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Attendance isn’t actually compulsory for the first-years; if you are smart enough to pass the year-end exam, then you have no need to attend classes.

And that was exactly what Adam did. He never attended any more classes apart from the first lessons.

In Botany Knowledge, the apprentices learn about the properties of various plants to prepare various types of deadly poisons. This class does not include healing, but only killing. However, indirectly, one could learn about healing plants; by gaining knowledge on plants, various types of medicine could be prepared.

In Alchemy, it only covered the most basic introductory lessons. It was equivalent to chemistry back on Earth, really.

In Body Refining, it teaches apprentices who have the qualification of a Refiner to refine magic into their bodies, strengthening themselves. It’s an elective course, which means that it isn’t included in the final assessment. However, the tutor was an official mage, but the mage in question looks strange and not human at all. Adam guessed that refiners are able to alter how they look, too.

Adam already knew what his courses entailed, and never showed up in class ever again. He spent most of his days in the library and occasionally came to the cafeteria to eat.

Reading was expensive. Each book requires a payment of power stones, and additional readings require additional payments, so trying to refer to past works is difficult. Fortunately, Adam has a literal photographic memory, so he only needed to read the books once.

The library is divided into levels too. First-years could only read content that is available to first-years; higher-level content cannot be read even if you have the money to do so.

However, even for first-year books, there were too many books to read. Day after day, Adam indulged in reading in the library, but soon realised that he lacked sufficient funds.

There were a few old-aged bookworms in the library. Initially, they were amazed at Adam’s reading speed, but soon found that he had extremely good memory and comprehension skills. They weren’t sure whether or not he could become a mage, but to become a senior apprentice was no problem, so they were on equal footing with each other.

They could tell he had extreme talent, so he could easily gain the favour of formal mages and become their assistants. It was promising, to say the least.

“Adam, do you remember where [First Year — Enchanted Plants’ and their Properties] was placed?” Elliot Pierce asked. He is an old bookworm and a Pharmacy Instructor for the apprentices. He specialises in the production of potent poisons, and in the last war, he claims to have killed at least six high-level apprentices.

“In the Botany aisle, third row, sixth column,” Adam reported. He frowned upon seeing that he had insufficient funds to read [Changes to the Fireball Runes].

“Thank you, Adam,” they were used to asking Adam whenever they couldn’t find any books. However, Elliot noticed Adam’s frown.

“What’s the matter? No power stones?” Elliot asked.

Adam placed his book back on the shelf and backed away from Elliot, “That’s right, and Mr. Elliot, please stay away from me.”

Adam didn’t want to get too close to Elliot, not because he was evil, but because he constantly radiated an aura of poison. He remembered vomiting when he first came into contact with Elliot, and didn’t want to re-enact the unpleasant experience.

Elliot pouted, but respected Adam’s wishes, “I told you! I always develop an antidote for my poison — you are safe!”

Adam frowned, “It was very unpleasant.”

“Fine, whatever! You’re too shallow to appreciate the beauty of poison,” Elliot muttered. “By the way, Adam, I have a way for you to earn power stones, want in?”

“Of course.”

Elliot gestured mysteriously with his hands, “I lack an assistant in my laboratory to record data from my experiments, since I fired the previous idiot from his position. With your photographic memory, you would be a perfect fit for this job! What do you say?”

Adam remembered James’ pending offer. He had forgotten about it, since he didn’t think it was that important.

“And do not worry, I will never treat you as a test subject. Besides, it isn’t allowed by the academy. All of you have to do is help me record data, and I’ll immediately give you a pass for your Pharmacy Studies.”

It was a good offer, but he didn’t want to work with poisons, since it may kill him, “Mr. Elliot, do you know Mr. James?”

“Just call me Elliot — and James? Of course! Isn’t he your Rune Studies tutor?”

“Well, yes. You see, he invited me to be his assistant as well.”

Elliot put on a fake sad face and asked, “Is that so? Has he given up on the offer yet?”

Adam raised his eyebrows, “Is it hard to find assistants?”

“It depends,” Elliot replied. “Formal mages never lack any assistants, as with senior apprentices. However, only James’ laboratory lacks assistance.”

“And why is that so?”

Elliot looked around before whispering, “I assume he had told you about the ‘armour’ of the mage, yes?”


“However, he didn’t disclose to you that it isn’t actually that important to a mage. The ‘armour’ of the mage is extremely versatile, so you can adjust it to your liking. While he was an apprentice like you, he was obsessed with meditation and runes because he lacked any natural talent of any form: average mental strength, no inherent talents, low element affinity — so, he wants to become an official mage by brute forcing his way to obtain godly amounts of mental strength, effectively becoming a Spirit Mage.”

He continued, “Before the war, there were a few people who experimented with him, but they all perished, and the surviving apprentices did not agree with what he was doing. Life’s too short.”

Adam recalled reading about the lifespan of apprentices — the body and soul sacrifices themselves to power the great energy levels of ether and magic, which greatly reduces the lifespan of an apprentice. They will never see a day over a hundred years old.

Elliot concluded, “We all think that James is wasting his precious time, and the formal mages of the academy are not very supportive of him. It didn’t matter to him though — any small improvements in his project motivates him further.”

“I see,” Adam replied. However, Adam felt that James’ research was not for naught.

Elliot advised him, “Adam, you do not need to study meditation at all because of your qualifications. You must know that when you are an apprentice, you must ensure that you advance to the next level before you expire. Fields of research like James’ one can be done once you become a full-fledged mage.”

Elliot’s advice was sincere, but Adam knew that Elliot wanted him to become his assistant and replied, “Thank you Elliot, but I am interested in James’ research.”

Elliot sighed and waved his hand, “Okay, but do not worry, my laboratory is still open for you if you turn down James’ offer.” Elliot optimistically thought that since James did not have any help, it would be difficult for him to advance in his experiments. Besides, studying runes sounded way more fun than being around poisonous fauna and flora.

Adam ran into Crystal when he left the library.

Crystal looked distressed. Wind magic was her affinity, so this means that she had difficulty in mastering the other two spells that the Black Mage had given. In addition to her turmoil, the fierce competition in the academy and trauma from the ship made her depressed. She was busy glancing at her power stone balance, desperate to learn two more spells related to wind.

She accidentally bumped into Adam, and gasped upon seeing him.

“Adam… it’s you, oh… I… hello,” Crystal stammered.


Crystal gathered her courage and asked, “Adam, why haven’t you been to class lately? Have you really given up?”

Is it because all of us are avoiding you? But she never asked that.

Adam looked at her strangely. He didn’t feel like they were close enough for her to be asking questions like this to him.

“No, it’s just too easy,” Adam replied before leaving for James’ laboratory.

Crystal didn’t look behind her. “It’s too easy…”

She put her thoughts away and entered the library. She thought she and Adam were on the same boat, seeing that the other apprentices were talking behind their backs. Turns out, Adam was a league above both her and the apprentices.


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