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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 964: Honey Time Bahasa Indonesia


Gravis finally comprehended the level five Law of Physical Power!

‘Finally!’ Gravis thought with a sigh. ‘That took longer than expected.’

How long?

2,600 years.

Gravis had already made quite some strides in the Law before focusing on it, but it still took 2,600 more years to comprehend it.

Sure enough, level five Laws were difficult to comprehend.

‘Mortis already finished the level five Laws of Lightning’s Supreme Efficiency and Supreme Explosion,’ Gravis thought.

Gravis had spent thousands of years comprehending Laws, but he was in no way slow.

With the help of Mortis, the Law Comprehension Life Fruits, and with the help of Stella, Gravis was comprehending the level five Laws far faster than anyone else in the world.

His speed in comprehending Laws was so fast that not even the Opposer or the highest Heaven would have expected that.

After all, they hadn’t known that Gravis would decide to create Mortis, and they also hadn’t known that Gravis would find a lover that knew the level five Law of Empathy.

According to their estimations, Gravis would only have reached such a level at the age of nearly 200,000 years.

Yet, Gravis was barely 60,000 years old.

Gravis tried out the Law of Physical Power and became satisfied when he felt its power.

‘My body is an entire level higher than it should be with that Law,’ Gravis thought. ‘That’s incredible!’

Gravis informed Mortis about the new Law he had comprehended.

Mortis answered with two distinct phrases.

One of them was: “So? I can’t use that Law. I don’t care.”

The other one was: “That makes five level five or higher Laws since you took the last Law Comprehension Life Fruit. Go eat the Life Fruit for the Medium Complex Material Law!”

When Gravis heard that, his eyes widened.

‘Already?’ he thought with shock. ‘Didn’t I just consume one!?’

Gravis went through the Laws he had comprehended since he ate the Life Fruit for the Hard Complex Law.

Lightning’s Supreme Power.

Lightning’s Supreme Efficiency.

Lightning’s Supreme Explosion.

Major Physical Power.

Level six Law of Freedom.

Level six Law of Suppression.

Gravis blinked a couple of times in surprise. ‘It’s actually six Laws, not five.’

‘That’s a lot of Laws!’

Why had Gravis gone back to comprehending Laws?

Because he had felt like his Law Comprehension was at a disadvantage for his Realm.

Back then, Gravis only knew two level five Laws, the Law of Perceived Reality and the Law of Magma.

How many Laws did Gravis know now?

Eleven level five Laws and three level six Laws, including the Law of Divine Lightning.

Right now, Gravis’ Law Comprehension was probably close to the level of Narcissus!

‘This Law Comprehension Session hasn’t been nearly as long as my last one, and I already made such huge strides!’

Gravis tried to come to terms with this new reality.

Gravis had already been quite fast in terms of Law Comprehension, but his comprehension ability had never been this exaggerated!

The addition of Mortis and Stella had really increased his speed in comprehending Laws beyond anything reasonable.

After a while, Gravis only bitterly smiled and chuckled a bit.

‘Maybe I won’t become an ancient old man?’ he thought.

‘In actuality, I’m still quite young for my Realm. My first real tribulation for the Immortal King Realm will only come in around 86,000 years. In mortal terms, I would be in my 20s.’

Gravis chuckled a bit again.

‘Seems like I’m destined to be young.’


‘Anyway,’ Gravis thought as he looked at the four Law Comprehension Life Fruits in his hands. ‘I should comprehend even more!’

Gravis consumed one Life Fruit and concentrated on comprehending it.

150 years later.


Gravis comprehended the level five Law of Medium Complex Materials!

‘And that’s that!’ Gravis thought with a smirk. Then, he looked towards the west. ‘I think Mortis is still busy with the Law of Punishment Inferno. It might be part lightning, but not entirely. He has already been at it for 2,000 years, but he still hasn’t finished. Sure enough, the Mixed Elemental Laws take some time to comprehend.’

However, Gravis didn’t really care that much about that right now.


Because he was looking forward to his next stop!

