checking if there was a problem with his ears, “Did you just say that you found yourself a prostitute, and put her on your bed?”

“Exactly.” I rubbed my chin, “Life is short, you know?”

“You actually have the shame to say that?! You. Perverted. Crook!!”

Su Xiao grabbed a pot of tea on the table and hurled it at me. I caught the pot then used the same technique to catch the next six objects he hurled afterward, yet that wasn’t enough to appease him. He grabbed something and hurled it with all of his might.

“You! You’ve become a crook in just one month! You had the audacity to seduce a prostitute and bring her to the office!” Su Xiao exploded similarly to a Persian cat. He raged, “Do you know what Liu Shan Men stands for?! Vice-Captain treated you well for nothing. I… I treated you nicely for nothing, too! You, do you know how pitiful the girls at brothels are?! How dare you copy those crooks and bully them! I… I’ll kill you today!”

Since the objects missed me, Su Xiao leapt over to punch and kick me. His soft fists didn’t hurt me, but his aggressive attitude was scary!

‘This must be why you’re called the Violent Young Beauty!’

Curious, I asked, “How do you know girls in brothels are pitiful?”

Su Xiao thundered, “My mom told me! The girls in brothels are the most pitiful girls in the world. Life is more miserable than death for them in brothels. None of the men that go to brothels are good people!”

I knew it. While there are lots of famous brothels in Suzhou, I’m sure Su Xiao has never been to one. Otherwise, given his appearance, he’ll be called to the stage before he even gets to call for a girl.

“Wait, wait!”

I grabbed Su Xiao’s soft and white small hands. Because it didn’t take us long to become good friends, Su Xiao and I have never fought. This was our first fight. I grabbed his hands. His hands were so soft and thin; it was as though it was a fantasy world, thereby giving them a surreal feeling.

‘I can’t believe Su Xiao’s hands are so delicate… and soft.’

“Oh, I see how it is! You’re seriously fighting back now!”

Su Xiao was now extremely infuriated. He kicked me; now, though, there wasn’t a trace of technique in his attacks. It was purely a child’s brawling.

A small gap appeared by the curtains of the bed. Her Highness stuck her head out ever so slightly. A somewhat mischievous look appeared on her face for a moment as if to say, “Hmph, that’s what you get for spouting nonsense.”

I had to pretend that my martial arts skills were poor in front of Her Highness, so I couldn’t use Voice Transmission. Hence, my only option was to signal for her to hide somewhere else with my eyes.

However, she replied, “You have to ensure that Su Xiao doesn’t see. The room is too small, so any movements will raise his suspicion.”

‘I’m trying to think of something.’

Su Xiao exclaimed, “Let me see who this girl, who caused you to fall head over heels for her, is. She’s far too shameless!”

Once he was done with words, he angrily pulled the curtain open.

‘My dear god, you can’t do that!!’

I grabbed Su Xiao around his waist to stop him, thereby pulling him into my embrace, a face to face embrace. Under normal circumstances, whatever; this time, however, Su Xiao jolted as if he was burnt. His face was completely red when he looked at me with disbelief.

I remember that he behaved the same way when he first entered.

‘What in the world happened?’

While I had Su Xiao locked in my arms, the Princess made a prompt decision to leap out. She didn’t choose the beams, presumably, because they were too dusty. As such, she hid behind a chest.

Due to me often searching for delicacies and drinks in the warehouse, not to mention my stacks of Black and White Reflection magazines, clothes and whatnot, I couldn’t be bothered sorting through it all. Hence, I moved a chest about as tall as a human being into my room. Thus, nobody would see Her Highness behind it.

Reassured, I then calmly said, “What’s the rush?! I said that I have a woman on my bed, but meant that I had a woman on my bed.”


“Yeah.” In a just and upright tone, I explained, “I asked her to come and help me out with a case. After I asked her what I needed to ask last night, she left.”

Su Xiao looked at me with doubt. He lowered his head from my embrace and mumbled, “She left yesterday?”

“Of course.”

I released Su Xiao to allow him to freely check out my bed.

Su Xiao slightly hesitated. He started to feel a little afraid at this point. He hesitantly headed over to the bed and opened the curtains. Obviously, the bed was empty.

With a spaced out look, he remarked, “She… smells so nice.”

“Don’t you have mysophobia? I didn’t think that you’d want to sleep where a girl from a brothel slept. That’s why I didn’t let you sleep on the bed. Plus, it’s better to stay away from it.”

“So it was for a case?”

I sternly replied, “What else did you think your Big Brother Ming called a girl over for?”

Su Xiao went red in the face again, “I thought you…”

“Also, why are you acting so weird today? You go red in the face whenever you see me. What’s the matter with you?”

Su Xiao went to speak, but stuttered for words as though he was too shy to speak his mind. In the end, he finally spoke after I gave him encouragement, “Big Brother Ming, d-did you have a dream last night?”

‘Huh? Dream?’


‘I haven’t slept for three days. Last night, I went to the mountain to search for a tiger to beat up to waste some energy! As if I had time to have dreams.’

“What’s wrong? You have a dream last night?”

After hearing my question, Su Xiao immediately went red in the face. I had never seen anyone with a face so red. You could boil an egg on his face.

Su Xiao fidgeted while he kept his eyes on the ground the entire time.

“I… had a strange… dream of myself last night…”

‘Last night, you say…? Huh?! Last night!’

In that moment, I managed to piece it all together.

Su Xiao was intoxicated by a beautiful aphrodisiac (read: heavenly) drug! That’s why he definitely had a sensual dream.

‘Darling, you can say that you grew up overnight!’

‘That said…’

“Who did you see in your dream?”

“Eh?! Nobody!”

Su Xiao almost leapt up as a rabbit hit with an arrow would. He waved his hands with desperation, “Nobody, nobody! Just me!”

‘I can tell that you’re lying with a single glance from your flustered reaction! You didn’t dream of just yourself, did you?! You definitely dreamt of someone else, didn’t you?!’

I suddenly had an image of Su Xiao and Her Highness in my mind.

‘Last night, Su Xiao and Her Highness slept together when their minds were confused!’

‘No way! You dreamt of yourself on top of Her Highness?! Her Highness could reverse rape you seven times with one hand! Heavens, you dared to use her for your wet dream?!’

“Sure, sure, there’s definitely someone. You definitely dreamt of someone, didn’t you? Who was it? How did they look?!”

Su Xiao didn’t panic. Instead, he just looked at me while his face heated up. He turned away and ran off to his blanket.

Before he left, he covered his face and quietly mumbled, “Big Brother Ming… you meanie…”


I wore a stupefied look.

‘You’re not telling me… you dreamt of… me.’


‘You’re not serious!’

‘What happened to our brotherly bond?!! You dreamt of me?!! Wait, no. Based on Su Xiao’s expression, it must’ve been me who pushed him down…’

‘Ming Feizhen, why are you feeling a tad joyous, you son of a bitch?!!’

‘I don’t like men!!’


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