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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 974: The Purist Sect Bahasa Indonesia

Gravis left the beast territory and reached the eastern continent. After transforming back into a human, Gravis went further to the east, towards the Purist Sect.

He wondered what it looked like.

After around an hour, Gravis reached the Purist Sect, and he was looking at it with lifted eyebrows.

What did the Purist Sect look like?

What kind of atmosphere did it radiate?

The Nine Elements Sect had appeared like a wonderland filled with money, peace, and power. The Nine Elements Sect had shown the prestige that a supreme power of the most powerful higher world should have.

And the Purist Sect?

The Purist Sect looked… simple.

It wasn’t situated on a mountain like the Nine Elements Sect, but in a brown basin, surrounded by mountains.

The mountains created a full circle, only leaving one spot open which acted as a gate for the Purist Sect.

The ground in that basin was brown since it was made of earth, not stone. Sadly, there were no plants around.

If it weren’t for its ridiculous size of nearly a thousand kilometers, the Purist Sect wouldn’t look much different from a mortal village.

Basic stone houses and wooden huts littered the ground of the Purist Sect, and Gravis could see a ton of disciples in white robes walking around. For some reason, they were not teleporting, and they also weren’t flying.

At the innermost part of the mountain circle, Gravis could see a stone castle. However, it was only about as big as the castle of a mortal king.

Behind that castle was a singular, shabby wooden hut.

However, the most surprising thing was the absence of Formation Arrays.

There wasn’t even a single one!

The Nine Elements Sect and the Purist Sect couldn’t be any different.

One was ostentatious.

One was simple.

‘Huh,’ Gravis thought with a bit of bewilderment. ‘The Purist Sect is a bit different than I’ve imagined.’

‘But I like that look more.’

Gravis landed before the entrance of the Purist Sect and looked inside.

In front of him was a simple wooden gate a couple hundred meters high.

There were no guards.

Gravis looked to the side and noticed that people were coming and going without any inspections or interruptions.


Gravis’ mouth widened in a stupid smile as he looked towards the front.

Stella stood behind the entrance of the Purist Sect, and she looked absolutely stunning.

She wore a long red dress. Her cheeks were pink, and her lips were red.

Apparently, she had brushed up on her appearance just for Gravis.


Gravis teleported over and hugged Stella.

Stella was a bit surprised by the sudden approach, but she only giggled a bit and hugged Gravis back.

It was like no time had passed between them.


Gravis’ eyebrows furrowed while Stella glared to her side.

Someone had just unleashed their Will-Aura on Gravis.

“Only Immortal Emperors are allowed to teleport and fly in the Purist Sect,” a man said.

The man had silver hair and wore simple, brown clothes. On his back was a long sword.

Right now, the man was looking at Gravis with a cold but indifferent expression.

“Am I air to you, Kerron?” Stella asked with an imposing voice as she glared at the man.

Kerron looked at Stella with an even expression. “This man obviously has a close relationship with you, Core Elder. However, everyone must follow the rules. His relationship with you changes nothing.”

Stella’s eyes narrowed further.

However, the Elder didn’t shrink back.

The rules were on his side.

Stella wanted to say something, but Gravis stopped her.

Then, he looked at the guy with a smile. “Sorry, I didn’t know that. However, I have the power of an Immortal Emperor. Therefore, I didn’t violate any rules.”

The man was shocked when he saw that Gravis could still move under his Will-Aura.

One had to know that he was a Mid Minor Circulation Immortal Emperor while Gravis was only a Peak Immortal King.

There were three levels between them!

Yet, Gravis could still move?


The eyebrows of the Elder furrowed as he looked at Gravis. “If that is true, I must apologize. However, I must still ask you to prove your claim.”

“This proof enough for you?”


The Elder immediately jumped back in shock.

What had just happened!?

One moment, this man had been in front of the Core Elder, but in the next moment, he had suddenly appeared right in front of him!?


What speed was this!?

For a second, the Elder had also felt his Law of Danger screaming at him, which shocked him.

Of course Gravis was fast, but not that fast without using his lightning.

He hadn’t really charged at the Elder but had simply walked over to him while manipulating his perception with the Law of Perceived Reality.

Then, when Gravis had arrived in front of the Elder, he had simply dispelled the effect of the Law of Perceived Reality.

This made it appear like Gravis had just appeared in front of the Elder.

Stella had also been under the effect of the Law since Gravis wanted to brag about his power a bit, and she was just as shocked.

To the two of them, it had appeared like Gravis could simply change the place where he existed.

Even a Mid Minor Circulation Immortal Emperor couldn’t see how he had moved.

One moment, Gravis was here, and the next moment, he was there.

How terrifying was this ability!?

How could one defend themselves against it!?

“So? Is that enough proof?”

Stella and the Elder quickly looked to a different spot.

Gravis was back beside Stella!

The Elder still couldn’t wrap his head around what he had just seen.

‘What is he!?’

“Hey, I’m-“


The Elder jumped away again as Gravis appeared in front of him again.

“Hey, I’m asking you something!”

The Elder turned around and saw Gravis.

However, his shock only grew.

The old Gravis hadn’t vanished.

There was simply another one now!

And even worse, they were multiplying.

By now, the Elder was certain that this was an illusion.

It was impossible that one person could exist in multiple places at once!

The Elder activated his Laws as he strengthened his perception to see through any falsehood.

Yet, to his shock, the Gravises didn’t disappear.

No matter what he did, the army of Gravises was just looking at him with a questioning expression.

Was he going insane!?

The Law of Perceived Reality could manipulate the perception of everyone until reality was questioned.

However, that was only true when the person’s Will-Aura suppressed Gravis’ Will-Aura.

This elder was just a Mid Minor Circulation Immortal Emperor, while Gravis was a Peak Immortal King.

Three levels separated them, but three levels weren’t enough to offset Gravis’ Will-Aura, which was at the level of a Late Major Circulation Immortal Emperor’s Will-Aura.

This meant that the Elder couldn’t escape the effect of the Law of Perceived Reality, no matter what he did.

“That’s enough!”

Gravis’ expression changed into a guilty one as he heard Stella shout.

All the Gravises vanished, and Gravis appeared in front of Stella again with a worried expression on his face.

“I think he gets it,” Stella said with a sigh.

Stella had seen what the Elder had seen, and she was just as shocked.

So this was the Law of Perceived Reality, huh?

It truly was terrifying.

The Elder also released a sigh.

“I apologize for my earlier offense,” he said with a polite bow.

Gravis waved his hand. “It’s fine. Sorry for going a bit overboard. I’m allergic to people that want to suppress me.”

The Elder bowed again and left.

Stella sighed again. “You didn’t have to go that far, you know?” she said.

Gravis scratched the back of his neck awkwardly. “I mean, he did use his Will-Aura on me.”

“I know,” Stella answered softly, “but he isn’t a bad guy. He simply takes the rules way too seriously. He only wanted to uphold the rules.”


Gravis hugged Stella again with a smile. “Fine, fine!” he said. “If my honey says that he’s not a bad guy, then he isn’t a bad guy.”

Stella had to laugh at Gravis’ words.

Gravis was acting like an innocent child right now, which amused Stella.


Because Gravis was about as far away from an innocent child as it got.

“Want me to show you around?” Stella asked.



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