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Martial King’s Retired Life – Volume 5 Chapter 13 Bahasa Indonesia

The Moon is Clear Tonight (Part 1)

Su Xiao was moving in with me.

When I heard that Su Xiao would move in with Second Brother, I changed my stance without even realising it.

I don’t trust Su Xiao in my room, but I’m even more worried about my junior brothers.

The two of them are accident magnets. What do I do if they think that Su Xiao’s pretty and can’t resist the urge to go down on him? I don’t want to see my straight brothers be bent! Even if Second Brother can resist the urge, given Fourth Brother’s lively character, if he heartlessly sleeps with Su Xiao, how is he going to resist the urge?

‘Not even I sleep with Su Xiao!!’

‘Uh… Using myself as a standard somehow seems weird. I never thought about sleeping with Su Xiao. I’m worried that someone will give Su Xiao a fright. Yeah, that must be the reason.’

After I got rid of Liu Yuan and company, I tried to come up with reasons to convince Second Brother that it would be better if he didn’t live with us. I was afraid of him blurting out my relationship with Divine Moon Sect, which was why I didn’t dare to let Tang Ye leave the room.

And so, it took me an entire afternoon to explain it to him. Before I knew it, the sun was setting, thereby leaving a red sky in sight.

The Princess couldn’t hold it in any longer after everyone left. Her legs were finally released, so she immediately got up and walked around to mobilise her limbs. As she stretched out, she frowned, “Your bed is too small. Given how tall you are, you should get Yiren to make you a bed.”

I laughed, “A big bed would cause us to sleep too soundly, right? Hence, Boss does not allow us to sleep on big beds. Not only does it make us more prone to lazing in bed, but also makes us more susceptible to causing trouble.”

Curious, the Princess asked, “What trouble could you cause?’

I touched my nose, “Asking girls to lie down.”

The Princess went slightly red in the face. She frowned and bluntly remarked, “Pervert! You are not to say such things in my presence again in the future.”

The Princess didn’t refer to herself using the “I” reserved for royalty, which meant that she drops her status as a Princess when she’s outside of the palace, I think. That’s amazing self-awareness.

“Your Highness, I do not know when Su Xiao will come, so you need to be careful.”

“I know.”

The Princess was focused on performing her exercises and didn’t look at me. She appeared to be angry, yet seemingly not interested in talking.

The Princess is actually very easy to get along with. It’s just that she maintains formalities.

‘Perhaps I angered her.’

I recalled the intimate interaction with her last night and the visual blessing from today.

‘Indeed, I have been blessed with a fair bit… I’d say that they’re all reasons for her to be angry.’

‘If we don’t clear this up, it’s going to be a disaster sooner or later.’

“Your Highness, I have not cleared up yesterday’s matter, yet.”

After organising everything that happened last night in my mind, I recounted the events. This time, the Princess just silently listened. She didn’t give me any emotional reactions.

“It is true that I spent quite the amount of time chasing that individual, except that I did not chase them until the sun came up as I claimed. The main reason for that was because you were on the bed while the effect of the drugs had yet to wear off. I was afraid that something would happen…”

Noticing her face turn subtly red, I quickly added, “I did not come back right away last night; instead, I went to the forest outside of the city and soaked in the small creek. I swear that every word I said is true.”

The Princess finally seemed slightly interested, “You soaked in the creek for the entire night when it was that cold?”

“Uhm…” I scratched my head and embarrassingly replied, “You would know that I would be affected by the drug, as well, since you were affected by it. I felt my entire body burning up last night; therefore, I had no choice, but to find a cool place to rest. That was why I decided not to sleep in the office last night.”

Princess Hongzhuang is big girl that’s still wet behind the ears, and therefore didn’t understand the details. Hence, she didn’t realise I was fine despite being poisoned. Now that I just explained it to her, she couldn’t help feeling ashamed and even somewhat remorseful, because she felt that she falsely accused me.

The Princess scanned me a few times, but I didn’t know what she was thinking.”

‘This is his room; I was the one who came here on my own accord, yet caused him to have to soak in a creek in the mountain in the middle of winter. When he came in, I immediately hit him, scolded him and threatened him with my sabre. He looked fairly aggressive when he was reprimanding the members, yet never shouted at me, and instead, put up with everything I threw at him.’

When she spoke again, her voice was back to its usual calm tone.

“Okay, let’s end the matter there, then. Don’t bring it up again.”

‘Eh? Really? That was your first kiss and first grope, you know. I thought that I’d, at least, have to take three slashes from your Glass Sabre.’

‘This is fantastic. If we’re going to share a room, yet never speak, I’ll die.’

The atmosphere in the room relaxed a lot by now. I seized the opportunity to ask, “Are you planning to stay at my place until the Fuma selection?”

“Naturally. Father will definitely send out skilled warriors to search for me. I’ll be taken back to the Imperial Palace the moment I’m found, and I won’t be able to come out again.”

“There are only ten days until the selection. Your Highness, it would not be a big deal for you to live peacefully stay in the Imperial Palace until then, would it? As for Jin Wangsun, I…”

I suddenly couldn’t continue. The Princess is also active in the pugilistic world. I can’t tell her that I had already bestowed him with a beating. You think I’m not concerned about poking him given his track record of tricks?

The Princess faintly replied, “I don’t feel reassured entrusting it to you. Ming Feizhen, it’s not that I look down on you, but Gold and Silver Sect is an entire sect, while you are just one man. Don’t be careless just because Jin Wangsun is stuck in the estate and can’t move about. It’s precisely because he’s stuck in there that he’ll send out the elites of Gold and Silver Sect to take care of things in his place. Jin Wangsun may be skilled, but he’s a notch below the true masters in Gold and Silver Sect. With those elites assisting him, he’ll be an even more formidable force than if he, himself, were to act.”

She’s right about that. A Hu is, for a fact, stronger than Jin Wangsun.

She continued, “By staying here with you, I can work with you to come up with ideas to deal with him in addition to protecting you. Subsequently, operating will be a lot more convenient.”

I folded my arms to stop and think to myself, “That is true. If I win, you and I will be husband and wife. It is a good idea to see how life together would be, right?”

“Ah? You…” The Princess found herself at a loss for words. She didn’t seem to consider it, “Why do you say that?”

I responded in a puzzled tone, “Am I wrong? Since you are helping me to win Jin Wangsun and suggested a fake marriage, you did take into consideration the fact that we would live together and meet with many challenges afterwards, right? If we do not develop some chemistry between us, we will feel awkward, would we not?”

“Oh, oh, yes, you’re right…”

The Princess apparently didn’t consider it.

‘What is her idea of a fake marriage?’

“I thought… you would move into the Fuma residence, while I’d return to Mount Emei…”

‘As if! You can’t just go back there even if you’re in a rush to get back to wandering the pugilistic world, can you?! True, the bride does return to her mother’s home on the third day after matrimony, but she doesn’t go that far, does she?!’

“In any case, we will be fine if we work together. We have to understand our habits when we live together; otherwise, you will merely be taken back to the palace if we are discovered, while I will be in serious trouble if they find out that I hid a Princess.”

“Chicken. How are y-…”

Before Her Highness finished, somebody suddenly knocked on the door from outside.

“Big Brother Ming, I’m here.”

Su Xiao has arrived!



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