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Mage Adam – Chapter 8: Rune Bahasa Indonesia

Ophelia was interested in this as well. It was her first time seeing a rune like this that was conjured using only mental strength.

The Black Mage drew the rune once again, and explained, “Runes are the language of magic, the foundation for mages to cast spells. If there aren’t any fixed runes, how would mages be sure of the spells they cast? What kind of runes would be formed?”

He continued, smiling, “Most mages simply copy rune combinations from other mages, and apply it with their own understanding of it.– With your own comprehension, the spell becomes yours. Just like learning.”

Adam expressed his gratitude. Seems like spells are just like a program — mages are the developers and users, while the runes are coding languages. Developers create the spells, while users can only use it.

“Then, Miss Ophelia, do you have any questions of your own?”

Ophelia was mesmerised at the thought of being a mage, and asked, “How can I become a real mage?”

“There aren’t any fixed paths to becoming a mage, Miss Ophelia,” The Black Mage explained. “Essentially, it is detaching from the soul and life. Finding your own path, basking yourself in knowledge, and engraving it into your very soul — this is how you become a mage.” The Black Mage was rather vague, because there aren’t any set ways to become a mage.

Besides, The Black Mage thought to himself. The two questions they posed are related, it is only a matter of time before they figure it out.

“Rest now. You may come and look at tomorrow’s official test if you’d like, and perhaps you may find some companions. Personal advice? The path to becoming a mage shouldn’t be lonely. A person’s wisdom has limitations, after all,” he said before leaving.

Ophelia and Adam scratched their heads and left to rest.

Adam stayed awake all night, sitting on the bed, and studied every word that The Black Mage had said. He focused his mental strength, and conjured up the simple rune.

If this rune was like a single program, Adam’s mental strength was like data. If Adam wanted to improve, then he had to optimise the program.

[Established mission: Develop larger-capacity rune structures.]

The rune was shaped like an 2D-hourglass — a plane with no concept of volume.

Adam carefully analysed the shape, and sketched out the rune at the speed of one rune per minute. In a single night, he sketched out nearly 500 runes, but he found that they were of no use to him. If Adam’s total mental strength was 100, then these runes could only harbour less than 0.1 of his mental strength. He needed to develop a more efficient rune structure.

However, he cannot do so in a single night, but he wasn’t in a hurry. He was happy, and he wasn’t afraid of encountering problems. Problems are usually the sign that he was on the correct path, so he was rest assured.

Morning came, and Adam stopped practising when he heard the hustle and bustle outside the mansion. News travelled fast, and everyone knew that Adam wasn’t just a simple coachman anymore.

Adam ate, and Ophelia sat beside him mid-meal, “Did you practice again last night?”

He nodded.

She was excited, and talked to Adam as if he was a long-lost friend, “I’ve drawn nearly a hundred runes, and I could feel my mental strength improving. Seems like practising magic reduces fatigue! I practised all night and I don’t even feel tired!”

Adam was silent, but Ophelia continued rambling, “After you left, The Black Mage left me with some news too!”

Adam continued chewing his food, and Ophelia was angry that he was ignoring her, “Aren’t you curious?”

Adam continued eating and said, “Your heart rate is 60% faster. You are abnormally excited.”

Ophelia froze. Is she crazy?

Adam continued, “As for the news, you don’t have to share it with me if you don’t want to.”

Ophelia sighed in relief. She knew she was acting weird, but she couldn’t restrain her joy of departing from her boring life.

And Adam was more pleasing to the eye to her, so she decided to let go of her ego and talk with Adam.

Ophelia is only sixteen after all. Teenagers should be lively.

Ophelia didn’t care, and rambled, “Do you know why The Black Mage decided to change his plans to a smaller one? And why did he specifically choose such a barren location in the Northlands to conduct it?”

Adam was slightly interested, but he had doubts. Although The Black Mage looked kind, it was clear that he was indifferent to other humans. He knew it wasn’t arrogance and prejudice, but they were simply too different to relate to each other.

Perhaps to the Black Mage mortals were not the same as himself.

But why would a powerful mage like him suddenly take apprentices in?

Ophelia smiled upon seeing Adam’s curiosity, and whispered, “A year ago, the Moldo Mage Academy had a war with the Monte Carlo Mage Academy — they were evenly matched, but just two months ago, the Monte Carlo Academy suddenly defeated the Moldo Academy! They lost most of their apprentices, and the remaining apprentices had their circle of influence invaded, so the Black Mage wants to personally select some apprentices to join him.”

Adam was a little shocked. He was surprised that there was still war between mages, “Was it just a war between apprentices?”

Ophelia shook her head, “Of course not. There were mages that fell too. Enough of that, let’s get to the good news!”

Suddenly, the Black Mage entered the dining hall and continued Ophelia’s conversation, “Due to the death of a large number of elite mage apprentices, the official mages of the academy will personally select disciples from this new batch of apprentices, so this is a great chance. If you are selected as a disciple, then becoming a Mage will be way easier.”

Adam and Ophelia quickly stood up and bowed, and the Black Mage waved his hands and said, “Let’s go select some apprentices, then.”

Ophelia wanted to say something, “The Great Black Mage, I…”

He didn’t look back, and said, “The official mages are very careful in choosing disciples. You must be incredibly knowledgeable in the academy and have a slight grasp of your chosen path before gaining the favour of the mages. Besides, every mage has a different path to take, so you may not even be chosen.”

The Black Mage had lived incredibly long, and highlighted that talent was never the basis to becoming a mage. It may help, but wisdom and knowledge are the key.

Ophelia was disappointed. She thought she could gain some favour, but the Black Mage wasn’t that shallow.

Adam agreed with the Black Mage. He doesn’t even know what path he will be taking, and without the guidance of someone with experience, simply providing resources would not be useful.

Ophelia regained her composure and put on her noble front. She could be friendly to Adam, but she could also change at any time.

Outside the main hall, many people awaited the Black Mage, alongside their anxious family members. This was the best opportunity for the poor to change their fate and countless preparations were made. Many vowed to become an apprentice.


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