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Mage Adam – Chapter 6: Seeking Out Energy Bahasa Indonesia

Morning came, and Adam continued his routine of feeding and cleaning the horses. However, after his work was done, he didn’t leave and continued training.

He could control this power, and even found another use of this mental power. This energy allowed him to gain powerful perception and through that he could tell someone was coming.

Ophelia walked over, as dazzling as ever.

She came by to take her mount — a war-unicorn she had named Dark Cloud.

For Ophelia, this hybrid warhorse was unable to fight. It is only used as a means for transportation.

Ophelia wordlessly left the stable while Adam left for the cafeteria.

Ophelia rode Dark Cloud to the Northern Cold Maple City.

She knew her father, the Earl, was a horrible person. He strictly abides to the lines between a nobleman and a knight, so she needs to break that line. If Ophelia didn’t ask, the Earl may force Adam to sign a contract, ordering Adam to give up his status as a coachman to become his own subordinate. However, if Adam loses the opportunity to become a mage, he may start to not trust her.

Ophelia didn’t care that Adam may fall into Marshall’s and Dennis’ temptation. She knew the Earl would be the key to winning Adam over. She knew that the Earl wasn’t that strong, when compared to her, and her two brothers were only ordinary humans. If Adam was unable to deal with them, then perhaps he would be better off as a knight rather than a mage.

The Cold Maple City is large. The Lord’s Mansion where the Earl lives is located at the very centre of Cold Maple.

“Ophelia, what’s the matter with you?!” the Earl said. He looked majestic in his steel armour with his great sword.

Ophelia laughed. Her father spoke to her like she was a stranger.

“My coachman, Adam. I need to take him to see the Grand Mage.”

The Earl was silent. He was surprised upon hearing that Adam caused a runaway energy effect yesterday, and he wasn’t happy.

Although Adam works in his manor, Ophelia had previously ensured that he wouldn’t be tied to the manor, so he is a free man. If even the knights that they had trained since young were unable to reach Adam’s potential, then they could only be used as mercenaries. He thought of brainwashing Adam, but he knew it wouldn’t work.

If he forces Adam to sign a contract, then there would be a strong backlash as well.

He couldn’t let Adam go like this though.

“Ophelia, if you pass the test and leave, the family will suffer great losses.” The Earl warned.

Ophelia simply sneered, “Just as I thought. I am only like a piece of property to you.”

The Earl continued, “The loss of my daughter would be too much for the family to bear. You taking away another genius who would make a worthy knight? I cannot accept it. Think of the family. Adam was your playmate, no? Convince him to serve me.”

Ophelia snickered, “No. Adam is a free man, and you cannot influence him. Neither can you influence me to not become a mage.”

“You yourself should know the ‘talents’ of your two sons. Your daughter is the real foundation of this wretched family.”

Especially after you die. However Ophelia did not say those final four words.

The Earl stood up, coloured with rage. Ophelia stood her ground.

He remained silent, glaring at Ophelia. He gestured for her to leave, admitting that Ophelia was right. He knew that his two sons would not be able to rule over the Northland.

“Oh Ophelia, why did you have to be born a girl?” he sighed.

Ophelia had already left and mounted her steed. Dark Cloud was aware of its master’s troubled emotions, and neighed softly and pecked at her cheeks.

Ophelia giggled and patted it, “Let’s leave.”

Meanwhile, at the cafeteria the atmosphere was strange.

Adam still sat alone with food piled on his tray. He ate every single thing, leaving behind nothing. He needed to fuel his body.

By Adam’s feet were servants who were on the ground with bruised noses and swollen faces, gasping for air. Joe, the bearded man, lay like a corpse by the entrance, his heaving chest the sole evidence of him being alive.

The medicine was really helpful to Adam, since it strengthened him to that of a normal man overnight, so Adam had to nurture his body by pumping it full of nutrients.

Adam really had changed overnight — Adam was often robbed of his food, but today, he robbed others of their food, and enjoyed his food peacefully.

Every muscle in Adam’s body trembled with power, but he knew this food wouldn’t supply enough energy for his breathing exercise.

He devoured the last piece of brown bread, and sat on a chair to perform his breathing exercises. The strange No. 3 Energy immediately rushed into his body, and a faint red light emitted from his body.

The others were terrified — they had never seen a knight grasp this power so quickly before, they realised the gap in power between them and Adam.

After a mere five minutes, Adam’s body was overloaded with energy, and the energy obtained from the food was exhausted. Adam stood up, and the servants cowered in fear. They feared Adam might eat them, but were relieved when he simply left. “Curse this bastard,” the servants would say.

It’s not that Adam didn’t want to eat them either — in his heart, he and the other servants were of a different world, so devouring the weak would be normal. He didn’t want to challenge universal values and suffer consequences, so he just left.

Adam picked up his basket and sickle and walked out the manor once again.

News spread quickly in the manor, and now, the fool that everyone once knew was suddenly a powerhouse.

Eyes were on Adam constantly — his former bullies cowered before him, and the guards at the gate quickly stepped aside to let him leave.

He happened to bump into Ophelia, who had just returned. She looked him up and down and frowned, “You don’t need to feed the horses for me anymore.”

Adam stared at Ophelia and left into the wilderness.

The manor got smaller behind Adam. He didn’t take his usual path, but instead went deeper into the wilderness. Snowflakes fell from the sky, signifying the end of autumn, and declared the beginning of winter.

Adam needs to hunt down every beast before winter falls.


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