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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 996: Uncertainty Bahasa Indonesia

Gravis found himself back inside his own body, and he realized that he could move again.

‘I’m still alive thanks to Stella,’ he thought with a warm smile.

‘I want to meet her again. It feels like forever.’

Nira’s eyes had become empty.

Her consciousness hadn’t fully returned.

Mortis’ Lightning Crescent was still flying towards her.

But suddenly, Nira’s eyes regained some clarity as comprehension filled them.


The Lightning Crescent stopped in the air.

Time had been frozen!

After experiencing so much time, Nira had comprehended the level six Law of Time!

However, Nira looked with uncertainty at Gravis and Mortis.

Everything seemed… different.

Gravis narrowed his eyes and stretched his hand towards Nira.


Time resumed again.

If Nira managed to comprehend the level six Law of Time, Gravis could do the same thing!


The Lightning Crescent exploded on Nira, destroying everything around them.

However, Gravis only gritted his teeth.


Gravis shot a powerful bolt of Divine Lightning at Mortis, filled with half of his Energy.

The lightning bolt wouldn’t have reached Mortis in time earlier, but now, Nira was distracted!

Mortis absorbed the lightning and regained 20% of his lightning storage.

When the explosion vanished, Nira reappeared.

She was heavily injured but still alive.

Her mind was beyond confused right now.

Her soul had received heavy damage due to the Law of Deep Wood’s Destruction inside Samsara.

On top of that, after a million years, Nira was able to move again.

Lastly, her personality had changed severely as she had been forced to reflect on her past self.

Everything was chaotic.

While Nira was still confused, Gravis unleashed his Form Law.

Yet, nothing happened.

It had been too long since Gravis had had any kind of control over anything.

Moving his body, Energy, mind, and Laws was incredibly unfamiliar to him.

It was like he was inhabiting a stranger’s body.

The same thing was true for Nira but to an even greater degree.


Mortis shot forward.

Mortis knew the effects of Samsara, and he knew that both Gravis and Nira were severely weakened right now.


Spears rotated around Mortis as he stabbed them all at Nira.

Nira’s Law of Danger was screaming at her, and she readied her sword.


She managed to block two of them, but she was completely unfamiliar with her body.

The other spears managed to penetrate her defenses.


Nira activated her Blizzard again to block the attacks.

“Stop!” she shouted. “I don’t want to fight you!”


Would this shout stop Mortis?


Nira unleashed more of her Elements and attacked Mortis with them.

However, her attack was no longer as coordinated as before, allowing Mortis to weaken them enough that they didn’t kill him in one hit.

Gravis tried to unleash his Form Law again but failed.

Mortis continued assaulting Nira, but she slowly recovered her abilities, her attacks becoming more powerful.

Slowly, Mortis was being pushed back, and Mortis started to run out of Energy again.

Yet, Nira’s expression was incredibly uncertain.

She had no idea what she was doing.

Why was she killing them?

Wasn’t she at fault?

If she hadn’t acted like this in the past, everything would still be fine.

Why hadn’t she been smarter?

The killing intent in Nira’s eyes vanished, but her instincts still continued fighting.

One should never underestimate the fighting instincts of an Immortal Emperor.

Every attack was created to take the life of the opponent.

Nira’s attacks lacked a certain planning factor, but the power of her attacks had returned to her previous peak.

Gravis felt that Mortis started feeling genuine pressure.

Mortis tried to find a way to win the fight, but he was out of ideas.

Gravis couldn’t use his Form Law since it was too complex.


Gravis shoved all his remaining Energy into his saber and unleashed the last Lightning Crescent at Nira.

Nira’s eyes regained clarity as she felt a tremendous threat approaching her.


Nira summoned her Blizzard again but not at full power.

She decided to only block the Lightning Crescent to such a degree that it wouldn’t kill her.


She was also running out of Energy.

However, she still had some left.

After the explosion vanished, Nira reappeared with severe burns all over her body, but they quickly started healing.


Mortis summoned more spears with his lightning. Thanks to the Lightning Crescent, he had absorbed some lightning and refilled a small part of his lightning storage.

Nira gritted her teeth, but not in rage.

She was gritting her teeth out of uncertainty.

She didn’t want to kill the two of them.

Instead, she wanted to apologize.

However, she knew that she would die if she hesitated now.

She didn’t want to die!


Nira destroyed several of Mortis’ spears and managed to remain unharmed.

Mortis’ eyes became bloodshot as he was throwing everything on one card.

Mortis used his saber and attacked once again.

Nira noticed Mortis’ attack and immediately knew what he was doing.

He was trading lives!

He was going all-in!

Nira could kill Mortis now!

Yet, in exchange, she might also die.

She didn’t know what to do!


Yet, her body moved on its own.

A small explosion appeared below her arms, shooting her sword upward.

Mortis’ saber was destroyed.

Mortis was out of weapons.

Mortis was out of Energy.

Gravis was out of Energy.

An All-Out attack from a beast wouldn’t be powerful enough to kill her since there were six levels between them.

Gravis looked helplessly as Nira’s moved on its own.

And then, everything froze.

Gravis’ mind was going through an uncountable number of thoughts per instant, and his mind searched for ways out of the situation.

Gravis’ mind was going so fast that time seemed to no longer exist for him.

Then, everything connected.

Gravis’ eyes became empty.

Then, in seemingly no time at all, Gravis lifted his saber.


And slashed down.

Nira’s sword impaled Mortis’ chest, and Mortis’ body froze due to the infused Blizzard in the sword.


Nira vanished.

The lower half of her sword vanished.

She was no more.


Mortis transformed into lightning and then back.

Mortis had barely managed to survive, but he fell two entire levels.

As Mortis slowly calmed down, he realized that his gamble had paid off.

His last gamble hadn’t been to exchange his life but to buy Gravis enough time to comprehend a Law.

This had been the only way out of this situation.

Mortis looked over at Gravis, scarcely being able to believe that he was still alive.

Gravis had an empty look in his eyes.

It was like he was dead.

Then, suddenly, the light in his eyes returned.

And then, Gravis smiled warmly.

The entire world looked different in Gravis’ eyes.

All his uncertainty from before had vanished.

Who was he?

He was Gravis!

Nothing more, nothing less.

In the imaginary land of emotions, below the living part of the world, Humility had appeared.

Being too humble resulted in someone being so unknown and far away from everything else that no one knew that they existed. Yet, if someone was just humble enough, life could flourish.

Up in the air, a prideful sky appeared.

Being too prideful resulted in someone standing so far above everyone and everything else that no living being was allowed to come close. Yet, a little bit of pride was okay.

The land of Emotions had been completed.

And with it, the level seven Law of Emotions.


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