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Mage Adam – Chapter 20: Conflict Bahasa Indonesia

After he shot the runes down, everything was quiet. He didn’t know if he cheated, but the magical beasts had stopped leaping onto the ship. It was a good time to enrich himself with the knowledge of the Mage Continent.

As for the other lives that had fallen? Adam didn’t care.

Everyone was relaxed now, and the ship raised its defences again. The Black Mage broke the seal on the cabin’s door, allowing them to eat and rest.

Within a few hours, Ophelia had finally learnt how to conjure a fireball, but she could only conjure one.

After dinner, Ophelia couldn’t help but recall Adam’s words, “Although your soul cannot carry magic, it does not mean that your body cannot.” The sentence tempted Ophelia like a devil, she had enough of being a burden.

“So this mental strength communicates with the void and magic power,” Ophelia couldn’t wait to acquire more knowledge and started her own experiments, “Form the magic power and guide it across my body.”

It was much easier than she thought, but it was incredibly painful. Ophelia tried to guide the magic power to aid in her healing, but the magic power was too domineering.

Magic power strengthens a mage by dividing cells much more efficiently than a normal human. This is how mages become strong.

This was a simple analysis by Adam, but all Ophelia could feel was pain.

She felt every inch of her body ruthlessly ravaged, and the pain came in tides, never ending.

Ophelia felt as if she was thrown into a blender. Blood was forced out her wounds and then occupied by magical by-products.

Crystal could hear her whines of pain and quickly entered her room to comfort her, but Ophelia’s appearance frightened her.

“Adam come quick! Miss Ophelia, she…” Crystal could only ask Adam for help.

Adam studied Ophelia intently. Severe dehydration is enough to cause death, but Ophelia was well hydrated. She was healing.

“She guided magic power through her body. We should be happy. She is healing,” Adam explained. She truly had talents in body refining.

Half an hour later, Ophelia had calmed down, Adam and Crystal left her alone. Ophelia changed into new clothes and met up with them.

“I feel great! But I am very hungry. I feel that every muscle is full of strength, I think I could take that beast head on!”

Adam hated to be the bearer of bad news, but explained nonetheless, “This is an illusion. The magic power you introduced simply laid a foundation within you.”

He then explained his full analysis to them.

Crystal looked at Adam with admiration despite not knowing what he was saying, neither did Ophelia. At this time, Ophelia suddenly remembered what Adam told her back then in his chambers.

“You said you came from another world — were you being serious?”

Adam didn’t reply. The corpses of the monsters killed earlier today were piled up at the deck and monster meat could directly enhance physical fitness.

Ophelia thought of this too. She was in desperate need of nutrition.

Only a few apprentices could be seen carrying the corpses. They knew it was a precious resource.

Adam wasn’t in a hurry, since he didn’t really need it. He knew that he would encounter more monsters later on.

The fireball cannot be improved in a short period of time, and the possibility of learning new magic was low, but it gave him a new direction for research. However, it had harsh prerequisites, so he had to draft his plan first.

Adam stood on the deck and looked at the monsters below. It’s easy to imagine that the mages would once again dispel the shield once again.

Ophelia walked towards the beast that had wounded her deeply. She intended to eat it as revenge.

However, she was too late, and there was already a male apprentice who picked up the corpse.

Ophelia frowned, and requested, “Put it down. It’s mine.”

She didn’t want to rob him, and she thought it was reasonable to ask. There were more corpses anyways.

The male apprentice turned out to be the coward Tom, his face turned cold, “Yours? Is your name written on it? Get out of my way.”

Everyone knows that knights are commoners in the Mage Continent. Since everyone is quite literally on the same boat, why should I respect you? In fact, those who survived can’t be counted as cowards anymore.

“Give it to me,” Ophelia repeated.

Tom took a step back and announced loudly, “Everyone! The great and wondrous Miss Ophelia thinks that this monster, who was killed by everyone’s collaborative efforts, belongs to her! Do you agree with her?”

Tom was smart in attracting the crowd and pitting Ophelia against everyone.

Ophelia didn’t care.

“Tom, you are provoking the dignity of nobility.”

Tom snickered, “Nobility! You’re so funny!” He then spat beside Ophelia, “If you’re on the Mage Continent, can your noble status let you cast another fireball? Oops, you can’t.”

Ophelia tightened her muscles and looked around the room.

Tom noticed her gaze, and stretched out his arm revealing a ring, “Don’t look for him. That idiot Sam died, and now, this ring belongs to me!”

Ophelia was red with rage, and grabbed Tom’s throat immediately.


Ophelia dodged to the side upon feeling the intense heat, and saw that Quentin had shot a fireball out.

“Miss Ophelia, I am sorry to offend you, but he is right. This beast was killed because everyone worked together. It does not belong to you.”

Tom proudly raised his chin and said viciously, “You bitch! How dare you try to fight me in front of everyone and Lord Quentin! I want you to die!”

Tom’s heart was twisted and dark. Now that he has the power, he made Ophelia his sworn enemy.

Quentin couldn’t listen anymore, “Tom shut up. I beg of you.”

Quentin comforted Ophelia, “Miss Ophelia, I am sorry. You can’t have this beast.”

Crystal barged in and interrupted Quentin angrily, “Bullshit! Bullshit! All of you did nothing! Miss Ophelia was on the brink of death distracting the beast so that you all could have the chance to attack but none of your spells even hit the beast! Bullshit! Even if the beast doesn’t belong to Miss Ophelia, the rightful owner would be Adam!”


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