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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 921: Choice Bahasa Indonesia

Stella and Gravis went to the other side of the lake to be alone.

Gravis was beyond nervous right now. He had tried his best, and he had been as honest as possible.

However, there were still two issues.

One issue was what he had done to Stella in the past.

The other issue was what he had told Stella about being very compatible with him.

Stella knew the Law of Freedom, and she could fully decide to do whatever she wanted. That could lead to her proving to herself that she could also ignore something like pre-determined compatibility.

Gravis took a deep breath as he closed his eyes.

He had to calm down.

“So, what did you want to talk about?” Gravis asked, realizing that this question was unnecessary.

Stella looked at Gravis with a complicated look, which made Gravis’ nervousness rise.

Then, she slowly walked over.

And kissed him!

Gravis almost couldn’t move due to shock, but his insides felt like they were about to explode.

Elation, skepticism, happiness, and love mingled.

For a second, Gravis couldn’t believe that this was reality.

He had never been in a true relationship, and he had longed for Stella for so long.

Were his dreams finally about to come true!?

Stella stopped as she looked at Gravis, aggrieved. Her face was slightly reddened from embarrassment.

“I feel awkward when you don’t reciprocate,” she said cutely.

This pulled Gravis back to reality, and he immediately swept Stella up in a deep kiss.

Nervousness and skepticism vanished from Gravis’ being as only happiness remained, uncontaminated by other emotions.


The love he had felt for Stella only became stronger.

They were finally together, and Gravis could let down all his guards.

He didn’t have to be careful.

He didn’t have to fear that she would die.

He didn’t have to fear that she would stop him from becoming more powerful.

He didn’t have to fear that they would part ways again.

He didn’t have to fear anything.

He could completely let himself go in the moment.

After a minute, the two parted again, but nothing was as it had been before.

A deep connection had been established between them, and both of them felt this connection deeply.

The two of them only looked at each other for a while, and Gravis’ body started to shake.


Then, Gravis pulled Stella into a tight embrace, seemingly afraid that he would lose her.

“I was so scared,” Gravis said with a shaky voice. “I feared that you wouldn’t want to see me again after what I have done.”

“I tried to ignore it, telling myself that everything would work out, but I never fully believed it.”

Stella’s Law of Empathy could feel Gravis’ pain right now, and it felt overwhelming.

Gravis had truly been terrified.

Such a powerful and scary world-ender was feeling this terrified just because of the possibility that he might lose his loved one.

Was Gravis a good person?

In Stella’s mind, he was the best person.

“I’m here now,” Stella said quietly, “and I won’t leave again.”

For some time, the two of them just stood there, embracing each other.

Some hours passed.

Stella and Gravis had long stopped embracing each other.

Right now, they were only talking.

Stella was curled up beside Gravis, just leaning on his shoulder with her head as she looked at the lake with a peaceful gaze filled with bliss.

Gravis’ arm was put around Stella as he carefully stroked her shoulder.

Stella looked at the lake, but Gravis looked at Stella.

He just couldn’t stop looking at her.

It was mesmerizing.

“What made you decide to be with me?” Gravis asked.

Stella looked at Gravis from slightly below him.

Gravis thought that Stella’s expression was so cute at the moment.

“When I saw you in the great hall,” Stella said.

“That early?” Gravis asked.

“Mhm,” Stella muttered quietly.

“Then what about your apprehensive expression when you asked me to tell you my story?” Gravis asked.

“That was for Liam, not for me,” Stella said.

“For Liam?” Gravis asked.

Stella nodded. “You two are the most important people in my life, and I don’t want you guys to hate each other.”

“When we were in your Life Ring, Liam and I talked. I was telling him that I would be with you.”

Then, Stella had to chuckle slightly.

“Obviously, he was very against that. Not only is he still hung up about that situation from back then, but it’s also difficult for him to accept you due to your body. To him, it was like I was in a relationship with a beast.”

“After a long time of talking, I managed to convince Liam that he would approve of us as long as you told us all your secrets. Not only would this prove that you would be willing to compromise your safety for me, but we two would also be able to see what kind of person you truly are.”

“And, who knew, after you were finished telling your story, Liam didn’t seem that apprehensive anymore,” Stella said with a smile. “He has only seen your actions but didn’t realize what led up to these actions.”

“Hearing your story allowed him to see how you have become what you are now.”

“I’m pretty sure that Liam is no longer against you. I think he now genuinely feels for you and what you have gone through.”

Stella chuckled a bit.

“Sadly, he’s too proud to make the first step.”

Stella looked into Gravis’ eyes.

“When you have the time, could you try becoming closer with Liam? That would be really important to me,” she said slowly and quietly.

Gravis nodded.

“I think we have gotten off on the wrong foot,” Gravis said. “The first time Liam saw me was when I nearly killed you. The second time he saw me, that situation happened. It’s natural that my image in his mind is about as horrible as it gets.”

“I’m happy to hear that,” Stella said.

Then, she looked back at the lake again.

“And about that situation from back then…”

Gravis’ heart became a bit more nervous.

“I’ve had a lot of time to think,” Stella said. “The Law of Freedom is truly rare, and basically no one knows it. Would I have been able to comprehend the Law of Freedom without going through this pain?”

“Probably not,” Stella said. “It was also the only solution to the issue with my Will-Aura back then.”

“Even more, after I heard how you have comprehended the Law of Freedom, I feel like I had it easier.”

“So, in short, I don’t regret what has happened in the past,” Stella said as she looked into Gravis’ eyes again. “If I could rewrite my past, I wouldn’t change that incident. Yes, it was horrible, and yes, I felt a lot of pain, but in the long run, it has helped me. Without that situation, I wouldn’t know where I would be.”

Stella leaned her head more on Gravis’ shoulder and closed her eyes.

“And right now, I’m happy with where I am.”

Gravis felt his heart warming.

How could Stella be this perfect?

How was something like that even possible?

What had he done to deserve such a perfect woman?

“Gravis,” Stella said as she looked up at him, her face being bright red.

Gravis felt that the feeling of the atmosphere changed.

From peace and tranquility, it changed to something more… passionate.

“Yes?” Gravis asked.

“We… we are together now, right?” Stella asked.

“Yes?” Gravis answered.

“So, shouldn’t we take the last step?” Stella asked nervously.

Gravis blinked a couple of times as he tried to remain calm.

“If you want,” Gravis said.

Stella nodded, and her red face radiated conviction.


Gravis smiled peacefully, but inside himself, a fire was raging.

“I love you, Stella,” Gravis said.

“I-I love you too, Gravis,” Stella said with her red face.

Two Immortal Kings at the center of the world, inside a quiet and peaceful clearing, surrounded by nothing but calm, finally became one.

In the center of the world, two people experienced true love for the first time in their lives.

After around 51,500 years, Gravis finally experienced how it felt to be with someone he truly loved.

On the other side of the clearing, Arc smiled happily as he created a Formation Array around Gravis and Stella.

When was the last time he had felt true love?


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