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Martial King’s Retired Life – Volume 4 Chapter 62 Bahasa Indonesia

Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon (Part 2)

“Really?” asked the big man.

The big man’s eyes were filled with delight. Thus, it was obvious that this so-called Tiger Fang is something he considers to be paramount to his victory.

“If I can use Tiger Fang, I am willing to give it a try.”

I shifted my eyes away from the room and back to the big man.

The broadsword on his back can be ignored, but the spot roughly around his waist can’t be ignored. From it, hung a ginormous broadsword that was almost as long as a human being. It resembled a musical instrument case, which complemented his physique. The ginormous blade looked pitch black, simple and unadorned, yet could make one’s hairs stand up, which was a testament as to how sharp the blade was.

One could imagine how heavy the ginormous blade was. No ordinary man could wield it. Only a man with that sort of large physique would be able to wield it. Perhaps that also indicated that not only did he possess excellent skills, but also tremendous might.

I couldn’t resist the urge to blurt, “Impressive blade. That blade doesn’t pale in comparison to Golden Grow Moon Eater.”

Actually, though I’m not particularly educated on sabres and broadswords, I’ve never actually inspected his Tiger Fang or the Golden Crow Moon Eater in detail before; hence, I don’t know what makes them great. I merely made that statement to sow discord.

I calmly looked at the big man and praised him, “As for you as a person, you’re superior to Jin Wangsun, too.”

Jin Wangsun got mad over my statement and fumed, “Big Cat is my family slave. He’s not your tool for sowing discord. Get him!”

The big man’s gaze remained calm, though. Neither my tactic nor Jin Wangsun’s anger got to him. He didn’t immediately strike; instead, he slowly removed the three sabres and heavy rack from his back. He only relaxed his frown when the rack reached the ground.

Only then did I finally come to the realisation that when he evaded my swing before, he was carrying lots of metal objects on him, yet moved agilely with crafty movement. His agility was akin to a fleeing beast …

Just as I was feeling astonished by Big Cat’s movement skills and combat prowess, he suddenly unleashed an angry roar toward the sky after warming up his body. His roar shook the surroundings, including the buildings, causing even dust on the roofs to fall and dirty the courtyard in dust.

He was totally different to his calm self just moments ago. When he decided to attack, he had the wildness and intensity of a beast.


After his roar, he unsheathed the pitch black blade. A black blade akin to tiger widening its mouth or an audacious gale instantly reached me. I didn’t even have the chance to change moves or anything, and thus, had to resort to intercepting it with my pole.

The wind generated from the force of his attack blasted my face. A powerful force penetrated the wind, sending Tiger Fang swinging onto my iron pole. The clash didn’t result in a loud sound as it did when I clashed with Jin Wangsun, but instead, unleashed a very soft sound akin to a gentle jingle. The sharp and wide blade had already cut through the iron pole. It easily broke through the impregnable wall that Jin Wangsun couldn’t breach and went straight for my waist as it prepared to sever my torso and lower body in two.

Jin Wangsun exclaimed, “Nice!! Now that’s Jiangnan’s Number One Tiger for you! The descendant of Jiangnan’s Number One Broadsword Wielder lives up to his predecessor’s reputation.”


The big man didn’t respond. Instead, he focused his gaze on the afterimage that he slashed. He quietly remarked, “That was incredible movement.”

“Jiangnan’s Number One Tiger?” I retreated into the distance when he attacked and was now slowly coming out from between the rockery. I recalled some memories and said, “I remember hearing that name somewhere before. That’s the alias of a broadsword wielder ten years ago if my memory does me justice. He wielded an incredible broadsword with a wide blade called Tiger Fang. He roamed Jiangnan in search for opponents to fight. His style was overbearing and sharp. He was invincible at the time. For a time, there was nobody as famous as him. Sometime after, he infuriated one of the Seven Champion White Princes and lied low henceforth.”

‘The reason that I remember him was because he wanted to challenge even me back then. He just happened to be defeated one of the Seven Champion White Princes.’

‘So, did he anger Gold and Silver Sect? Is that why he’s being punished as a slave?’

I glanced at him out the corner of my eye, “That broadsword wielder… wasn’t you. You would’ve been too young ten years ago. He must be your teacher or father, right?”

“Number One Tiger ten years ago was my father.”

“I’ll fill you in. Back then, Big Cat’s father was Jiangnan’s Number One Tiger, Sabre King Jin Wanghu, which makes him my clansman. Back then, he left Big Cat and Tiger Fang to me; however, he passed on everything he knew. If you want to hurt me, you’ll have to get through Tiger Fang’s might first.”

I looked at them with curiosity. If Number One Tiger back then was a member of Jin Clan, my theory that he angered Jin Clan falls through. Big Cat is Jin Wangsun’s junior, as well. It’s common for branch family members of big clans to serve the head family as servants and slaves. That’s probably their situation. It’s just that it’s weird that Big Cat would be willing to be a slave when he’s so skilled.

‘Who did his father tick off back then to end up in this predicament?’

Jin Wangsun glanced at Big Cat and pestered him, “Why’d you stop? Hurry and kill the scum with Tiger Fang. I’ll back you up. I guarantee he won’t hurt you.”

The tall and virtually bulky big man slowly shook his head, “I cannot do that. He spared me this time; therefore, I cannot kill him.”

I think that he was referring to when I first detected him and didn’t take his life with my swing. I never expected him to notice I held back.

Jin Wangsun’s white face turned red with anxiety, “You dare oppose my command?!”

We had an agreement back then. I am allowed to disobey you if your commands go against my father’s wishes. When my father passed away, he said that there were three situations that permitted killing and three that didn’t permit killing. Benefactors, the righteous and those who have surrendered must not be killed. He spared me once, so he can be considered a benefactor. As such, I cannot kill him.”

