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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 945: Bull Bahasa Indonesia

After talking with Mortis, Gravis continued traveling to the beast territory.

A couple hours later, Gravis came out of the ground in the beast territory and started looking around.

‘I should first check for the level three Law of Supreme Strength,’ Gravis thought. ‘Meadow knew that Law back in the middle world, and this Law should serve as a good basis for the more powerful Strength Laws.’


Gravis teleported to the west a couple of times, and whenever he found a beast at the Law Comprehension Realm or higher, he asked them about a place where he could comprehend the level three Law of Supreme Strength.

Some of them didn’t know where Gravis could find such a Law Comprehension Area, but the fourth beast Gravis asked was able to give him a clear direction.

Gravis traveled towards the northwest for about an hour and then arrived at his destination.

Gravis looked at the destination and rubbed the back of his long neck awkwardly. ‘It doesn’t look like a Law Comprehension Area. It’s simply a desert about 5,000 kilometers wide.’

However, Gravis was sure that he was at the right place since he saw several beasts in the middle of the desert. Some of them were in the Late or Peak Law Comprehension Realm, and some were in the earlier Immortal Realms.

All of the beasts took turns as they fought a ten-meter-tall bull. After every exchange, the beasts were thrown into the distance while the ten-meter-tall bull triumphed.

‘So, it’s not really a Law Comprehension Area but more like a teaching session,’ Gravis thought with a frown. ‘I should watch a little longer to make sure that I’m not about to damage my future Law Comprehension.’

Gravis kept watching the exchanges for about a day to make sure.

‘The bull isn’t explaining anything. He’s just directly clashing with them. In a sense, he’s only showcasing the Law. This could count as a Law Comprehension Area, and learning from him shouldn’t damage my future Law Comprehension,’ Gravis thought with relief.

‘Surprisingly, the bull is only in the Mid Minor Circulation Immortal Realm, but he’s even pushing back Late Minor Circulation Immortals. That’s quite a jump in terms of physical power.’

Gravis also checked out the surroundings of the desert.

‘There are no guards. Usually, the beasts would have guards in Law Comprehension Areas to check if someone even has the credentials to comprehend the Laws. Either the bull itself acts as a guard, or this Law is free for everyone to comprehend. I’m leaning more towards the second possibility. I’m pretty sure the beast let everyone comprehend level one to three Laws.’

‘Alright then, bull. You will be my teacher for the foreseeable future,’ Gravis thought.

Then, Gravis scratched the back of his head awkwardly again.

‘However, it’s a bit embarrassing if a powerful Immortal King suddenly arrives to learn a mere level three Law.’


A second Gravis appeared, and the first Gravis entered the Life Ring.

The new Gravis was in the Mid Minor Circulation Immortal Realm, the same Realm as the bull.

‘This should be better!’

After everything was prepared, Gravis entered the desert and arrived in the middle.

The beasts shot a quick glance at Gravis and turned back to the bull. New beasts arrived all the time, after all.

However, most of them quickly looked at Gravis again with more concentration.

Yes, new beasts arrived all the time, but Black Demons were still rare.

The bull also noticed Gravis and furrowed his brows.

Black Demons were troublesome.

Yet, a small part of the bull’s mind wanted to show his power to one of those illustrious Black Demons. The Black Demons were famous for having a Battle-Strength that went beyond their level, but the bull had never seen one fight before.

The bull wanted to know if he could beat a Black Demon.


After throwing his current opponent away with a charge, the bull turned to Gravis.

“It’s your turn,” the bull said.

“What am I supposed to do?” Gravis asked.

“Just fight me,” the bull said. “However, this is sparring for the purpose of education, not a fight to the death. Remember that! Also, only use your physical body. You are here to learn, after all. I will keep using the Law of Supreme Strength. Watch what I do, how my body moves, and try to understand how I’m able to unleash so much more physical power than you.”

Gravis nodded. “Alright. You can begin.”

The bull snorted once, creating a cloud of sand.

Then, he charged at Gravis.

Gravis looked at the bull with shining eyes. ‘Interesting! He is a bit faster than he should be. He isn’t using a speed-related Law, but the passive increase of his power also slightly increases his speed. His attack is probably an entire level more powerful than his Realm.’

The bull charged at Gravis. The bull was ten meters high, while Gravis was barely two meters high.

Gravis leaned to the right to evade. After all, the bull said that Gravis should simply fight, not clash with him.

The bull noticed Gravis’ movement and slightly veered to the right.

And then, Gravis jumped towards the left.

The bull barely passed him with shock.


Then, Gravis jumped and kicked the bull in the side.


The bull flew for around a hundred meters before he stopped, creating a ditch in the desert.

The beasts looked with surprise at Gravis and nodded. Sure enough, Black Demons were powerful. He even managed to kick a beast that had a vastly more powerful body.

The bull quickly stood up as his broken bones healed.

Then, he snorted again.

“You are here to comprehend the Law of Supreme Strength,” he said. “Don’t use your small size to counteract my bigger size. You won’t be able to learn the Law like this.”

Gravis nodded. “Alright.”


And then, Gravis grew until he was just as tall as the bull.

The bull snorted once more and charged at Gravis.

This time, he wouldn’t be fooled by Gravis’ feints!

When the bull reached him, Gravis stretched out his right arm, grabbed one of the horns, and then used that horn to push himself to the side.


Another kick, another ditch.


“Fight me directly!” the bull shouted. “Stop using your claws to evade my charge!”

Gravis blinked a couple of times.

‘Hey, you were the one that asked me to just attack you,’ Gravis thought bitterly. ‘First, you say no Laws. Then, you say no small size. Then, you say no claws. What next? Should I just stop moving entirely!?’

“Alright,” Gravis said again.


The bull snorted again and charged at Gravis.

This time, Gravis didn’t evade to the side.


Instead, Gravis began running away from the bull and punched him in the face a couple of times. Usually, the bull would have been a bit faster than Gravis due to the Law of Supreme Strength, but the punches slowed the bull down while throwing Gravis further into the distance.


“Stop!” the bull suddenly shouted. However, his voice sounded less arrogant and angry and more dejected.

‘Seems like I can’t win,’ the bull thought, dejected.

“Just try to directly clash with me in a show of force, alright?” the bull asked, not as commanding as before.

Gravis scratched the back of his neck. “Okay,” he said.

The bull charged once more, and this time, Gravis directly tried to stop him.

Gravis grabbed the two horns of the bull and put his full power behind it.


Gravis’ feet created a ditch in the ground as the bull pushed him into the distance.

‘Interesting,’ Gravis thought as he watched the bull before him intently. ‘We are currently at the same level, but his body is so much more powerful than mine. How does that Law work exactly?’

The bull continued to push Gravis around for nearly half an hour, creating a ton of crevices in the sand.

The beasts were watching with interest.

Their teacher, the bull, had always thrown them to the ground miserably before going to the next beast to do the same thing again.

But this time, the bull didn’t manage to throw the new beast to the ground.

Instead, it was the bull who had been thrown to the ground multiple times before putting one restriction after the other on the Black Demon.

The beasts found it quite amusing.

“Your turn is over!” the bull shouted as he stopped. “The others also need my teachings.”

Gravis nodded as he jumped back a bit.

Meanwhile, the bull was dejected.

‘Teaching this Black Demon isn’t nearly as fun as teaching the others,’ he thought with frustration.

However, his happiness returned as he threw the next beast to the ground again.

Gravis put a damper on things, but the bull still loved his job.


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