It was time to contact Stella again!

“How’s my little honey doin?” Gravis asked with a bright smile as he took out his Life Ring.

Inside a forest filled with life, Stella opened her eyes with a wide smile.

“You took so long!” she complained.

“Sorry, honey,” Gravis transmitted with an apologetic voice. “The Medium Complex Law took a couple years longer than anticipated.”

“Hmph!” Stella huffed with a cute voice. “You better get over here real soon! I already comprehended the Law of Graphiteinferno 200 years ago, and I don’t want to waste more time waiting!”

Of course, Stella was only joking with Gravis.

She wasn’t really angry.

However, she wanted to appear like a wife that was annoyed at her husband.

She had always wanted to do that.

Gravis, of course, knew that and played along. “Sorry, sorry, I’ll come right away!”

Gravis immediately traveled towards the east with all his speed, which was several times faster than before thanks to the level five Law of Physical Power and the level five Law of Lightning’s Supreme Speed.

In an hour, Gravis reached the border between beast territory and human territory.

Gravis crossed the border and transformed into a human. While doing so, Gravis also created a nice suit to make himself as handsome as possible.

He wanted to surprise his darling.

An hour later, Gravis arrived in front of Stella with confidence. He couldn’t wait to see her stunned face when she saw him.

However, things didn’t always go according to plan.

Instead of seeing a stunned face, Gravis saw a stunning face.

Stella had put on a long, beautiful, delicate red dress and had created a complex braid with her long, red hair. Her lips were red, and her face was slightly pink.

Gravis almost couldn’t breathe anymore.

Stella looked at Gravis with a victorious smirk. ‘Trying to compete with me in beauty? Dream on!’

“Why are you just standing there?” Stella asked with a warm smile. “Come over.”

Gravis quickly shook his head and gritted his teeth.

‘Keep to the plan!’

Gravis came closer to Stella, and Stella smiled at him warmly.


However, Stella’s eyes suddenly widened in shock as Gravis grabbed her body with unreal speeds. For a second, Stella thought that Gravis wanted to directly dig into the delicious dinner placed in front of him.

However, Gravis only carried Stella carefully as he shot into the sky with impressive speeds.

The air around them vanished, and the cold emptiness of space pressed down on them.

However, the coldness seemingly didn’t exist around them.

After some minutes, Gravis stopped as his feet touched the moon.

Gravis put Stella down on the moon.


Then, Gravis shot away until he was a couple thousand kilometers away.

Stella was beyond confused.

‘What’s he doing?’ she thought.

From thousands of kilometers away, Gravis pointed at the moon.

“What is that?” Gravis transmitted with an excited voice.

Stella blinked a couple of times in confusion.

“What do you mean? The moon?” she asked.

“Half-true,” Gravis answered with several nods. “However, there is more to it!”

“This isn’t just a moon! This is our future!” Gravis said righteously.

Stella was still confused as she looked at her surroundings.

However, an Immortal King’s Spirit was incredibly fast, and they were able to find connections with just the tiniest clues.

Stella got it, and she put her head in her hands with a groan.

Gravis noticed that Stella understood, and his grin widened even more.

“Yes, you’ve realized it!” Gravis shouted.

“My honey is on the moon!”

“Thus, it has become a honeymoon!”

“We will have a beautiful honeymoon!”

Stella burst into laughter.

The joke was so bad.

It was so incredibly bad.

However, it was still funny when Gravis told it.

Stella left the moon with a giggle and appeared before Gravis. “Was all of this just for that joke?” she asked.

Gravis nodded solemnly.

Stella lightly hit Gravis in the shoulder with a giggle. “How hasn’t your face gotten red after telling such a bad joke?” she asked with a laugh.

“A man must endure the harshest punishments for his woman,” Gravis said solemnly.

Stella had to laugh at Gravis’ serious voice again.

Then, Gravis grinned widely as he pulled her back to the ground.

Stella allowed herself to be pulled along by Gravis with a smile.

He was her man.

And she was his woman.

A beautiful time awaited them!


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