Big Cat wielded Tiger Fang very naturally. He easily sheathed his broadsword, and then stabbed it into the ground, yet didn’t show any signs of it being heavy.

“My name is A Hu. May I ask for your name?”

Jin Wangsun answered on my behalf, “His name is Zhong Ning. He’s the biggest rapist in the North and South. He goes for men and women, the dead and the living. It’s said that he doesn’t even spare the corpses of handsome boys and pretty girls. Who’s he the benefactor to? How is he righteous?”

When he said that, Jin Wangsun’s face turned his face away in an unnatural manner.

‘Eh? What’s the matter with him? Why does it look as though he’s blushing?’

“You can kill him without any qualms. Killing him is definitely not against your father’s wishes. In fact, your father would only praise you. He’ll praise you for doing a fantastic job of protecting your master.”

‘Oh, fuck you, I get it now!’

‘Fuck you, Big Golden Vat! You thought that I came here to molest you or something?! Don’t blush, you bastard! What’s there to blush about after I whooped your ass?! Yes, you’ve got a clear face and look decent, but I don’t like you! Wait, the fuck? I don’t like any guy! Plus, there’s a woman in that room, isn’t there?! Why the fuck would I choose you over a pretty girl?!!’

‘Just how bad is Zhong Ning’s name?! Going for both men and women is bad enough, yet he goes for the dead, too? That’s horrifying! I touched him when I beat him into retardation! Don’t tell me he infected me with something!!’

A Hu Froze. His gaze slowly swam over me. Though he always had a quiet expression on, he looked at me with disdain, “Eek! Disgusting.”

‘You’re disgusting!’

A Hu said, “If you feel that you have been falsely accused, why not show your true self?”

Big Cat lifted up Tiger Fang and pointed it to the sky. Owing to its size, it resembled a dark cloud that was gradually covering the sky.

“Otherwise, please forgive me for my rudeness.”

Jin Wangsun, who was standing behind him, was even angrier. He rubbed his hands together as though he was preparing to fight me. He grabbed hold of Vajra Sabre and Pearl Broadsword. When A Hu attacks me, he’ll definitely jump into the fray.

I smiled, “Give me your best shot.”

A Hu exclaimed, “Watch out, then!”

The evil dark Tiger Fang was unsheathed. He took a swing at me.

A Hu could potentially rival his former patriarch when he’s got his broadsword. His style has been condensed into a single one. Tiger Fang was the perfect culmination of beast traits mental cultivation, beast-like movement and broadsword techniques. Together, he is a skilled fighter you wouldn’t commonly find in the martial world.

Jin Wangsun also sprang into action. To be frank, he’s not that much worse than A Hu. It’s just that his style is littered with excessive unnecessary stuff. In essence, it hasn’t been combined into a system. Additionally, he relies on his blades far too much. He would fair all right in a sparring match, but when it comes down to a life and death match, nobody is going to stand there waiting for him to switch weapons.

I threw two simultaneous palm strikes, one to the front and one to the rear. Both perfectly hit the surface of the blades of Vajra Sabre and Tiger Fang. My internal energy stopped their force dead in their tracks.


With a scream, A Hu’s follow up surge of power sent me flying back several steps. He then narrowed his eyes and took in a deep breath. He tightened his grip on Tiger Fang with his insanely big hands. His arm muscles bulged. As a matter of fact, he looked as though his clothes were stretched by his bulging muscles.

Jin Wangsun moulded up his energy. His gaze looked as if it was glowing. He must’ve learnt his lesson and is planning to use a lightning fast slash to swiftly end the battle, as opposed to trying to use fancy techniques again.

The two of them exchanged eye contact, and then nodded.

“Kill him!!!”

“Pervert, go to hell!”

Jin Wangsun opted for a swift strike as I predicted. His two blades were comparable to two blades of snow avalanches blasting enormous amounts of true qi. The damage they could inflict with his strikes this time was more than several times what their previous attacks could’ve potentially inflicted. It comes as no surprise that he’s ranked as one of the Seventeen Jiaolong. He does have some skill, after all.

A Hu unleashed a fierce roar. While Jin Wangsun’s moves were akin to a tidal wave, A Hu flew at me similarly to a huge log smashing through the wave. Tiger Fang appeared again as a dark cloud covering the sky, creating a gale that blew against me.

I turned and steadily landed on the ground then gradually straightened up.

“There’s something that I must say. You two must know…”

I grabbed a bamboo stick used to hang clothes on that happened to be within reach. I held as if it was an extremely long sword.

I pulled my hood down to prevent them from seeing my face. All they could see from their angle was the grin on my face.

“This is a crouching tiger, hidden dragon world.”

The fight didn’t last long.

I nonchalantly tossed aside the bamboo stick without a thought. The only man still standing in the courtyard was me and me, alone.

I now know what Jin Wangsun is capable off, and I’ve vented. The only thing I don’t know about yet is the individual in the room.

I slowly walked over and furtively opened the window. I just wanted to see which high-ranking official she was the daughter of or if she was a Princess.

But nonetheless, I never ever imagined that I’d be that shocked by the identity of the individual inside.

Our eyes met. She couldn’t help but gently cover her mouth in a manner similar to a little pet that was frightened, an action that anyone would think was cute.

She was as elegant, beautiful and pure as before. Nevertheless, I still couldn’t believe my eyes.

‘How can the person who’s been scheming behind the scenes with Jin Wangsun be her?!’


*A Hu – Pronounced “Ah Hoo”

**Jiaolong – A mythical aquatic dragon.


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