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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 952: Fast Snake Bahasa Indonesia

Gravis talked with Arc a couple hours more about life. Gravis knew that he didn’t have full power over the creation of life, but he still had made great progress in that aspect.

Gravis was a bit worried about having the ability to create intelligent humans in the future. The words of the Black Magnate still rung in his ears, and as Gravis saw that he was closing in on the Black Magnate’s domain of power, Gravis felt the words to be more real than ever before.

However, Gravis reminded himself that power was not his goal. With Stella and his family at his side, Gravis would never fall into the greyness that the Black Magnate was still trying to escape from. It was easy to say but difficult to achieve. Yet, as long as Gravis tried his best, he could continue on his path to power without any regrets.

Arc told Gravis that he shouldn’t worry about these things yet. When he became powerful enough to do something like this, he would have also grown more emotionally.

Additionally, Gravis would first need to get through Arc. After all, it was impossible that Gravis would reach such powers before winning against him.

Lastly, Arc also knew about the promise that Gravis had made with Mortis.

Before everything else, Gravis first had to live through the Gate of Death and then fight Arc. Only then could he worry about his future power.

Gravis still found the topic of his future fight with Arc difficult to talk about. He wasn’t mad at Arc for being a danger to his life, but he felt guilty about eventually killing Arc.

Arc had been supportive of Gravis all this time, and there was no falsehood coming from Arc.

Gravis didn’t want to kill Arc in the future, but there was no other way, sadly.

Anyway, that was a problem for the future. Right now, Gravis only had to look at more Laws to comprehend.

Gravis teleported back and continued looking for the level four Major Laws of Speed and Defense.

After a bit of searching, Gravis found the Law Comprehension Area for the Major Law of Speed and entered it after giving the guard his token.

Just like the previous guard, this one was also surprised by the power of this token. It was simply beyond his power to understand it. How powerful must the being be to grant someone such a powerful token!?

Gravis entered the Law Comprehension Area and saw a snake sitting in the middle of a clearing.

Gravis found it a bit weird that a snake would be teaching him the Major Law of Speed, but snakes had a different kind of speed. They weren’t super fast on “foot” but quite quick when it came to their strikes.

Maybe the snake had wanted to comprehend the Law in the past to increase its attacking speed?

The snake opened its eyes and looked at Gravis. “I will attack you non-lethally with different attacks,” the snake said directly without any introductions. “I will activate and deactivate the Major Law of Speed to make my attacks more confusing and harder to foresee.”

Gravis nodded.

This snake was in the Mid Major Circulation Immortal King Realm, just a single level below Gravis. Usually, it would be slower than Gravis by a level, but with the Major Law of Speed, it could probably become faster than Gravis as long as Gravis didn’t activate his own speed-related Laws.

The snake uncurled itself as its body coiled into a spring shape.


Then, it shot forward.

The speed was still something that Gravis could handle.

However, then, Gravis saw the body of the snake blur for a second. Gravis had been following the snake’s movements without any problems so far, but in an instant, the snake shot to the side while becoming many times faster.

This made it hard to predict its movements, allowing the snake to close in on Gravis.

This kind of movement technique wasn’t something new.

Mortal flies moved the same way.

They simply flew in a line, and suddenly, they took a sudden turn and shot in a different direction. That was also the reason why it was so hard to keep one’s eyes focused on the fly, much less hit it. For an instant, the human would lose the fly from their vision, which meant that they had to search for it again.

The snake had a thin body that flowed from one end to the other without any arms or legs, which helped it pull off this kind of movement technique.

The snake reached Gravis and bit him.


A bit of lightning exploded as Gravis shoved the snake’s head to the side.

Gravis had to resort to his own speed-related Laws to keep up, even though the snake was an entire level below him.

That was already an amazing feat.

The snake quickly “stood” up as it readied itself to shoot at Gravis again.

In comparison to that one bull that taught Gravis the Law of Supreme Strength, this snake didn’t want to “dominate” Gravis. It was only interested in teaching him the Law as quickly as possible so that it could get back to comprehending its own Laws.

By now, Gravis was a bit more prepared for the snake’s explosive speed, but he still had to activate his own speed-related Laws from time to time.

The snake was very experienced when it came to closing in on its target.

This was probably the most intense Law Comprehension session that Gravis had been part of in recent memory.

It was a constant assault from the snake, forcing Gravis to keep his concentration at his peak.

Luckily, Gravis had trained his concentration for a really long time in order to control multiple bodies and to forge equipment. Both of these things required a ton of concentration.

Because of that, Gravis’ concentration didn’t run out.

It took Gravis only 150 years to comprehend the Major Law of Speed.

One reason why this was so fast was due to Gravis knowing far more Life Laws and because the snake was an outstanding teacher.

It was using a weaker form of tempering to shove the Major Law of Speed into Gravis.

This was similar to what the middle Heaven had done to Gravis but not nearly as intense.

The snake also got something out of this Law Comprehension session.

The snake was incredibly confident in its own power to close in on enemies. However, it hadn’t managed to hit Gravis even once in 150 years.

This gave the snake also an excellent way to find more ways to close in on the target. After a while, it even nearly forgot that it was supposed to teach the Major Law of Speed to Gravis as it was far more focused on improving itself.

However, in the end, it didn’t forget its job and kept the focus on the actual Law instead of the clash between them.

When Gravis comprehended the Law, he also suddenly accelerated as he pushed the snake’s head away.

The snake noticed this, and its eyes slightly widened in shock.

That was far too fast!

Gravis only grinned at it. “Thanks,” he said.

He knew that beasts didn’t want to be thanked, but Gravis wanted to thank the snake anyway.

The snake looked with a complex expression at Gravis, unsure how it should feel.

“I guess, thank you, as well?” the snake said with an unsure tone.

Gravis only snickered a bit, nodded, and teleported away.

The snake was still a bit confused about their exchange just now.

‘What a weird beast.’


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