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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 937: Siral Regains His Freedom Bahasa Indonesia

The four people of the previous Gravitas floated high above the ground, clouds below them, and the limitless sky above them.

For several seconds, only silence was left as everyone thought about their limitless future.

Then, Gravis nodded with conviction. “Alright! So, first of all…”

Gravis took out his Life Ring.


Then, Siral’s eyes widened as his previous personality returned.

“Siral, I said that I would keep you for 9,000 more years, but I don’t think I need you anymore,” Gravis said with a smile. “Originally, I had planned to make a deal with the All-Matter Sect, which wouldn’t have been nearly as smooth of a cooperation as with Underworld.”

“I had thought that I needed you to spy on several Sects and even assassinate some greedy people, but who would have thought that everything would go over so smoothly,” Gravis said.

“So, I decided to release you early.”

Siral looked with a complex expression at everyone as his emotions were going haywire.

He still remembered how he had wanted to assassinate Gravis in that one Law Comprehension Area but failed. Yet, instead of dying, he had only served Gravis for around 40,000 years. Even more, Gravis had even dealt with Siral’s Tribulation, which had been a significant worry for him.

Siral had done a couple of small tasks for Gravis, but nothing worth noting. All his tasks could have been finished in just a couple of years, and for the remaining years, Siral had basically been able to do whatever he wanted.

Was this truly the life of a slave?

No, definitely not!

Even more, Gravis had given Siral enough resources to reach supreme power himself.

If a slave were paid such outrageous wages, everyone in the world would want to become a slave.

So, was Siral mad at Gravis for suppressing him for 40,000 years?

No, not one little bit.

This had been their agreement, and Gravis had kept it.

Right now, Siral was unsure how he should feel.

On one hand, he was happy that he had regained his freedom, but on the other hand, he felt like he owed Gravis even more than before.

Even more, Siral didn’t want to leave Gravis’ side. He had grown to like Gravis’ decisive but diplomatic personality.

“Mas- Gravis,” Siral said nervously.

Then, he bowed deeply.

“You have done more for me than I could ever repay. I thank you deeply for that,” Siral said honestly. “If you ever need anything, I’m willing to throw my life away for you!”

Liam only snorted. Of course this guy was happy. After all, he got a ridiculous amount of money.

Stella could only smile warmly. Every person that had been freed of a Slave Ring had immediately attacked their previous masters with a ridiculous amount of killing intent.

Yet, Gravis, her man, managed to deal with a slave in such a way that he didn’t even want to leave.

As the master, Gravis could have easily gone against his words without any repercussions. Gravis had full power over Siral’s destiny, and no one could have forced him to keep to his words.

Well, no one except for Gravis himself.

Yet, in such a circumstance, Gravis kept to his words and actually treated Siral as a friend the entire time.

“You don’t need to thank me,” Gravis said with a smile as he looked at the sun. “Your debt of wanting to assassinate me has been repaid. From now on, there are no debts between us.”

Siral grimaced.

No debts between them?

How could that be?

Gravis gave Siral so many Immortal Stones and so much access to level five Laws. How could that not count as a debt?

“You are not my master anymore,” Siral said with narrowed eyes. “You do not get to decide if there are debts between us or not.”

Gravis only snickered a bit but didn’t really mind.

“For you, there may be no more debts left, but my debt has only grown heavier with time,” Siral said. “Because of that, I want to follow you and do my best to repay this debt.”

Gravis turned to Siral and awkwardly scratched his neck. “Well, it’s nice to hear that, but there is one issue.”

“What issue?” Siral asked.

“Well, you don’t have enough power to help me,” Gravis said with a bitter smile. “My Realm is higher, and my Battle-Strength is far higher. Even the speed of my growth is faster.”

“Don’t take this the wrong way, but you are simply too weak and slow. You just don’t have the ability to help me,” Gravis said uncomfortably.

Gravis felt a bit bad since he was shooting down the genuine feelings from Siral with brutal honesty. However, Gravis preferred to be honest.

Siral took a shaky breath.

Yes, what had he been thinking?

How could a mere him be a help to someone like Gravis?

“I understand,” Siral said heavily.

Gravis felt Siral’s feelings with his Law of Empathy.

Guilt, pressure, self-loathing, weakness.

“Hey,” Gravis said as he came closer and put a hand on Siral’s shoulder. “It doesn’t have to be like this forever. You simply have to work harder than anyone else, and you might reach a level of power where we can see eye-to-eye.”

“I would suggest joining Underworld. After that, you should continually switch between comprehending level five Laws and tempering.”

Then, Gravis’ eyes widened as he remembered something.

“Oh, right!” Gravis said. “I will probably remain in the Immortal King Realm for a really long time. My Laws in relation to my Realm have taken a big hit, and I need to rectify that. I might even stay in the Immortal King Realm for over an entire tribulation.”

“When the time comes, you might already be a powerful Immortal Emperor. Then, you can help me with some things. After all, I also want to take a crack at the Emotional Laws, and I’m being hunted by humanity. In the future, I might ask for your help.”

“So, how does that sound?” Gravis asked.

Gravis felt that Siral’s emotions were changing towards the positive.

Yes, that was a possibility!

Gravis needed to comprehend a ridiculous number of Laws to keep his Battle-Strength as powerful as possible, but Siral didn’t have to follow Gravis’ example. Comprehending two level five Laws before becoming an Immortal Emperor was already more than enough for him.

When the time came, Siral could help Gravis!

“I will do that!” Siral said with fiery eyes. “When you ever need me, search for me in Underworld. No matter what you want, I will do my best to give it to you!”


Gravis lightly hit Siral’s shoulder. “See? Sounds great! Then, I’m going to count on you!”

Siral nodded at Gravis and bowed politely again. Gravis said that Siral owed nothing to Gravis anymore, but Siral didn’t think so.

In his heart, Siral owed Gravis more than his entire life, and he would never forget this debt.

Siral turned to Liam and Stella and nodded his head in goodbye. He hadn’t talked to them. So, there was no real emotional connection between them.

Liam and Stella also said goodbye, and Siral left for Underworld.

Now, there were only three people left, Gravis, Stella, and Liam.


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