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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 917: Middle World Bahasa Indonesia

Gravis continued, and when he told them how he had lost his Elemental Synchronicity, another mystery made sense.

They had never seen this ability on Gravis, which had confused them.

So, it was because he had lost it after adapting to lightning.

Was that worth it?

Both, Stella and Liam, thought that it wasn’t worth it.

Such an ability would make it so much easier to comprehend Laws.

Nothing much of note happened until Gravis talked about the Heaven’s Trial in the lower world.

Gravis’ description of what a Heaven’s Trial was fit perfectly to some of the Nine Elements Sect’s secret areas.

A lot of people died while entering them, but the ones that survived became far more powerful.

So, it was to refine several Cultivators into a smaller batch of more powerful Cultivators.

When they heard about Gravis’ trials, they could really feel how petty this lower Heaven was.

Then, Gravis told them about the promise between him and Joyce.

Liam furrowed his brows while Stella felt nervous.

As far as they knew, Gravis wasn’t someone that broke promises easily.

So, why was he chasing Stella?

“Just wait until I’m done. That promise has resolved itself,” Gravis said.

The next surprising thing was the fact that Gravis’ Energy and Spirit had been pushed too far.

Stella and Liam knew what this meant.

Even if Gravis achieved Unity, Nascent Nourishing would be incredibly difficult to reach. On top of that, to become an Immortal, one needed to have everything on the same level.

It should be impossible for Gravis to reach the Immortal Realm like this.

However, Liam noticed something.

Didn’t Gravis have a beast body?

He had completely forgotten about that while listening to him.

Yet, Liam wanted to let Gravis finish his tale.

The next surprising thing was Gravis’ fight with the lower Heaven.

By now, none of them believed that it had been a mistake to throw away his Elemental Synchronicity.

That lower Heaven knew Punishment Lightning!

That’s a level three Law!

How could anyone in the Unity Realm survive against that without a severe Realm advantage?

If Gravis had kept his Elemental Synchronicity, he would have died against the lower Heaven.

Now, Stella and Liam could also put a face to this omnipresent and omnipotent concept of Heaven.

So, it was also just a being like everyone else.

When Gravis told them that his father told him to enter a natural world to get a beast body, everything made sense.

That’s why Gravis said that he was a human, even though he had a beast body!

He truly was a human.

He only entered a beast body to fix the issue with his weak physical strength.

When they heard that Gravis entered the body of an electric eel, they had to chuckle.

It was too ironic.

Then, Gravis told them how he had achieved a lightning body and what abilities he had received.

Gravis demonstrated his ability to create another one of himself, shocking the two of them even more.

How did that even work?

Gravis continued his story, and the next pause appeared when he told them about the requirement to reach the Nascent Nourishing Realm in a natural world.


That was horrible!

Did this mean that Gravis was supposed to have sex with a beast and father children?

For a human, such a thought was terrifying.

Eventually, Gravis told them about his children.

It was difficult for Stella to wrap her head around the fact that Gravis had three beasts as children.

It was surreal.

Stella asked several questions about Gravis’ children, and he answered them.

Gravis loved his children dearly, and that hadn’t changed one bit.

Even if they were worlds apart right now, they were still his children, and he loved them dearly.

It was difficult for Stella to accept that, but there had been no other choice.

If he had been forced to have children, loving and supporting them was the least he could do.

For a long time, no big surprises appeared.

The next surprising thing was Gravis’ effect on the Ultimates of the middle world.

He had only been at the Nascent Nourishing Realm, but he had influenced the peak powers of this world.

This sounded familiar to the two of them.

Hadn’t Gravis also influenced the Nine Elements Sect severely while only being an Immortal King?

By now, Stella and Liam also saw how Gravis had reached such a ridiculous Battle-Strength.

Not only had he pushed his Will-Aura to ridiculous levels each time, but he also had an Energy, Spirit, and physical body advantage over basically everyone. There were some treasures to increase these centers of power, but they were expensive.

Stella had received a lot of them, which made all of her centers of power be one level higher than basically everyone else’s.

Just Gravis’ Energy, Spirit, and body already put his Battle-Strength one level higher.

Then came Gravis’ affinity towards lightning and his scales. They also increased his power by another level.

The remaining three level jumps were made up of Laws, Will-Aura, and creativity.

By putting it like this, it sounded far easier than it actually was.

A ton of Gravis’ fights were basically just suicide.

Tempering was one thing, but Gravis had gone into fights that were just ridiculously dangerous.

Then came Gravis’ fight against the middle Heaven.

When they heard about the power of the middle Heaven, they became severely shocked.

Its Battle-Strength was insane!

Even more, it had Divine Lightning, a level six Law!

Knowing a level six Law as an Early Minor Circulation Immortal was beyond ridiculous.

When Gravis told them about his sacrifices, they felt for him.

This had truly been the lowest point in his life.

And that was when he comprehended the Law of Freedom.

Stella knew how difficult it was to comprehend the Law of Freedom. Gravis had guided her towards it, but Gravis had comprehended it all on his own.

Gravis had experienced the peak of suppression and managed to come out of it.

Stella had gone through something horrible to comprehend freedom, but her situation couldn’t be compared to Gravis’.

If put into Gravis’ situation, Stella would have effectively handed over the life of her teacher and her brother.

It was a terrifying thought.

Stella and Liam also finally got to know what one needed to comprehend to reach the peak.

The Law of the Dead World, the Law of Life, the Law of Emotions, the Law of Perceived Reality.

All of these Laws were unknown in the world.

The All-Matter Sect might know the Law of the Dead World, but the other three were completely unknown.

The Nine Elements Sect believed that the Elemental Laws stopped at the Major Mixed Elemental Law.

Then, a new tier of Elemental Laws appeared.

However, who would have thought that the Mixed Elemental Law could be combined with the Law of Primordial Force and the Law of Matter to create an even more powerful Law?

And then there were the other three Laws.

There truly was a long way to go.

When Liam heard that Gravis chose the Law of Freedom over the Law of the Dead World as his Avatar, he found it stupid.

Gravis had passed such a powerful Law.

Yet, Stella agreed.

Liam didn’t know the Law of Freedom, but Stella knew it.

As soon as one achieved freedom, one wouldn’t want to give it away anymore.

Then came Gravis’ return to the highest world and his break.

When Gravis told them about World Weapons, their eyes widened in recognition.

They knew that some powerful Ascenders and Ancestors had peculiar weapons that were worth as much as an entire High-Rank Sect.

So these were World Weapons!

And Gravis could make these?

Liam and Stella immediately became interested.


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