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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 999: Strongest in the World Bahasa Indonesia

Gravis watched as Mortis left with a complex expression.

His mind was telling him that everything was fine with Mortis and that he hadn’t lied.

Yet, his feelings were telling him that something was wrong.

‘It’s probably just my imagination,’ Gravis thought as he scratched his chin. ‘I have constantly felt Mortis’ feelings whenever we talked. Since that’s no longer the case, it’s only logical that he appears stranger than before. After all, Mortis is his own being.’

Gravis sighed.

‘Also, even if something were wrong, Mortis is an adult. He’s not some child that constantly needs supervision and guidance.’

Gravis quickly shook his head to get these thoughts out of his mind.

‘Anyway,’ he thought as a smile appeared on his face. ‘I wanna see my honey again!’


Suddenly, several explosions appeared in the sky above Gravis.

Gravis looked up with confusion.

Why were there explosions in the sky?

Also, why did the explosions look so pretty?


Gravis turned around and saw Arc floating just behind him with a wide grin.

“You’re the strongest being in my world now,” Arc said.

When Gravis heard that, he wasn’t quite certain if that was right.

“It’s true that I managed to kill a Peak Immortal Emperor together with Mortis, but the strongest? I’m not so certain,” Gravis said.

Arc only laughed. “But you are.”

Gravis lifted an eyebrow skeptically.

“First of all,” Arc started explaining, “You now know the level seven Law of Emotions. You should know what kind of power that Law holds.”

Gravis nodded. “It gives me all the positives of the Emotional Laws without the negatives.”

“The Law of Calm increases the power of my concentration and my mind without requiring more concentration.”

“The Law of Rage increases my power without lowering my control.”

“The Law of Humility can keep my attacks hidden without weakening them.”

“The Law of Pride increases the power of my attacks and my Will-Aura without sacrificing control.”

“The Law of Empathy makes it easier for me to see my opponent’s intent without me getting emotionally attached to them.”

“My Law of Apathy increases the power of my Will-Aura without suppressing my Emotions.”

Arc nodded.

“Exactly! This means that all of your attacks and even your Will-Aura are a full level higher than normal.”

“A full level?” Gravis repeated with furrowed brows.

However, after he did some math, he found out that Arc was right.

The last attack that Gravis had unleashed had been his Form Law, supported by the Law of Emotions. His Form Law of the Saber had unleashed the power of a level seven Law without needing any Energy.

This single attack of Gravis’ had been even more powerful than a fully powered Lightning Crescent.

Even more, he hadn’t even used any Energy.

This meant that Gravis could basically unleash infinite Lightning Crescents in short bursts.

Nira had been able to defend against Gravis’ attacks at the beginning of the fight, but she always had to either use her sword or use a ton of Energy.

At that time, Gravis’ Form Law had only exhibited the power of a level six Law.

Now, with the power of a level seven law, she would have to evade the attack. After all, the power of a level seven Law could only be reached by someone that had a level six Law as their Avatar.

These kinds of attacks were the most powerful attacks any Immortal Emperor could use.

Yet, Gravis could unleash an endless amount of them.

‘Have I truly become so powerful?’ Gravis thought. ‘Is there really no one left in this world that’s more powerful than me? Well, except Arc, of course.’

“What about Narcissus?” Gravis asked.

Narcissus was truly powerful.

In the face of Narcissus, Nira could only have fled.

“Well, a fight between you and Narcissus would be equal if you only had the Law of Emotions to rely on,” Arc said with a smile. “However, keep in mind that I’m not adding Mortis into the equation. With the Law of Emotions, Mortis’ offensive capabilities have reached a terrifying level.”

“But,” Arc said, his smile widening, “what about your Will-Aura?”

“My Will-Aura?” Gravis asked with a bit of confusion.

Gravis activated his Will-Aura to check.


The world seemingly warped around Gravis.

The matter surrounding him wasn’t destroyed, but it was warping. It was like time and space were trying to counteract an impossibly heavy weight that lay on them.

Gravis blinked a couple of times in wonder.

He hadn’t seen such an effect before.

On top of that, when Gravis felt his Will-Aura, his eyes widened.


That was the only description Gravis could give his Will-Aura.

It felt absolutely endless!

‘What if I…’

Gravis stretched his hand forward.

Then, he activated the level six Law of Suppression, the pride-aspect of the level seven Law of Emotions, the apathy-aspect of the level seven Law of Emotions, and the Minor Law of Death.


A part of the world was torn apart as a black hole appeared.

The black hole quickly started growing as it absorbed the matter and Energy around it.

Gravis’ eyes widened in surprise.

He had seen that before!

In the lower world, when Gravis had fought the lower Heaven, Gravis had created these black holes with his Will-Aura.

In essence, Gravis had been tearing the world apart.

However, back then, Gravis had been in the Unity Realm with an insanely powerful Will-Aura for his Realm.

Yet, now, Gravis was only in the Late Minor Circulation Immortal Emperor Realm.

There were four Cultivation levels and six battle levels between his Realm and the peak of the world.

This could be likened to someone in the middle Spirit Forming Realm tearing a lower world apart.

It was an insane jump!


The black hole vanished shortly after as Arc waved his hand.

“Hey! Don’t go around poking holes into my world, Gravis,” Arc said with mock annoyance. “I have to fix all that stuff manually, you know?”

Gravis was still taken aback.

How had his Will-Aura become so powerful?

It had never grown this much before!

“How powerful is my Will-Aura?” Gravis asked.

“Probably the fourth level of a Star God,” Arc said with a slight smirk.

“Star God,” Gravis repeated absentmindedly.

Star God.

How distant had this Realm been?

Gravis remembered how his father had killed nearly every Star God in the highest world.

Back then, Gravis had had no concept of how powerful Star Gods were.

Yet, now, one of Gravis’ powers had reached the power of a Star God.

Back then, Gravis’ father had killed millions upon millions of people that had been even more powerful than the current him.

On top of that, Gravis remembered Orpheus.

Orpheus was also a Star God, and he had also gone through the lower, middle, and higher worlds.

Back then, this had appeared so distant to Gravis, but now, he was already stepping into that mystical Realm.

Star Gods were powerful.

Even in Opposer City, Star Gods were powerful beings.

They were the big players, and every one of them owned several buildings and shops.

Star Gods were rare in Opposer City.

When Gravis had been a child, he hadn’t been able to comprehend the scope of Opposer City.

When Gravis had been in the Unity Realm, he finally had the ability to enter the Sky Community.

Yet, the actual city had still been far above his level.

When Gravis had been an Immortal, he had finally managed to become one of the average citizens of the city.

And now, Gravis had reached a power that allowed him to rule over huge parts of the city.

The places that Gravis hadn’t even been able to comprehend in the past had now been left behind in the dust.

“It was Samsara,” Gravis answered slowly.

“Exactly,” Arc said with a smile. “You went through a million years of tempering. You were constantly fighting against losing yourself. Death and danger are complex concepts, aren’t they? You don’t necessarily need to stop living to die, and your life doesn’t need to be under threat for you to be in danger.”

“Sometimes, the danger to something we love feels heavier and more dangerous than something that endangers our life.”

Gravis remained silent as he thought about Arc’s words.

Then, Gravis sighed.

“I already know it, don’t I?” he asked.

Arc’s smile widened. “Yep.”

“I just haven’t realized it, right?” Gravis asked.


Gravis sighed again.

Several concepts in Gravis’ mind clicked together as he realized that he already knew something.

He just hadn’t known that he already knew them.


Gravis comprehended the level six Law of Danger.


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